Enthiran (ROBOT) – Movie Review

No Spoilers !!

I cant think of  any movie that was being as eagerly awaited as this one and why not, just look at the names of the People Behind the Movie – Rajnikanth , Director Shankar, Aishwarya Rai , A. R. Rahman , Yuen Woo Ping as the stunt coordinator , Stan Winston Studios (special effects) and not to mention the Production house  SUN Pictures which backed the whole project with a whopping Indian Rupee symbol.svg160 Crores (and for the worldwide publicity) . And when names like these come together its natural to have an expectation beyond imagination.

Its not everyday, that your friend calls you  for a movie like Enthiran saying that he has got tickets for  weekend night show, at possibly , the best theater in the city. You dont get luckier than this 🙂 . And It is even more unlikely that during a time like this when you are high on mood waiting for the spectacle to began you realize that you are sitting on the Very First Row of the theater  😛 . You just feel like standing on the seat and to Cry out loud.. “MAAPU !!! Vichitaaan da Aaapu” 😛 . I guess this was only thing i regretted for the next 3 hours.

The movie sure ,unlike the other movies in the past, has lived upto its expectations (i mean my expectations 😛 )  . Before seeing the movie i had got a little “not so” promising remarks about the first half of the movie but i believe it could not have got any better.  All Credits to Director Shankar for believing in his script and waiting for almost  a decade for making this Historical movie Which might well be the opening for Sci- Fi Movies in the indian Cinema.  The Sheer flamboyance of Shankar’s direction can be seen in movie everywhere right from the Scene one. The locations for the songs couldn’t have been better  especially the ” kathal Anukkal “ which has been shot GOD KNOWS WHERE (please enlighten me ). I have never seen Special effects of such Quality in indian cinema ( Mind you, i am a big hollywood fan so i wont compare it to hollywood standards :mrgreen: ) although i feel , had the movie been under Hollywood Productions , the special effects could have been even better with even more budget 😀 . Stunt sequences were awesome ,the train one in particular ( leave alone the ROBO rajni running on the train 🙂 ) and I am really tired of actually saying that the music is good 🙂 . When A.R . Rahman is the Music Director, it has more or less become a default compliment associated with him 🙂 .

Rajnikanth politely declared in Enthiran why he is still acting at 60 . Although the movie is not exactly the Stereotype movies he normally selects , he has carried the whole movie and taken it to a different level altogether .  Sometimes it is really irritating to  find people mocking rajni and his so called exaggerated stunt scenes .  Yes,  he might have done something overboard but everyone in the industry too have done that at one point or the other, so why pick this man out. Better than mocking i think all those people should consider watching his old movies :X . Anyways lets come back  to the review, Rajni obviously stole the show through his ROBO character ” CHITTI ” . Honestly , there was nothing much in the movie when we talk about the performances. Almost 80 percent of the scenes has Ranji in it . I just felt as if there were just 3 characters in the whole movie (two of them being Rajni 😀 ).  Unbelievable but true.  There aren’t many Indian movies where you would actually be enjoying a villain’s character and i can assure  you that this one is one such kind .

Songs although wonderfully shot, sometimes appear to have been introduced just for the visual treat, like the “kilimanjaro” which seem to have no proper reason of being there.  Some action sequences in the climax too appear baseless but in indian cinema you are bound to watch those even though u dont like it 🙂  and yeah the funniest of all where Rajni talks to a mosquito ,it is actually not something that i expected from shankar’s movie 😛 .

Inspite of those things that i mentioned above i wouild still rate the  movie 7 out of 10. Please do watch the movie just to witness -the flamboyance shankar has given to the indian cinema,   life that Rajni gave to the ROBO character called Chitti ,  Music that was equally complimented by the superb locations they were shot and may be, on a lighter note , even for the kisses Aishwarya Gives to Rajni (almost double her age) 🙂 .

My Friendly advice for those  who love to watch a movie just to find logic behind the scenes is just avoid the movie rather than lamenting later 🙂 and yeah, once again for all those Who dont like Rajni, you should start watching his earlier movies first 🙂 .

And I being a Rajnikant Fan would be surely watching it once again ( atleast ) 🙂


PS: Did I say that one of scenes in the movie was shot at My office (Olympia Tech Park, Guindy 🙂 )


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41 responses to “Enthiran (ROBOT) – Movie Review

  1. nice review 😛

    you have food court in Olympia?

  2. Not one for me 😀 I choose to skip it 😀 And let me tell you, i HATE rajnikant 😀 😀 😀 😛

  3. Hmmm.. first time read ur blog arvind.. WOW !!! Ur writings are soooo coooooool 🙂 Enjoyed reading the endhiran review.. Also u knw we too saw the movie here at florida yest day (but in laptop :P)

    • Hey u read my Dark Knight review . . .Forgot that huh ??
      Anyways did u like the movie .. ?? ..
      when coming to india ??

      • The movie was superb.. The last half of the movie is simply awesome.. Abo oka range lo unnayi special effects 🙂
        Hey but we both dint lik the story tat much 😛 IWe knw if we were ther in India now, we could be debatin with you on this, in our room 🙂
        And yeah now remem readin ur dark knight review.. forgot abt it !!

  4. Nice review.

  5. good man , nice to see your work… keep going !!!!!!!!

  6. nice one Arvind. gr8 fluency.

    FYI: Yuen Woo Ping(Stunt C-ordinator of the likes of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) did not work for Enthiran.

    The climax sequence though, was co-ordinated by Frankie Chung (Visual Effects and Special Effects C-ordinator for the Chinese Comedy (!? !? he… he…) movie ‘KUNG FU HUSTLE’.

  7. Not a Rajni or Aish fan so pass.

  8. Yeah same here.. not a Rajni fan and cant stand Aish (even though I dont mind watching it for Rajni).. probably will skip it..

  9. P.S: we share the WP template 🙂 though I am thinking of changing mine.. got bored of this theme..

  10. Wonderful review (of course) !!! So nice to have you back 🙂

  11. I’ve been getting very mixed reviews on this one. Okay, not that mixed. Around 70% have been favourable, so I guess I will watch it after all. And it’s sad that all these critics these days take movies too seriously. I saw Sivaji the other day and quite liked it. This is what entertainment is made of. You don’t always hard hitting stories. Sometimes you should just sit back and put your brain to rest and watch a movie. But I do hope there’s not a lot of Aishwarya in this one. I hate her. 😛

    • yes, exactly my point , after all its entertainment why find logic behind everything 🙂 .. and u bet when rajni is around others cant get much of a chance 🙂 .. just kidding … just watch it bro u will like it if u liked shivaji 🙂

  12. Welcome back dude.

    Good review. Whatever may be the critics, people should appreciate that shankar tried something which no one tried and imagined.

  13. hehehehe
    I cant expect a better review from a rajnikanth fan 🙂

  14. nice review Arvind.. but when the movie neared the end I was like when this going to get finished so that I can leave the hall..

    Lot of craps in the second half… And I disliked the movie for that..

    Welcome back 🙂

  15. A ‘foolish movie’ from so called ‘techno savy people’. not expected from a person like ‘Rajni Sir’ to be associated with such a movie surrendering all his skills and Charishma. Why wast time and skill on these sort of bad movies in a country like India which has got a rich resource of intelligent and rational people. think before you leap (ie before planning the next movie)

    luv and regards


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  17. Hey Arvind,
    The review was nice and crisp.Really, Endhiran is a visual treat for Rajini and Aish lovers.It was hilarious in the first half but the latter was a bit tiresome seeing too much machines around i guess kinda matrix,anaconda mix in climax.But indeed shankar scored in endhiran graphics and effects which dasavatharam failed.Back to bloggin 🙂 Keep writing,you write very well !!!

    • Thanks 🙂 .yes i think the graphics were of high quality except the climax .where all those anaconda formations were shown. i guess shankar would have not got enough money to make it good as he already spent a lot 🙂

  18. I would thank a nice article…

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  20. Hai i am uma maheswari. Enthiran movie is very good.

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