Murder on the Orient Express – by Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie


Latest edition to my bookshelf – Murder On the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.

People From Different nationalities, in a  coach that is  is unusually crowded at that time of the year , witness a murder right under their nose. With Too many clues at the crime scene, detective Hercule Poirot finds asking himself too many questions. How he finds solution to all these questions is something sensational that i wouldn’t reveal.

I dint know that the Book was actually later adapted to a Hollywood movie. I am glad i dint see the movie . I am a firm believer that movies can never replace books. You lose your imagination while watching movies so I would always go for books 🙂 .

Anyways coming back to the book, I must say i had a hard time keeping the book down. It was an Enjoyable ride throughout . No ups and Downs , none whatsoever, It took me almost85 percent of the book’s pages to guess the correct murderer. I am not a good reviewer , i know that: P , so without wasting my time and yours ofcourse, i can say that if you haven’t read the book  yet or watched the movie, Go and grab one right now. You are definitely missing something.


22 responses to “Murder on the Orient Express – by Agatha Christie

  1. read it a long time ago. awesome book. Poirot!

  2. hey.
    how u been?? just realised for some reason i’ve not been getting ur blog updates….

  3. I love Agatha Christie. She is my favorite and her books are awesome. I like this book but my favorite is ‘And Then There Were None’. Have you read it?

  4. No i have not read it yet ..Hows it ?? ur remark tempts me to go and get that book right now 😛 ..

  5. agatha christie I have not read but i have seen a few of the moviesss… and the are quiet goood i must say especially the few old ones …

    Maybe reading all the comments i shud read it tooo 🙂


  6. i prefer watching the movie instead of reading the book. More to do with laziness you see 😉

    remember watching the movie long ago.

  7. Never read one…maybe tht was a mistake. Too many positive responses already! 😀

  8. Ahhh the crime lady…no other female author has been able to achieve what she did. love all her Poirot books.

  9. It’s a fantastic book, had read it a long while ago 😀 😀
    Maybe I need to see the movie someday 😛

    • even i need to see the movie :).. it is fun to see movies after the books ..although the suspense is no longer there .. it is fun the see the charecters and relate them to the book 🙂

  10. It was indeed a nice book. I was not able to guess, till it was revealed in the end. But with so many probabilities expressed in that book, it makes you think if all the dudes and dudetts in the train boarded only to kill that single person!

    Destination Infinity

  11. Havent read that one but have read another book on similar lines “Death on the Nile”.. do grab it if you get a chance.. but somehow I prefer Sherlock Holmes.. not a fan of Poirot 🙂

  12. Haven’t read agatha christie but she’s next on my reading list… 🙂

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