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Today while surfing i just found out an exciting website  (WORLD ‘s fastest growing family network).It has a search engine ,to be precise a genealogy search engine which finds ur family heritage and u can connect with them..Anyway the thing which took my attention was the face recognition and morfhing software featured in it.. It works online.

Face recognition software  checks out ur image and matches it with some of the well known celebreties of the world in its database.For example if u upload ur photo it will process ur pic and using some technique it displays a list of celebreties who u eh??

Then there is a Morphing software which  morphs ur face with the celebrity’s face u resemble..u can choose with some 4 or 5 celebreties.Morphing allows u even to set ur own custom points for the processing.Well,ITs quite intricate to explain here..

And finally for couples, there’s a software called look-a-like meter .It shows who a child resembles more mother or father.

Well,check urself this site