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How To Play Counter strike online ?


go go go !!! 😀

Now the major problem people face when it comes to playing counter strike is they dont know how to play it online . I faced this problem when i started and almost all the newbies face it too .

Why online ???

Yes, you do have bots with whom u can play with but then artificial intelligence of the computer players isn”t that good . It provides u with easy,normal hard and expert modes but it will soon get monotonous as the stratergies of computer are preprogrammed .You can experiece real thrill  when u play against humans .

How to play online

There are 3 ways i know ,that can be used for playing counter strike online


Non steam




  1. Get urself a original CS(Anthology pack ) which costs around 400-500 bucks .
  2. GO to Steam powered site and click on Get steam now (free download) .
  3. Once u download the client . Install it and then  get a free account .
  4. Go to settings and activate ur account by entering ur product key that u got with the CS pack .
  5. Launch the game and hit find servers . Join any game and enjoy .. another way is to use the console section which get by pressing `  ,once the window opens u can type connect followed by the ip address of steam servers . You can find the IP address on Game monitor site.

STeam is the best option to play online as u get very less pings which helps the game to be lag free .

However ,if u are miser enough then i would advice u to try the methods below


It is the simplest one. You need not have an original copy of CS to play .Download it  free or borrow from ur freind and you are ready to play online . Hit the Find servers option  . You will get a list of servers which can be filtered using the filters option.

99 percent of the servers in the list will be chinese,malasian,korean and japanese .SO if u are from india most of the times u will be kicked out of the servers due to high ping .Or else you wont be able to join because most of those servers are sxe protected . Sxe is a anti-hack tool that prevents players from hacking . So download sxe client and run it before u join the game .

Non steam servers are hard to find . A guy must have created a dedicated non steam server . If you have a stable connection you can try creating non steam server through this process .


Garena is a gaming client that connects thousands of gamers across the world and the best feature is ,it can be used for various games like Age of empires ,Call of Duty , Warcraft (DOTA) etc .It Creates a vitural lan between all the people who are using the client .

  1. Go here and download Garena.exe .
  2. Next,run the exe file and install the client .
  3. Now get yourself a free user name and password on the official garena site .
  4. Using the ID and password login into the client .
  5. GO to settings and in game exe area select the Hl.exe file .
  6. Next go to lobby and select counter strike 1.6 and join ur country room .For indians – go to international -> V.street room
  7. Now from the client start the game .
  8. In the game ,go to console window by pressing ` and type SLIST . You will be able to see a lot of servers with numbers along with it  . Join any game by typing – CONNECT followed by the  server’s position  for ex . for server no 3 type CONNECT 3.  OR you can join server using  ur LAN section too  but i have found that many servers does not get displayed there .

Servers can be laggy while played through this .However u can make it a little better by right clicking host id and then going to Optimize connection->tunnel or anti-spike .If it still lags quit the server and join another and if u are not satisfied still buy original CS and get a steam :D. Better Internet connection would help too .


  1. Download Hamachi from here .
  2. After installing it , create a network using the option below in the hamachi window  or else u can join existing netwrok of ur friends .If u have created the netwrok u need to invite people to join ur network.
  3. Now u can join a  server by using the command Connect host_IPaddress . Remember that IP address should be the one hamachi shows not ur computer IP address  . for ex- connect and if u create the server ask ur netwrok freinds to connect using ur hamachi ip_address .
  4. Now sometimes while trying to connect u get class C errors whihc happens when the first 2 sections of ip address are not same . so for that the host need to do the following steps
  • Go to window and check the box show advanced options .
  • Then right click on the players name and click on advanced.
  • On the Peer VPN alias box enter the first three parts of ur(if u are the host,otherwise host;s address ) Hamachi IP address and  add the last part of the player’s IP address such that it is different from other players .

For ex – you are the host , ur IP is and the player who wishes to join has and address then all u need to is set is IP as using VPN alias box .similarly for other players u can change the last part as 2,3,4 etc.

well,thats all i can share with you .I hope it will be helpful to you.

Enjoy playing counter strike online .

Crazy game

I have been playing a game called red square from morning like a maniac..have been able to stand upto a maximum of 25 seconds. try it and let me know if u could beat that.. 😛



Well,i have been into blogging for just about a little more than two months and this being my 73 posts with about 15000 odd visitors isn’t that bad at all .Actually to be frank i am quite delirious writing this post as this is not what i had expected when i entered into the blogging arena.Infact i had no idea what was blogging was all about .

Check out my post when i started blogging (not the first one but i posted it on the second day or so).I am glad that it was quite a good transition ( infact a wise one too 🙂 ) from an orkut crazy guy to an blogger (its feels good belonging to blogging community).

I posted this one when i had completed about one month in wordpress.

i am glad that i am enjoying this place where u get to know a lot of new people (ofcourse it can be quite deceptive sometimes but we cant help it . can we???? ) .I have been reading a lot of posts lately and i must say the range of topics people post in their blog still baffles me ( i have read some topics which vary from sex to terrorism and i must say some of them are pretty interesting 🙂 . Hmmm..

Ok …now , what was i telling u ?? yeah , top 10 posts!!. Well, i dont want to deviate from the topic anymore which i have been doing for some time now. So lets get into it.
Here are my ” Top 10 posts ” which have fetched me most my blog stats. i am not ranking it but just giving u an overview about the posts which are most popular

  • Harry potter and deathly hallows spoilers – You wont beleive this post brought me to glory for one day in wordpress. I was ranked no 1 for worlds fastest growing blogs . Curious visitors kept on pouring from all over the world . Infact i had posted this topic to check whether i could do some gimmickry to my blog stats .. yes , it did !!!

  • Harry potter and deathly hallows casts a spell again – This post was just after the previous post in which i showed how i got one day of glory in net 🙂 . please have a read at it. pleeeeeeaaaaase..Actually people never visit to see my achievement 😛 they come here looking for some harry potter stuff.
  • OrkutHacking – A kids job now – A post that shows how crazy i have been in orkut spending most of the time researching form some hacking stuff. Well, the post caption is very true and indeed ,the fact that hacking in orkut is being done and promoted at an exceptional pace gives me creeps. some people have hasked for orkut hacking javasrcipts which are being distributed in orkut with no concerns.

  • Orkut free proxies – Popularity of this post is shows how people are crazy and obsessed with orkut..even while working or studying too they cant be away from orkut. Infact ,this post comes in the very first page of google search engine results of orkut proxies. ( i am beaming with pride).

  • Orkut tricks -Third consecutive post on orkut proovs that a crazy orkut fanatic is here. Though i dont use it that much nowadays but i will be a firm supporter of orkut ,always. The javascripts are not working here, i cant just delete the post as it is lucrative as far as my blog stats are i have posted an alternative link from which i got those scripts.

  • Age of empires – Aahh .. what a wonderfull game!!! i can play this game till eternity . the thought that i am an expert in the game faded when i played with some guys online .i could even last for an hour 🙂 . Anyway that wont degrade my spirits , i am still into the game very much.

  • Age of mythology – Another epic game by microsoft .excellent game with some good visual effects however not that great when compared to AOE (age of empires) atleast for me. not that exciting game to say nostalgic but still good enough for my blog to attract visitors.

  • How sexy is ur name ?? – i got an idea to post this topic from orkut where daily a lot of absurd topics are posted and infact to my surprise people actively participate in these topics actively.well ,thats true in my blog as well.IT gave me a lot of traffic the day i posted .Perhaps people were looking for something sexier 😛

  • Walking down the memory lane – Well,there’s nothing special in this page .this was my first post perhaps it would be better to say it was my first page(because i dint know how to post an article so accidentally wrote on a seperate page :).. and because it is seperate page people tend to click it..Just a post about my school life .

  • EBOOKS – I am a BOOK buff .give me any book and i will read it. though i like mostly read novels(specially dan browns,sydney sheldons,irwing wallace’s ,mario puzo’s).i keep searching and surfing through esnips folders for some good books.So Kept a seperate page for ebooks and i want to add more books into this page but quite lazy to edit the page again and again . 🙂

So these were the post responsible for atleast half of my visitors. But did u notice one thing common in these ?? All post were about general topics .These are the kinds of topics which people come looking for into ur blog. So i keep posting posts like those. But as i started blogging mainly to share my views and to write my personal experiences or tantrums or my musings i post my personal thoghts as well( like the previous post which dint recieve that much traffic ) .

Anyway ,hoping to edit this list in future too.. 🙂 thanks for dropping by.



Well ,i have played many games in the recent past in my mobile and Beleive me Need for speed pro street by EA games is one of the best ones.

here is the link to download this stuff

Download LINK.




This whole week i have been too busy to blog..wondering why?? of course , not studies !!…i have been engaged too much playing the game” Prince of Persia -Two Thrones “. You must be aware of this popular game that was started to run on DOS mode.To be frank i was not at all a fan of that game .But if u see game now ,the transformation of the game from a DOS mode game to an excellent and impeccable 3-d game is unbelieveble.No wonder gaming industry is on the boom.

Although this is the third game in the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time series (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within being the another game in the series ) and i havn’t played the earlier two games ,still the game is totally addictive and enjoyable.Actually i am cursing myself for being oblivious about this infallible game till now.The Best feature in the game is the amount of acrobatic skills u can try while playing especially while fighting.the game also allows u to do”speed kill” from the back of an enemy.Graphics are splendid and the game becomes exciting after every single stage because it has a different plot after every single stage unlike many other games .

Well ,it’s not possible to tell abt the story of the prince of persia series here.Check out this link for that . Those who still dont havn’t played this game , take my word and buy the series now ,i bet it will be a lucrative buy as far as entertainment is concerned.

And please for those who came looking for some cheatcodes, get a life, as this game isn’t that difficult to play. and cheatcodes will kill all the thrill of the game . ofcourse u can learn how to play and get some walkthroughs in various sites.

Here are some screenshots .

Check out for prince of persia videos in the official site of the game

hope to play the other earlier versions of the game soon..And will be back with another post for the next version of the series (if any)..

updated –

Even as the game is available in psp u can get walkthrough for prince of persia and revelations for psp . i searched for prince of persia full game downloads but coun’t find anywhere.


How To Play Counter strike online ?


AGE of Mythology- AOM


AGE of Mythology- AOM

Well,i have already posted a topic on Age of empires and i found that many people are arriving to my blog by searching for Age of empires…so i thought it would be a good idea to post on Age of mythology as well.

What is Age of Mythology??

Age of mythology is another real time strategy game developed by ensemble studios and published by microsoft..this game takes us far back to an mythical age. It was released on 2002 november and was one of the fastest selling games at that time.. what makes it different from the previous versions like age of empires is that it is allows 3d interface and graphic are far more better than age of empires series..Have a lok at the video

How to play???

The motive of the game is same as that of age of empires that is winning by conquest and also gives u campaigns to complete. It allows u play with three different civilizations norse,greek and egyptian.Each civilizations has its own way of collecting resources namely food , gold ,wood and favour.Favour is generated by the gods (which is a special feature in mythology series) .Each civilization has it sown gods and players are asked select one Major god and one minor god for each age (archiac ,classical ,heroic, and mythical age ). When gods are pleased they generate more favour and more the favour more powers are given by the God..Each civilization has its own way of generating fever .Well it would be quite an intricate to describe here but once u play u would be accustomed with all the three civilization..The most interesting and exciting feature of the game is that it gives u a range of mythical creatures and some mind-boggling powers ..which looks that just awesome when used.. Apart from these the usual infantry,calvary and seige wepeons are also present.some of the mythical units


there are abt 40 odd units like this each having special powers.. apart from these u have special option scenario editor which allows u to create ur own campaigns with custom landscape units and even powers…

For NOObs

well,,when i started playing this game i found it too difficult and boring as the game was quite intricate to understand so i used cheatcodes which made the game a bit more interesting.. but if u are a real game fanatic do not use the cheat codes …The is very much playable without the cheats…


AGE OF MYTHOLOGY-THE TITANS – This game is just an expansion to the original game with one more civilizations and extra units…

For Age of mythology posieden cheatcodes and walkthroughs check out

and u can get age of mythology product key too from the net..u can try enetering any arbitary values in that..sometimes it works it worked for me..still various online serial generators are available online for both age of mythoilogy and gold edition.

u can sometimes also get the full version download from some sharing sites but it may have viruses .so be carefull.

Check out my other posts on AGE of Empires ,Prince of persia



Thats all i can tell u here, so try playing it u can download the game from verious sites..give it a try i hope u will enjoy the game as i did.



All though i am not an avid gamer , I do have a speical interest a strategy game  called AGE OF EMPIRES . I have been playing this game for thealmost 5 years now. My affair with this game began when one of my friend introduced this game to me. My first impression about the game was not that good..i found the game a complicated , sober and a complete waste of time . But as he was pestering me to play it i thought of giving it a try.

IT took some time for to understand the logic and the basic funda of the game but  soon i started liking it and started spending hours and hours on a single game continuously.

For those ,who are oblivious about this game…here’s some info

AGE OF EMPIRES usually stated as AOE is a real time strategy game developed by ensemble studios and published by Microsoft .The award-winning Age franchise has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. The Age titles, comprised of the Age of Empires and Age of Mythology series, have been consistently in NPD’s top ten sales charts throughout the life of the franchise.
In this game you will be given an unexplored map with a town center with some villagers initially..the main aim of ur game is to explore the given area and to fight with ur enemy and conquer his land by destroying their civilization completely .You can use ure villagers to gather food ,wood,stone and gold which are the essential resources for building a good civilization.. you can use ur villages to build extra start from a period called dark age and by making more resources and researching more technologies u have to reach imperial age.The game has a variety of infantry and Calvary units including siege weapons , although these units may depend on the series u are playing…Apart from this, each civilization has a unique powerful unit…Like all games lot of options are given to set the map ,land type ,civilization..
The game may appear to be easy here but believe me it isn’t that simple as it sounds …The best feature in this game is that it allows multiplayer action ,that is, several human players can play together no matter which part of the world u are in..all u need is a net connection..or else u can connect PC’s physically and play through LAN..
Well,that’s all i can tell u now, Time to play age of empires now,bye…

some of my friends asked me cheat codes for the game :)You  can get through


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