Obama in India

Yeah, I know, you are probably aware that Obama is here in india. Infact everyone knows that and he is here for what ??  May be – To visit the place where the 26/11 incident took place, or To sign a 6$ billion deal so that he could go back with 50,000 odd jobs , or To get the tension Off  between india and pakistan, or To Visit Taj Mahal. It Could be anything, i mean the reason which is not important to us, all that is important eventually is that he is here.

Well, I dont mind the unnecessary attention that is given to him , he is the president of United States so let him get the special attention. He gets to set out his food on a specially made Red carpet from his plan. He gets to occupy one whole floor in TAJ HOTEL . He gets whatever a King would get . But this is something i found totally unjustifiable  –

Coconuts removed in India ahead of Obama visit

In their effort to provide maximum security in the run-up to his visit on Friday, they have removed coconuts which may fall on his head from trees.

All coconuts around the city’s Gandhi museum have now been cut down, an official told the BBC.

Courtsey : BBC News

And yeah, I forgot to mention that  as funny too 😉 .  I don’t have anything  else to say. You have any comments ??

6 responses to “Obama in India

  1. That’s unbelievable..!! 😀 I mean why do they need to remove the coconuts..!! 😀
    But I watched the meeting of President Obama with student’s of St.Xavier’s college..!! The questions that those students asked were really good..!! I think you should watch that clip..!! 🙂

  2. Yes, I’ve even tweeted about this. This is too much dude….

  3. ROFL. Really!? No kidding!?

    Am surprised they didn’t ask rain, thunder, lightning, twisters, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and hailstorms to stay away 😀 😀

    Removing coconuts. Bah!

  4. thankfully I missed out all the drama as I was in Goa!

  5. I think some babu had some plans of making coconut sevai/ halwa and was short of coconuts. This visit has proved very useful to him.

    Destination Infinity

  6. ROFL…. That’s too much even if its for obama…

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