Pamela Anderson in Big Boss 4

Wow !! Did you hear the news that Pamela Anderson is going to enter Bigg Boss 4 ?? I mean is it really going to be ‘ The PAMELA ANDERSON ‘ , ‘ The BAYWATCH ‘ star ?? .   If this news true then i guess the TRP ratings would be at its best for this Show .

There have been too many twists on this show already. First, Entry of The Great Khali , i think Big Boss 4 would be a place i would least expect him to be in. Then Dolly Bindra’s Wild card entry, who turned the place into a complete Mess. Man! She needs to control her anger and not to mention her Voice too 😛 . Hasn’t she fought with almost everyone in the house ??. Anyways then , Ali Merchant, who came in to sought out his differences with Sara,  ended up  marrying her inside the Bigg Boss House. That was weird and Silly too .Rahul, one of the few , not so vicious types is out (i was hoping him to stay till the last) and Now Anchal too . Veena is just happy flirting with almost everyone in the house and seducing her way to glory . God Knows whats wrong with Seema, She faints and remembers nothing about it. And , Amidst this , If Pamela Anderson enters the house, I am sure the house would be on Fire. Why not ? The lady is so hot 🙂 . The Ladies man Ashmit is going to be in a fix 😛 .

Anyways i had a hard time  finding a suitable picture of Pamela Anderson. My blog being G rated is not a proper place for such pictures 🙂 . I mean you can only find nude or almost Nude pictures of her 🙂 .So yeah, You can appreciate me for that 🙂


Pamela Anderson Dressed up 😛

The Great Khali , Dolly Bindra,  Pamela Anderson . Whats next ?? I would not be surprised to Paris Hilton appearing on the show 😛 .  They have got some Real Crazy brains Working behind the show.

30 responses to “Pamela Anderson in Big Boss 4

  1. you see this! really!? unbelievable! 😀

  2. not fair!! making posts like this to get the number of hits going 😛 😛

    • not fair ?? 😛
      I have got just 30 hits for this post till now 😦 ..
      anyways ..this was sure some news to me ..cant resist myself. .had to post … 😛

  3. Pamela in Big Boss! Will have to catch on the show now 😀

  4. LOL! And look u r beyond excitement with the news 😀

  5. no idea but i saw a clip of Big boss where this woman is fighting with another GUy over something to do in kitchen to do with eggs etc, OH MY GOD and this was on national tele.. i could not beleive it how could they let it go on air the way they were talking SHAME

    I am not a faint hearted person or anything like that but still thats not how you talk .. or am i living in a alien world …

    I could not understand a word Khali was saying but loved it when he held the guy and moved him away , he was like a monstor .. so huge .. and Nope have not seen anything about pamela


  6. I think before inviting the foreign guest in India Big Boss, we should remove few people like Dolly, Veena Malik and Sara.. because I don’t want Pamela should come to know the actual “AUKAT” of our celebrities..

  7. very entertaing 3 days

  8. its good if she is coming so it is so good for big boss 4

  9. Well! I think her presence will help the channel (Colour) to get more attention as well as revenue! So it may be a good business for channel

  10. gr8 nus trunig to be a fact guys!!!!
    watch BigBoss4 tday
    gr8 man thanks for posting ……

  11. and i also read that she was almost molested at the airport.

    our fascination with the gori chamdi never ends 😀

  12. hey wassup ppl
    am nt a big boss lover but as i was flipping channels i noticed Pam on the show and seriously my jaw dropped, an am cross-fingred for the upcoming episodes now. But ppl in India cant u just vote veena out i mean, she luks so fake or thr shud b a consensus and an opprtunty for ppl in Pakistan to vote aswell cuz shez acts a chameleon…n luks the odd one in the show…trust me when the show is over shez gonna b criticizng evrythng back thr in india ….

  13. new tweast in big boss now
    b’coz pamela enter and dolly go

  14. So u r a big boss fan… Can’t say much coz i find it a lil irritating to deal wid and some times i find it all fake…

  15. BIG BOSS is getting more interest ing with Pamela & her hot looks!
    Do you agree?

  16. Sameer Had the guts to be a man and Stand against the wrong. He is a obvious hero and shouldn’t be evicted from house. The Eviction should be for Dolly who doesn’t know how to behave and talk to fellow house mates.
    If the Dolly shit goes on anymore OR SAM is evicted from the show then at least I and my family will stop watching the show.
    Also Great Khali should be punished for Manhandling Sameer and anyways Great Khali is not doing anything in the Big Boss house rather than eating and listening bull shit from Dolly.

  17. i hate big boss ,big boss is so partial why he evict sameer and he never said anything to dolly from last 4 week .big boss should take sameer back in show sameer was right we are all with sameer .big boss has loosed his dignity by his partial behaviour……….

  18. because of dolly we are not watching the show take here out and sweta tiwary is the best aap ne ek hi dag ki actor le hai baki sab tho lagde horse hai kabi nahi chalege only sweta tiwary hi best haiiiiii

  19. We are watching this show, but the incident took on Day 44 is just a dramatic change. Why the Big Boss evict sameer? its not a fair decision from big boss side. I think its partiality . The main accused were Dolly & great Khali because they both were breaking rules.According to me and my family Sameer is gentle and genuine person and one of the best all house mates and whatever he has doing Day 45 is right & I appreciates him. we stop watching this show because big boss show is totally bakwas and unfair.

  20. i want Sameer back in big boss house, he is really a man of honour he should get a wild card entry…
    thats all

  21. I think big boss is best show but what happening in this show. Sameer was the best person of this show but sameer has gone. Sameer was innocent. Sameer should come back in big boss house.if Sameer do not come in big boss house so we will do aggitation against this show. I love this show

  22. Vow Dolly is back….Sameer was stupid to trust shweta…shweta backstabbed Sameer….it was in her hands to save her friend Sameer who stood up for him …but she didnt mind exit of Sameer( also one of her main competitors)….Earlier also manoj tiwari made a fool of Sameer by nominating hime for the captainship and Sameer got not a single vote, even then he fell into trap of shweta and ‘shaheed ho gaya’ as dolly mentioned…..I want dolly to be back and teach shweta a lesson for the wrong he did to sameer

  23. i will not watch this show until dolly returns…i want to see that fearless lady standing up against all odds….how dolly managed to keep her sense of humour even when everybody was against her is really commendable

  24. Sameer, trying to be sweet to everybody, costed him his eviction…..i would call Sameer little dumb or stupid for a game like this…shweta tiwari seems to be a champion at this game…how she got rid of her biggest competitor Sameer in the garb of her fake friendship is there for all of us to see

  25. Good to see Samir back in bigg boss, this shows the triumph of good over bad. If khali is a contestant in bigg boss then why is he getting a special treatment?? he gets special food ? He does no work ?? he was not punished for pushing Samir soni. He appears to be a very mean. if he is there to be a contestant then he should not get any favors as he has been getting. Treat all contestants equally. He may have an international Fame but so did Pam Anderson(bigger fame then Khali).she did not show any attitude she worked in the house and ate what was cooked in the house then why special favours for Khali???/


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