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What appeared to be an event that drew even more attention than world cup atleast here in india finally had its inauguration ceremony yesterday .Thanks to all the franchises and BCCI for publicizing the event on a scale that is even hard to comprehend .The show was kicked off by a stunning ,flamboyant and spectacular grand opening ceremony . It all started well before the actual match was scheduled to start and i was really starting to wonder if it was cricket that was to take place . Glittering fireworks , gymnasts from rope ,singers and of course hot babes was all that anyone would not wish to miss .The dazzling ceremony eyed upon by millions across the world marked the launch of  IPL which can be rightly termed as “Cricket’s next level.”44 days, 123 Indian players , 73 overseas players and 59 matches in eight different places.World is set to witness the biggest and most lucrative cricket tournament ever which might even take over the world cup.

It was not only the grand opening launch that took fan’s breath away , the opening match at the chinnaswamy stadium ,bangalore prooved why T-20 is called people’s game.IT was an absolute stunner. Winning the toss and electing to bowl on a pitch with a green top  was the best decision any captian could take. That was the only thing that went right for the royal chalengers. It all started for Mc cullum in the second over with a 4,6 and 4 and what subsequently came out was the most explosive batting i have ever witnessed. Scoring an unbeaten 150 in a 20 over match is no joke . it was raining 6s and 4s there . Who could have expected a team with ganguly, ponting who could have ever expected an innings like that from him.Showing no mercy to any bower he scurried past his hunred in 53 balls and then 150 in just 70 balls.

Chasing 222 runs was never going to be easy and with jaffer and dravid opening who are not best known for their hitting,  it seems literally impossible . I cant understand of jaffer’s inclusion in T20 side. I mean ,he is not a 20-20 player . Asking a player to score 10 runs an over who cant even score 3 runs an over is too harsh 😛  . I guess i am being too harsh on him thats the way it is he was struggling even to touch the ball. Mr.malya you did a big mistake by picking him and yeah could canyone throw light ,why the hell is sunil joshi in the side when he has left international cricket years ago .Its absurd ,really ridiculous .Nothing’s shamefull then to lose in front of a home crowd that too with a margin as big as the one they had yesterday.

Looks like shahruk khan is riding the luck as for now he looked totally exstatic and why not ?? his team had jsut won the very first match of the so called “cricket ka karmayudh”.


Damn !! i have been too busy to notice that i have been not blogging for almost 2 months now,perhaps i should be saying that last 3 months or so i have not been so active.But a post  after this indian win was inevitable 😀 .

Yesterday I had a double treat .HAd a huge party at GRT given by my roommate and then the  win over proteas:) . Actually i never expected us to level the series after such a poor performance in the last test . But i guess we should always expect the unexpected from our team.

After the south Africans won the toss and decided to bat it was always a difficult task to win the series as chasing in fourth innings is difficult in the pitches that india has . chances opened up once india managed to bowl them out the very first day of the match . Indian innings begin with an aggressive start from sehwag that dint last long 😛 . Lakshman looked good but couldn’t continue .It was ganguly’s innings that showed some light for the path to indian victory . it was a good battle between bat and ball on the second day .India had missed the opputunity for getting a mightly lead but the last wicket partnership between sreeshant and ishant turned out to be extremely usefull.

Indians bowled really well in the second innings . Harbajan turned out to be a lethal bowler in that pitch that looked like a 5th day pitch.Although smith and co tried to stick on to the crease to build the innings the indina spinners were too good for them. Ishant’s over in which he took 2 wickets was the moment of the day for me. we were like 50 guys shouting when the stumps flew off shouting and relishing every moment of that..i guess that was the time i realy felt india had the chance 😛 .

with SA all out for 121 and just 62 runs to win , indian fourth innings was just a formality 😛 . As expected sehwag came with all guns out. 2 sixes in 2 balls and i knew his end was near 🙂 .Anyways SA dint have enough runs to defend so his wicket dint matter.Indian victory was very much the only option .

IT was quite surprising to see our team bounce back with a dramatic victory after the shameful defeat in the last test .The test series gets over with this with 1-1 and thus India retains its 2nd position in ICC test ranking table 😀 .



Well,today i had a mock test which i flunked badly getting 3 out of 10 .Tomorrow i have the main exam and with the kind of preparation i have i should be in a doleful state.But thanks to the historic win india has manged to pull off ,there’s no limit to my delirium. Its like india has won the world cup 😆 . Ok thats a bit of exaggeration, but i am ecstatic that the invincibility status that australia has been flaunting has finally been torn apart .

What a sight it was to see indians lifting the cup and australians standing red faced in the presentation witnessing their second consecutive common wealth bank series loss . This historic win in Australian soil proved that 20-20 win was no fluke .Right from the series indians had been giving the australian team run for their money and today was no exception.From the word go  indians dominated ,i think 1 st opening partership worked really well for india. Sachin again played when it mattered the most . I am, though disappointed that he lost another century.. It could have been easily his 43 rd to his kitty . 8 times in the last 12 months ,he has been out in the nineties 😦 .Anyways lets talk abt match ,so i was saying that uthappa really did very well by holding on to the crease with sachin . i think yuvaraj’s innings of 38 was short yet powerful .I thought indians let themselves down in the last 10 overs once sachin got out but somehow managed to score 258 . I was quite apprehensive about the target they had given to the australians but then indian bowlers really backed the total which looked quite a moderate one. Praveen kumar once again proved to be an extremely useful bowler when it comes to the first 10 overs.India has been really lucky to get two excellent bowlers (ishant and praveen) in such a short time .Harbhajan did well to control the run flow in the middle overs which really mattered a lot.And i think sreeshant too bowled well apart from the over where he conceded a six off hopes. IT might be a close game but what mattered was that india won 2 matches consecutively.


Right from the start of the series Indians have been humiliated for being a weaker side and have called us cry babies . “Ulta chor kotwaal ko daante” that has been the case through out the series .Racist allegations against harbhajan was a quite absurd and ridiculous . Australian media has been totally unfair to the visiting team and has always been nagging the indians for not showing performing in cricket ground.I wonder what would the newspapers say tomorrow in Australia .

And MR HAYDEN !!! where are you going to hide you face now that we have won two in a row and and your team has lost 3 in a row.Would u kindly take ur statement back when u said indians are crying fro everything just because they are losing every game .

I guess this series should be a eye opener for every australian player fans and especially to the Australian media who have been suffering from acute superiority complex . Its high time that they stop flying and come down to earth as there’s nothing shameful for them than to have an white wash in the finals after giving strong comments about the visiting team . And they have special grudge against harbhajan what ever he does is racist .I mean the media blows out of proportion every single thing that he does .

Poor guy cant even scratch his armpits 😆 .Media makes it a racist act .I have just one line to say to their media “Just Get a life ” more importantly get some better news 😆 .They should stop using harbhajan in their publicity campaign :mrgreen: . It was clearly visible that the local audience were abusing harbhajan but the media has completely shut its ears for whatever australians say .

Our team  manager had told that we would like our performance speak rather than commenting and today they have shown it to the arrogant australians .Well, hope those big mouthed players stop bashing on the rival team and start showing some respect  after all its not that they are the GODs of cricket .



Harbhajan “obnoxious weed” – Hayden .

check it out here.

Before you read any further ., REad the new ICC rules 🙂

With immediate effect, India should stop giving back to the Aussies in their own coin, else, strict action shall be taken against the offending players for violating the spirit of the game**.

Australia will continue to sledge whenever, wherever and howsoever they wish to. This will not be against the spirit of the game, but in fact be a part of the game. ‘Hard Cricket’, as the great ones call it.

Umpires will be neutral. However, as and when Ricky Ponting desires, he will interfere and…..

Read full from here . I dont want anybody prejudiced in this matter 😛 .


True isn’t it ??? .

Harbhajan “obnoxious weed” .. lol … thats funny.. .and look who says it..?? one of the players from the team “gods in sledging” .Well,this time hayden has gone too far stating him personally .

“It’s been a bit of a long battle with Harbhajan. The first time I ever met him he was the same little obnoxious weed that he is now,” Hayden said on Brisbane radio.”

Why this much hatred ???? oh ..yeah i rembmber .. harbhajan was pain in the butt for most to the Australian players in that series in india.He was the reason why australia ;lost that series . HE was a fighting man..and yes,he is still one.

“His record speaks for itself in cricket. There is a certain line that you can kind of go to and then you know where you push it and he just pushes it all the time.

“That’s why he has been charged more than anyone that’s ever played in the history of cricket.”

oh i see !!!! . The manner in which players are charged itself is falsified..Why is harbajan a problem only for australian team. i cant wonder y?? .. one can get 10 times more evidence against the austalian players sledging then other teams.Why australian players are let off ??? because thats the way the play.ITs ok if they do ..But when others respond…they cry ..yeah ,even i would cry if somebody takes my right .

“I called him a bad boy,” Hayden insisted. “He took offence to that and I thought that was quite funny. I said, ‘Mate you should be flattered, it’s a clothing range’.”

Well , we dont take anything funny from players who take a monkey issue so seriously and who abuse others using words like fu** .

” India were complaining because “they are losing every game they are playing”

Ok fine . so you mean a team which loses should not complain against sledging.they should just sit and wipe out their tears.I mean its absurd. . Just because australia plays well than any other team in the world doesn’t mean they should be this arrogant.Most players in their team dont even have respect for other players.

and then their was the sarwan controversy too.I dont want to add more videos because then i wont have enough space to write.i can keep on adding. Sorry mister hayden you got ur all facts wrong..think before you speak…when you call harbhajan an obnoxious weed then u call ur co-players one too.Probably i would still say harbhajan must have done things less serious than what ur many co-mates have done.

“I’ve really had a gutful of their whingeing. This is international sport, obviously people are going to say things to try to unsettle you,” Hogg said

You people are so mean guys.Why cant you be normal.If u play good cricket why dont u just stop with it. Is it necessary to unsettle players ??? and in turn when somebody respond you just blow it out of proportion and end up calling him “Obnoxious weed”

Well ,this is really obnoxious.

And now the latest controversy .Symonds vs ishant sharma.He loves to be in news..doesn’t he ??? after all thats what got him the million dollar ticket to IPL . NOw hayden says that he was just “well bowled chap ” . One thing is sure he said more than three words.. and his expression clearly indicated that he was not appreciating the bowler.

The more these issues are getting serious more it gets funnier. The finals are ready to kick off . Lets wait and see what awaits us in the never ending issue of “dirty cricket”



Cricket started as sport ,then became a religion to millions of Indians and now it has become a business worth 1 billion dollars. Thats the amount of money that is being generated out of this IPL .Indian premier league started with the main motive of counter balancing the Indian cricket league initiated its procedings with an auction of players which includes indian as well as 70 odd foreign players. Well, i have never heared players being auctioned in any other sport ,seems really funny to me.
The eight franchises which are headed by the likes of sharuk khan ,pretty zinta , mukesh ambani and vijay malya assembled at hilton towers to start auction ,probably the first of its kind (i guess :O ..plz enlighten me if i am wrong) . I really wonder how that auction would have been like.. filmy style ??? 🙂 .where they say “ek hazzar ek ,ek hazzaar do …ek hazzar theen ” 😛 . may be a little more professional. But seriously i dint like the idea of auctioning the players . Ethically it looked totally wrong .Ofcourse players are getting a helluva money through that but still the whole idea seems queer and strange to me .
I was to totally flabbergasted the way the players have been given a price tag.And it seems totally uncomprehending the way players have been auctioned.Dhoni has been auctioned for 6 crores.Ok ..fine he is the main face of indian cricket so i can agree..But manoj tiwari who has played just a single game has been taken in at around 3 crores and ricky ponting  just for 1.5 crores ..Similarly players like lakshman and kumble too gave go less money compared to others like . ..IShanth sharma got a whopping 3.8 crores  😀 …that guy is sure having a great year.
IPL sure has made a monopoly out of the game.Its ok upto some point but this is really getting overboard now.IPL looks more intended to making money out of it rather than getting serious about cricket..ICL too came with its 20-20 format but went without making any impression .Of course they made their money through it but cricket went unnoticed.SO whats the use ???
People are speculating that this may reduce the popularity of the longer version of the game .It is possible but only if the IPL guys instead of exploiting the marketing benifits ,also think to improve the level of game which seems highly improbable to me under current circumstances .