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I cant be in sulkier mood than this .Being already pissed off by the training i am undergoing , all i needed to become more peevish was to witness a shamefull defeat in the hands of australians.In my last post you saw me in an ecstatic mood after that victory in MCG so after this deafeat let me shed out some of my tantrums too .
Well,let me start with some positive points of the match which is ofcourse the bowling performance.Through out this tour we have seen some excellent performance by the indian bowlers and i guess i have never seen such consistensy in the bowling department till now. And without doubt todays performance should be the best in the series.Being an indian fan i could not even imagine , all the indian bowlers bowling well that too against a formidable team like australia.It was really a treat to watch all the four seamers bowling exceptionally well in tandom .The way dhoni rotated them is really appreciable.Ishant sharma ,what a find he has been this season ,just 19 years old and already he has marked a name for himself in the bowling department.Today too he was the best bowler.I have always liked munaf patel because of his speed and the line he bowls and today was no different .kept his basics right .Irfan pathan was in a good rythm too .and about Srishanth ,Phew!!1 ,atlast he too bowled well today, after that disasterous match against srilanka 🙂 .Good bowling with a good fielding support can be a deadly combination.After all ,You dont see australians at 50-4 quite often .Today was one such rare day and indians missed to take the oppurtunity when it mattered the most.
Ok fine ,Australians managed to score 202 runs but it was still a very ,moderate total to chase ,i mean these days u see teams chasing targets of above 300 and clearly there were no devils in the pitch.As far as i can see India missed a glorious chance to take over the kangaroos again.Our batting which is considered as a lethel is no longer one.Except sachin ,dhoni and yuvaraj, no body really has the experience .Leave alone yuvaraj ,he looks more obsessed thinking abt his gf rather than cricket .The reason behing irfan pathan’s promotion to first down still remains a mystery to me.Ghambhir looked as if he wanted to go to loo 😛 .WHy was he in so much hurry ??? Wickets fell for india like nine pins and seriously there is really wrong with the line up.WE really lost a game that was clearly supposed to be Won.
Indian batting line up looks quite feeble without the likes of sehwag ,dravid and ganguly.I think upto 20-20 its ok but when it comes to a longer version of the game somebody needs to carry the mantle till the end. ITs high time that the selectors start realising their mistake of removing the senior players.Otherwise we have to see indians losing an easy game every now and then .


Well, apparently not thrash ,but certainly won comfortably so i would keep that way,sounds good 😛 . Nowadays ,it gives me more pleasure when we win against Australia than against Pakistan so there are no words to describe my state of elation 🙂 .India finally won a match in MCG,  after some 20 years or so.

It was a match where India seemed to dominate almost every department of the game right from the very first ball.Starting with the bowling department ,well ,it isn’t easy to bowl against the mighty world champions with an inexperienced attack like the indians have.But dhoni managed quite well and the bowlers responded well too.Ishant sharma ,probably my age guy ,bowled exceptionally well with new ball. Hayden has been a real pain in the butt for the Indians ever since he started playing international cricket, taking his wicket was very crucial and thanks to MR .Rudi kurtzen ,yet again ,a false judgement leads to gilly’s wicket. Well, Ishant sharma is having a real happy time bowling to ponting ,every time ponting faces him he seem to get out exactly the same way he got during the Sydney test.He probably is the find of the season with his height and proper length he has the ability to control the ball.hopefully he wont fade away as the likes of balaji and nehra. Sreesanth had his luck today . He has the natural wicket taking ability apart from all the drama he creates on the pitch with his dance and stuff,but generally he proves out to be a expensive bowler ,today he seemed to be different there wasn’t that unwanted aggression ,he kept his balls in the limits which worked well for india. Pathan and harbhajan bowled well too maintaining the pressure on the Australian batsmen. India did very well to restrict them to 159 .

Coming to india’s batting ,Australians for the first time looked defensive after a long long time ,they generally prefer 3 slips with players at catching position no matter how low the target is but this time it was different .They had only 2 slips at first, which reduced to 1 after some time leading to some drop chances at slip .Indians attacked from the very first ball .Wow , wasn’t sachin at his best . Three fours of the bret lee ‘s same over showed his class ,charisma and style .I heard harsha bhogle exaggerating that he would probably not forget the shot till he is alive 😛 but worth exaggerating 🙂 isn’t it ??? . The mystery behind irfan pathan’s arrival at the crease after sehwag is still unknown but whatever dhoni had in his mind ,irfan’s presence in the crease did exasperate the Australian .Who would like to bowl to a bowler while defending a small total with a big batting line up waiting behind 😀 .???

AT the end too dhoni and rohit sharmaplayed quite sensible stealing quick single near the pitch which annoyed the Australians greatly 🙂 . On the whole indians won the match comfortably and now we are ahead of the Australians in the points table 😛 . Slowly but steadily the tag “invincible australians ” is fading away .

Next match is with sri lanka and i am confident our team would do well to win that too.


I have been following cricket from the time i could remember things and i guess todays win has been one of the best inidan victories i have witnessed till date .The victory cound’t have possibly come at a better place and time .Defeating Australia at perth (considered to be the fastest pitch in the world) after going down 2-0 and more importatnly after the sydney test fiasco ,is special for the team and possibly to each and every indian here in india.We,cricket fans ,have a,lways critisized the team if it performs badly .But After sydney test loss , the support indian team got worldwide was overwhelming  and the team has reciprocated really well by winning this perth test.
Indians have stopped aussies from acheving that elusive record of 17 consecutive wins yet again .I am so happy 😀 , yes i envy sometimes the way australians play ,but i guess everything is fair in love and war,and cricket for me is both , love for country and war against the australia  😛  .
This test has showed a lot of positve aspects as far as the team INDIA is concerned .Bowling department being one of most important one.Bowling out australia two times in its home ground with an inexperienced attack is really appreciable.I think ishant sharma bowled  extremely well. Pathan is back to his original form Hecan be a lethal bowler once he starts swinging and RP singh has delevered everytimne he has played a match.BAtting wise ,i have always felt india has the strongest batting line-up in the world .Partenership between Dravid and sachin proved to be a costly one for the ausralians .Lakshman has been a thorn in the flesh of aussies ever since he has started playing international cricket .It was the same lakshman who came in the way of 17 consecutive wins last time in 2001 through his blistering 281.Irfan pathan is the all rounder india has been looking for the last one decade or so.
Australian batting really looks feeble without hayden .Hayden factor could be one of the reasons of the low first innings total.He has been a real pain in the butt for the indian bowlers 😛 .Other than that i dont see any thing wrong in australian side .It still looks the same champion side .
Though ,India are still down by 2-1 the series still look evenly poised ,lets accept the fact that the other two games too were fought closely,unfortunately india had their share of bad luck in sydney test otherwise the game could have headed any way . Indians have psyological advantage going into the next game as the confidence is high and the team is playing as a unit and now that australians have lost one game they would definately feel a bit apprehensive as they are no longer invincible 😀 .Good for the game of cricket .


Sydney test has sure been a hot topic discuss all over the world be it media, cricket historians or ofcourse for bloggers like me 🙂 .The chain of events that have occurred one after another has been quite sensational and melodramatic .With widespread protest in india over the ban due to racial abuse issue and burning of effigies of umpires,everything has been quite dramatic and a big blow to the game of cricket.
Another breaking news is being flashed  that bucknor has been removed and billy bowden (sorry if the name isn’t proper) would be umpiring for the Perth test. Well , now my sudden reaction was what about the other umpire .He too has committed gaffe as far as umpiring as umpiring is considered.I really ,am sorry for bucknor though i still feel it was a good desision for the game of cricket ,for the series to continue.
Now,the ICC’s sudden decisions doesn’t stop here harbhajan is allowed to play for the Perth test until the next hearing for his appeal  against the BAN . I wasnt actually surprised by this decision as the stronghold of BCCI  over ICC has been quite evident in the past ,BCCI has almost 70 percent of share in the Revenue that ICC gets,no wonder ICC has brought the decision to remove bucknor.
The interesting point here is Will the BCCI be able to revoke harbhajan’s ban on 3 test which seems quite inevitable for me.I would perhaps frame the question like – How soon BCCI would be able to bring it up ??
Being an Indian supported i would be more than elated if the charges against harbajan are removed but isn’t it queer that a organization as big as ICC can be meddled by another countries board specifically BCCI . BCCI was even able to bring the players out of trouble during the tour of south africa when the almost 7 or 8 indian players were framed under charges like ball tampering and misconduct in the ground.It had started the similar surge wha’s happening now and finally ICC had to kneel down before BCCI .
I guess the similar situation awaits now too.There’s no doubt harbhajan  would come out and BCCI will be the winners But what  about ICC , ICC is already being nagged for being biased and not being able to handle its functions properly ,and If it revokes the harbhajan’s ban then it would be nothing less than a disgrace for ICC . The only way is to learn from its mistakes and to do something that would elminate any chances of incidents such as sydney test.


Ah!! now the indian team can sleep.AUSTRALIA is WEAK NOW. ARE THEY ???