Movies Galore

I have been seeing a lot of movies these days. Good , Bad ,Old, New , Big screen , Television , no compromises what so ever. I have Been Watching almost everything and anything i could get my hands on.

Call me crazy but last week i went to see Enthiran for the third time and hopefully that would be the  last time i would be hitting theaters for that movie :p !! Saw Uthama Puthiran yesterday and was not very much pleased with it :x. If not for Comedian Vivek and Dhanush i would not even give a 2/5 for it . Second half was good , luckily it had got something for the audience to cheer for.

Piranha 3d was in my list for a while ever since it hit the theatres. The posters were quite intriguing so was a bit bothered to have not seen the movie. When i got hold of the DVD i was obviously expecting some real horror . But to my surprise the movie was nothing but a waste of time. People loving Gore Content might fancy this movie . I mean some scenes are so gory that it would be quite hard to explain here . All you can expect is Blood, blood and more blood. and yeah there are lot of babes wearing bikinis and dancing around. The Last scene was quite shocking to me as they hinted of a seqeul to this which i  least expected 😛 .

Then there was this Monsters Vs aliens that i saw today in HBO. and Right after that i watched Madagascar 2 : Escape 2 Africa for possibly the Nth time . I have always wondered why animation movies get less ratings in the IMDb. I mean 6.8 is quite average considering that the movie is such an entertaining Package and the fact that the movie has got an almost equal rating as that of Piranha is quite depressing. I mean either i am out of my mind or the others are 😛 .Talking of the Madagascar , there is this character i just love . A lemur called  King Julien.  A Self proclaimed King who hardly looks or acts like a king. What i like the most is his Slang and the Dreamwork guys have done an amazing work with the script. You can just listen to his dialogues again and again. This one was amazing when he comes and  proposes the idea of a sacrifice

“My sacrifice goes in the volcano, then the friendly gods eat up my sacrifice.”-
Mmm very nice thank you for the sacrifice.
“Here have another sacrifice.” No, I had enough today. “Listen, I’m going to be insulted if you don’t have another.”
I Don’t want another sacrifice okaaay.
“Look at yoou! You look skinnnny!”
No, I think I had enough! Is that clear?!
-“The gods eat the sacrifice, they are grateful. They give me some of the water, and I give it to you.”-
Female Dik Dik: Does it work?
Julien: “No! I mean, yes. Well, uh, Maurice?”
Maurice: “Eh…50/50.”

Remember the above sequence ??

Each Animation movie has its own special character which charms you and grabs your attention the most.  Do you have any favourite Characters to talk about ? Would love to hear about them.

Anyways, I would leave you with this video .

28 responses to “Movies Galore

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  2. I like to move it move it! 😀 😀 I didnt like monsters vs aliens much. Like u I too loveeee animation movies. my fave characters are Dory from Finding Nemo, the penguins in Madagascar, the cutest Wall E ..the list is endless 😀

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  4. haha.. that scene you mentioned about King Julien is one of my favs too.. even I have always wondered why people dont appreciate good animation movies much.. they always get less ratings 😦 I love the penguins too. every character in that movie is awesome 🙂 And you watched Enthiran for third time?!! :O

    • you remember the scene when julion tells the giraffe- “Tell me What iiiii it ?? Tell me Whaat isss itttttttt?? ” thats funny too …
      and yeah i saw enthiran for the 3rd time ..dont worry that will be it ..

  5. hmm THe movies you mentioned did not see any, Pirahna 3d i wanted to go to but for some reason or the other never got the time ..
    Was the dvd in 3D for pirahna i guess it might have a different effect in 3d ..

    I just saw Predators supposed to be a good one, but its ok worth watching ones nad saw Edge of darkness – Mel gibson i found that Good and last night i saw.. LEAP YEAR .. if you like romantic movies then I suggest you watch it , it was nice awwwwww movie wit ha few laughs in it 🙂

    I love animation so will see madagascar for sure .. 🙂


    • No DVD was normal .. what i was saying is i am sure even in 3 D the movie would have sucked big time 🙂 .. you liked it ???

      and predators was ok .. no begenning no ending . .no conclusion.. I am thinking of seeing Edge of darkness…
      Watch madagascar soon. .u have been missing one amazing movie 🙂

      • no have not seen it , I am not gonna go now that you have mentioned maybe wait for the dvd to come out and then give it a go.. if i dont find anything else to watch 🙂

  6. I have seen Robo (telugu version :P) and liked it but 3 times… I wouldnt. Havent seen Pirahna 3d as it has got bad bad reviews (should have asked me before watching it). I love Madagascar 2. Havent seen Monster vs Aliens yet. Will watch it now.

  7. yeah i am kinda crazy … shankar , ranji , A R all are my favourites . .I was just being Loyal 😛

  8. that Dhanush movie is the remake of some Telugu movie i think.

    and iam yet to watch Enthiran 😦

  9. Oh i love watching animated movies and cartoons too… 🙂 Have u watchd up in the air… That was one very cute animated movie…

  10. I guess, I need to watch some animation movies… I have watched very few of them… I remember watching happy feet in a theater and loved it! I have always wondered how these people are able to create such animated objects with personality and special effects, when we are struggling with basic text rendering!

    Destination Infinity

  11. I’m also a big fan of animated movies, i like Kung Fu Panda and Finding Nemo, If u haven’t seen Kung fu Panda you shud surely watch it’s a hilarious movie,
    and btw you are a big cricket fan so don’t forget to check out the post on my blog..!!

  12. Ha Ha..!! In Kung Fu Panda that Master Oogway is like a “negation statement”, when some1 tells him that “It was an accident”, he says “there are no accidents”, again when some1 tells him “it was a mistake”, he says “there are no mistakes”..!! lol 😀

  13. Dont know much about other movies but i liked robo a lot,watched it thrice.Loved kilimanjaro song a lot 🙂

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  15. pani leda office lo.. seeing only movies??

  16. watch “world’s fastest indian” and “perfume: a story of a murderer”…if u have not u would like it

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