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You are reading another Post inspired by DAN BROWN 🙂 .Those who have read the novel DA VINCI CODE must be aware of the word ANAGRAM. When i first read the book i was quite astonished and baffeled by seeing those anagrams as i was quite oblivious abt it at that time..DAN BROWN had interweaved the amazing anagrams with the infallible story so well that i became curious abt the word angrams and wanted to know more and found some interesting things…So i would make sure that others too become accustomed with this word anagrams .


An anagram is a rearrangement of the letters of one word or phrase to form another word or phrase.The one who designes it is called as anagramist. Let me make a bit easier for u by giving some examples – The anagram of Mother in law would be women hitler ..and for George bush it would be He bugs gore. Another classic example of anagrams is “funeral” into“Real fun!”. 🙂 .

I have been quited amused how dan brown was able to create such an amazing set of anagrams. While surfing i found an interesting site ,in fact an anagram software site which claims to have designed the anagrams used in da vinci code..neverthess i found it quite intereresting..check out some of the best anagrams i found it on the site..

Osama Bin Laden –Old man in a base

Saddam Hussain –Is sad, sad human

Wikipedia –I wipe a kid


Da Vinci Code-Candid voice


becoming more and more curious of finding more anagrams.check out the given below..It offers u a database of already existing anagrams. If u want to find ur own than u can either buy a full version or download a limited but free vresion of anagram genius software..

Here’s the site ->



there are various online anagram generators as well like this one- online anagram generetor . although u have to compromise some amount of accuracy.

Hope u liked this post .


wondering what the hell is that ??..calm down, thats the angram for SEE YOU SOON!!





I hope most of u would have read the world famous book od DAN BROWN– “ANGELS AND DEMONS”..One of the most striking features of the book was the usage of special and unusual symbols which were never used by anybody in any other fiction..These are called as AMBIGRAMs , AMBI means both and GRAM means word..

An ambigram is a word written in such a way that it is legible both rightside-up and upside-down. Ambigrams are an ancient art form and play heavily into the mysteries of the book Angels & Demons.

These ambirams used in the book were specially designed by JOHN LANGDON who specializes in art design like this.

i have posted the ambigrams used in the book below..


I was quite amazed to see these ambigrams in the book while reading which seemed almost impossible to create. i became obsessed about the ambigrams so much that i even tried to create some ambigrams with my friends in my class hours..nowadays peaple are even interested in ambigram tattoo’s..

Family Forever Ambigram Tattoo Design by Mark Palmer (Asymmetrical Ambigram that spells a different word when viewed upside down.)


Once ,while searching for ambigrams in the NET ,i found an interesting website which claimed to generate ambigrams i opened the site and to my surprise it was really working. i found it really interesting and tried many ambigrams in it ..

MY NAME’s ambigram that was generated there:

Though this doesn’t look that spectacular, i liked it

so want to create an ambigram.. click the link below