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Shraddha’s Valai

It is indeed ironical for someone like me, who was so far quite oblivious of the fact that the Tamil Drama’s even exists, to accept the fascination that has grown towards it. My respect for the various Drama troupe’s has increased over the past few months. The amount of dedication that is put in and the perfection that these talented artists achieve is just unbelievable. Take the script, direction, acting, the stage set up or even the background score, everything is worked upon with sheer sincerity. The very fact that these people still continue acting and creating wonderful stage dramas, despite the lack of glitz and glamour associated with it, just shows the amount of love and passion towards it.

Sraddha’s Valai, written and directed by Srivatsan, is a brilliant and unconventional script that talks about the web (Valai in Tamil) that we unknowingly spin across our lives. The opening scene enacted by the protagonist Balaji as Shiva, her wife Maya and his father (played by Kathadi Ramamurthy) goes for more than 10 minutes and Kathadi Ramamurthy with his witty comical punches steals the show with ease. The very next scene showcases the amazing creativity by the people managing the sets, a set over another. I mean the whole hall literally broke into applause when the curtain was raised, something that I have never witnessed so far during any other play. The concept of showcasing two different timelines is not new but the approach that was taken for Valai was simply mind-blowing.

The entry of Nithya Kaushik, who plays the character of Mrinalini, was definitely impressive. I mean, it’s not often that you see such a charming and cute girl playing a villain character. The eloquence with which she carried her role was pretty much evident through out the play. Did i mention that she was pretty? Ahem! Mani who plays the part of a staff working with Balaji was impressive too. Although the manner in which his character was portrayed was far from reality, it did add a lot of fun factor which kept the audience entertained.

Balaji soon discovers the evil plot and conspiracy around him that could very well jeopardize the whole project. This marks the entry of Srivatsan who, as always, got a grand reception from the audience. He played the role of the well known writer Sujatha. The whole conversation between him and Balaji was something beyond what was required at that point of time and perhaps, was just added to increase the weightage to Sujatha’s character. From thirukurals to nanotechnology, it had everything, which at the beginning made the scene a little draggy. Nevertheless, Srivatsan’s impressive stage presence did make up for that part of the script.

The script ended on a good note and it was left to the audience to comprehend what the real Valai was. Was it the web of corporate life that we spin around ourselves and we don’t even bother coming out of it? or Is it the technology that inevitably spins its web around us without which we cannot live and also at the same time which could do us a lot more harm than we can possibly thing of.

It is indeed quite sad to know that most people still consider the whole thing related to this Tamil Drama and Theatre as obsolete concept. The only solace is that various troupe’s and organizations such as Shraddha are putting all they can to revive the theater culture. Going by the recent unique scripts like Shyamalam and Naarkaliku Edamilai, and the reception that it has got, Tamil Theatre does look strong.

Worst cities to work !!!

New York-based human resources company ORC Worldwide has released a recent survey which has  a list of 55 worst cities to work in world 😀 . 

and Guess what ?? 3 indian cities have made it to the list …

Delhi ,Mumbai and Chennai ..

The worst 10 cities are…

1 Lagos, Nigeria
Problems: Infrastructure and crime, pollution, disease & sanitation, medical facilities, availability of goods and services.

2 Jakarta, Indonesia
Problems: Pollution, disease & sanitation, medical facilities, political violence & repression, political & social environment, crime.

3 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Problems: Political violence & repression, political & social environment, culture & recreation facilities.

4 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Problems: Pollution, disease & sanitation, medical facilities, physical remoteness, housing, climate, education facilities, infrastructure, communications, culture & recreation

5 Mumbai, India
Problems: Pollution, disease & sanitation, infrastructure, political violence & repression, climate, medical facilities.

6 New Delhi, India
Problems: Pollution, disease & sanitation, infrastructure, climate

7 Nairobi, Kenya
Problems: Crime, infrastructure, disease & sanitation, political violence & repression, political& social environment.

8 Bogota, Colombia
Problems: Pollution, political violence & repression, crime, political & social Environment.

9 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Problems: Disease & sanitation, climate, pollution, medical facilities, infrastructure, crime.

10 Chennai, India
Problems: Climate, pollution, disease & sanitation, medical facilities, education facilities, infrastructure, physical remoteness.

Ps : I guess i need to change my place of work soon 😛  .

TAG ????

Manasa has tagged me to answer these 30 questions – so here we go

1)What is your occupation?
IT industry labourer , like thousands of others 😛 .

2)What colour are your socks now?

Right now i am barefoot . Anyway i have 3 pairs and all are black in colour.

3)What are you listening to now?

Right now Aruginil vizhigalil vaasam from azhagiya theeye (tamil song)

4)What was the last thing you ate?

Pani puri at a road side shop 😛

5)Can you drive a stick shift?
Yup .

6)Last person you spoke to on phone?
Barath – my college freind.

7)Do you like the person who sent you this?
Yes , why should i dislike her 🙂

8)How old are you today?

9)What is your favourite sport to watch on TV?
Cricket , ofcourse 🙂

10)What are your favourite drinks?
Tan ki shakti man ki shakti Bournvita 😛 . Slice, pepsi too

11)Have you ever dyed your hair?

12)Favourite food?
Very difficult question.Many north indian dishes would make it to the list .

13)Last movie watched?
Padikathavan (Tamil movie).

14)Favourite day of the year?
First day of the year , mainly because thats my birthday and i get lots of calls 🙂 😀

15)How do you vent out your anger?
I dont get angry that much . max i just shout and then i calm down 😛 .

16)Favourite toy as a child?
Cars , planes and bikes ..I still have them 😛 .

17)Favourite season?
Winter .  aah , i miss winters . I Wish we had winters here in chennai .

18)Do you want your friends to email you?
It would be better if they call me . no time to check mail .. and moreover mails to freinds have become obsolete these days 😀 .

19)When was the last time you cried?
Dont even remember !!!  not in the last 5-6 years atleast 🙂 .

20)What is on the floor of your closet?

21)Who is the friend you have had the longest?
Devarajan,kapil- know them since i started remembering things.

22)What did you do last night?
I slept 🙂 .

23)What are you most afraid of?
Career right now .

24)Plain,cheese or spicy hamburger?

25)Favourite dog breed?
Never thought about that.

26)Favorite day of the week?
Sunday 🙂 .,Saturday too 😛

27)How many states have you lived in?
Two ( Haryana – 17 years Tamil nadu-5 years ) 🙂

28)Diamond or pearl?
Which ever is costlier 😛

29)What is your wish for this new year?
Atleast this year things should go my way  😛

30)New year resolutions?
No ,never .

Thats it guys ,,such a easy tag/post 😛 ..

I tag this to everyone of you . 🙂


I have been tagged by Dinesh to list 5 favorite quotes of mine . I have a folder full of pics with quotes .So here are some of the best among them .


Attitude, not aptitude determines altitude

Best quote 2

If oppurtunity doesn't knock build a door
Keep smiling

Keep smiling


I am sure everyone would be having their favourite quotes so i tag each one of u who are reading this post . 🙂


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Guys and girls , ladies and gentelmen and to all those who read my blog ur favourite blogger is back 😛 .  Ok thats a bit of an exaggeration,  perhaps too far fetched 🙂 . Anyways i am back on wordpress with  an extreme state of delirium  mainly for two reasons.

First, the more obvious one , my exams are over and with that my engineering life too has got over (almost just a mere formality of project is remaining 😦 ).And probably one of my the most wonderful pages of life got over .Well, i wont compare this with my school life . That was something different and more enjoyable but these  3 and a half years of engineering has been a learning period for me . Hey , now dont think i learnt something related to my engineering course because to be quite frank i haven’t .I hate to say this being a topper but lets accept the fact that people these days hardly get any practical knowledge. Industrial visits meant for learning have become excursion tours 🙂 . I hate this education system to the core ,where they try to make us learn something thats hardly useful. well, i guess this is not the right time to express my tantrums on ‘INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM’ i would, perhaps , write a seperate post on that 😛 . Coming back to my engineering life , i have learnt a lot which certainly would help me in life ,if not in my career .

Coming to my second reason of being happy , after almost 10 months of wait i finally got my offer letter from hexaware technologies.After all ,a job security is what everyone wants when a student moves out of the college. I am really excited though i still have more that 8 months or so to join. I have felt sad sometimes that i couldn’t attend recruitment by any of the giants like wipro ,infy or TCS (cuz hexaware was the first company which came to my college) because of the crap rule which forbids one to attend any recuitment programs once u are already recruited.The only solace that i give to myself is by saying that hexaware has gained something that the other IT giants have gained 😛 .Call it over confidence or arrogance but i fell it that way 🙂 .
I am posting something after a long time and feels good to be BACK to BUSINESS .There are somethings that really money cant buy . Blogging is certainly one of those things for me (now please dont count the NEt charges) 🙂 .


Do you Smoke???

Do you want to stop smoking???

Well, the govenment comes up with another feeble and tentative idea in their campaign against tobacco consumption in india. .Read this.

I personally feel that  putting up scary pictures like tobacco related diseases  in the cigarette packets is totally absurd and shows their careless approach towards smoking. These politicians sitting in its haunches take years to come up with some idea and that too a foolish one . i dont understand the motive behind it.It seems like the old technique parents use to refrain children from doing something by scaring them.

I think the people (including smokers) nowadays are very much aware of the harmfull affects of smoking and inspite of that they smoke  and i can hardly think of  anyone quiting smoking by looking at those scary yet true pictures.The govenment has justified its idea by gicving an example where the consumption of tobacco has  decreased by 3 percent .Well, they did another mistake by comparing cannada with india where most of tobacco sonsumption community lives in villages. Well, i dont think the idea will work in villages too where people might be ignorant of the effects of tobacco , i dont think they use branded cigarettes .The only means of consuming  tobacco for them is raw tobacco and bidi’s .I dont think the government can manage to print those scary pictures in those home made tobacco packets. So what is the need of such a queer and unconvincing idea???

The warning message in ciggrete packets had been implemented long back. i dont thing anyone even bothers seeing that and even those who manage to look at it, ignore it.i dont thing there has been any decrease in its consumption ,perhaps , it has only increased. The consumption of tobacco among youngsters is mainly due to the fact that they think it as a fashion statement and by the time they realize that its harmful for them they are already addicted to it. Studied in college i personally known some guys who started smoking as an enjoyment and to flaunt their maturity but now are finding hard time quiting it even after its harmfull effects are known to them .

Inspite of implementing these absurd and  good for nothing ideas wouldn’t it be wise to establish more rehabilitation centres and conducting more seminars about smoking in schools. I also dont understand why the government doesn’t impose a BAN on tobacco related products.Just for the sake of commission from the product manufacturers, the group of people here who call themselves government  ,risk the whole countries population by allowing them to sell their products.

I seriously dont know whether to laugh at the foolish and feeble idea they are going to implement or to feel happy as atlast something is being done to control tobacco consumption in india.


I have been listening this song for quite a few time and i have enjoyed it more than many of the other songs made by any other band..ofcourse some exceptions are there …

Here is the lyrics for this song i will be adding more of my some favourite songs later…

Up front
Slim Shady
I see the one
cuz she be that lady

I feel you creepin’, I can see you from my shadow.
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo.
Maybe go to my place and just kick it, like Taebo.
And possibly bend you over.
Look back and watch me
smack that, all on the floor,
smack that, give me some more,
smack that, ’till you get sore
smack that, oooh.
smack that, all on the floor,
smack that, give me some more,
smack that, ’till you get sore,
smack that, oooh.

Up front style. Ready to attack now.
Pull in the parking lot slow with the lack down.
Convicts got the whole thing packed down.
Step in the club. The wardrobe intact now.
I feel it. Go on and crack now.
Ooh, I see it. Don’t let back now.
Im’a call her. Then I put the mack down.
Money? No problem. Pocket full of that now.

I feel you creepin’, I can see you from my shadow.
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo.
Maybe go to my place and just kick it, like Taebo.
And possibly bend you over.
Look back and watch me
smack that, all on the floor,
smack that, give me some more,
smack that, ’till you get sore
smack that, oooh.
smack that, all on the floor,
smack that, give me some more,
smack that, ’till you get sore,
smack that, oooh.

Ooh! Looks like another club banger.
They better hang on.
When I throw this thang on.
Get a little drink on. They goin’ flip.
For this Akon shit. You can bank on it.
Pedicure, manicure, kitty cat claws.
The way she climbs up and down them poles.
Lookin’ like one of them Pretty Cat Dolls.
Tryna hold my woody back through my drawers.
Steps off stage, didn’t think I saw her.
Creeps up behind me and she’s like, you’re –
I’m like, yeah I know, let’s cut to the chase.
No time to waste. Back to my place.
Plus from the club to the crib’s like a mile away.
Or more like a palace, shall I say.
And plus I got a pal. Every gal is game.
In fact he’s the one singing the song that’s playing!

I feel you creepin’, I can see you from my shadow.
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo.
Maybe go to my place and just kick it, like Taebo.
And possibly bend you over.
Look back and watch me
smack that, all on the floor,
smack that, give me some more,
smack that, ’till you get sore
smack that, oooh.
smack that, all on the floor,
smack that, give me some more,
smack that, ’till you get sore,
smack that, oooh

Eminem’s rollin’, D an’ them rollin’.
Boo an’ Oh Marvelous an’ them rollin’.
Women just hoin’.
Big booty rollin’.
Soon I be all in them an’ throwin D.
Hittin’ no less than 3.
Block will style like wee, wee.
Girl, I can tell you want me, ’cause lately.

I feel you creepin’, I can see you from my shadow.
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo.
Maybe go to my place and just kick it, like Taebo.
And possibly bend you over.
Look back and watch me
smack that, all on the floor,
smack that, give me some more,
smack that, ’till you get sore
smack that, oooh.
smack that, all on the floor,
smack that, give me some more,
smack that, ’till you get sore,
smack that, oooh.