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We are now at a stage where technology which is supposed to be a boon to the society can be used to ruin the same society.

Latest trend in the hacking arena has reached to such an extent that our own mobile and landlines aren’t safe with caller ID spoofing on the rise.For those who are oblivious about caller ID spoofing

“Caller ID spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to display a number on the recipient’s caller ID display which is not that of the actual originating station; the term is commonly used to describe situations in which the motivation is considered nefarious by the speaker. Just as e-mail spoofing can make it appear that a message came from any e-mail address the sender chooses, caller ID spoofing can make a call appear to have come from any phone number the caller wishes. Because people are prone to assume a call is coming from the number (and hence, the associated person, or persons), this can call the service’s value into question.” (source :WIKIPEDIA)

To be simpler in words , you can call anybody from ur number pretending to be calling from some other number.You can fool anybody in the world by sending sms and by calling from a number that is not urs.Infact even i was oblivious about such a thing until i found it in a newspaper and decided to check it out.. a site name spoofcard (works only in US) was mentioned in the newspaper .The  spoof  site even can change ur voice and can record ur calls. To my amusement it even provides free sample service for testing.IT asks you to enter ur number ,destination address and the number which u want to spoof .Once u place call ,you can mange to talk for 2 minutes in the sample test.

What was even more flabbergasting was that this not the only site there are umpteen number of sites that claims to spoof caller Id’s .

Even thinking of this sends creeps into my spine. With every passing day a new threat is being posed into our lifes, from fake emails ,then to fake profiles  and now even our phone is prone to hacking.Just imagine the consequences of this spoofing technique if used with a real bad motive. The world can end up in a jeopardy if this software is used efficiently by anti social elements.

Every technology that comes new seems to  be faltered in some or the other way.I wonder if there would be any full stop to it.

Well this caller id spoofing is new to me so would update more on this later..


GOT MONEY !!! – Hack yahoo password! hack hotmail password! hack gmail password!

Today morning i was just checking my comments when i opened spam column unintentionally.I was quite flabbergasted to see a comment in which the a site hacks/cracks any gmail ,hotmail and yahoo passwords for a few dollers.

I dont want to name the site (ofcourse u can search in google to get a number of such sites) claims to hack any account on rediff ,yahoo,hotmail in just 100 $ ( they are working on even gmail) . Infact you need not pay the money in advance . Once you request the password of an account they deliver the proof that they have hacked in ,in about 2 days to 2 weeks once u are satisfied with the proof you can pay them the money using credit card or by an paypal account and they will send you the password.

Well, ofcourse the site can be a good recovery platform for the people whose account has been hacked earleir but then it can be too dangerous for the people wo keep some very confidential details in their mail ids .Considering the personal info that can be acquired through the account, 100 $ isn’t that bad a deal.Anybody could pay that much money and get the benifits by hacking into some important persons Id.

I had never thought that commercialization can go upto this extent .I mean u pay some dollers and get into any persons account . Its quite weired that their is no control over the number of websites that are being created each day and its even more queer the content of the websites can be quite a subject of controversy as there are websites that are being govenerned by terrorists groups ,sites that are totally against the law , not to forget the amount of porn sites that exploit the web world 😀 .

Clearly, internet is no longer safe nowadays.So think a thousand times before saving something really important in ur Email Drafts .


hey hey hey.. PLz dont get excited ….this isn’t real hacking..hacking is no kids job.

BUT what i am going to tell u is pretty interesting. Just open any web page be it google or be it this Blog or may be ur BLog . Enter the code written below in ur address bar and hit enter and ur web is ready to be edited.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

IMP : just change the sign ‘ by again typing the same sign from ur keyboard

wordpress changes the sign automaticaly so if u want the trick to work.. just change it

Edit the Page as u like … Enjoy

How To hack Gmail , yahoo , Hotmail passwords ??

Updated :: After receiving some harsh comments by some idiotic morons who don’t even bother to read the full post let me tell u i am not here advocating any hacking here ..Read the post carefully before commenting… dont try this… this technique was used by some cheap hacker on ORKUT …I am just mentioning it so that you people dont try it. If you try this you will lose your own password. There are many sites which says u can hack gmail  , yahoo , orkut or any other site just by following the steps like these i have given below.. Ironically you will get yourself hacked by following these steps.

Well ,yesterday i was going through one of the hacking communities just for checking if any new hacking script has come up or not. I saw a topic named ” how to hack gmail / yahoo / hotmail ?? ” . Out of curiousity when i opened it, it made me laugh aloud . I mean some anonymous guy posting a topic like that seemed totally absurd and that too a cheap phishing technique probably used during the early ninties 🙂

check out what was posted in that topic..

” How to hack gmail/ hotmail / yahoo passwords!

It is possible and it is easy. This way of hacking into any kind of account was brought to my attention by my friend working in microsoft,in animation cell. u have to just…

  • STEP 1– Log in to your own gmail/ yahoo or hotmail account. Note: Your account must be at least 1 weeks old for this trick to work.

  • STEP 2– Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write an e-mail to: ############################# (removed the mail id which was written because ppl were actually trying it )..depending on which account u want to hack..These is the mailing address to the automated server that sends out passwords to users who have forgotten them. What you are going to do is trick the server into thinking that it is sending your password to you but it will send you the pass for the account you are trying to hack instead.

  • STEP 3– In the subject line type exactly: “userpassword retrieve” (case sensative, without the inverted commas)
  • STEP 4– On the first line of your mail write the email address of the person you are hacking.
  • STEP 5– On the second line type in the e-mail address you are using.
  • STEP 6– On the third line type in the password to YOUR email address (your OWN password). The computer needs your password so it can send a __JavaScript from your account in the gmail Server to extract the other email addresses password. This works because you are sending your password to a machine not a person. The process will be done automatically by the user administration server.

  • STEP 7– The final step before sending the mail is, type on the fourth line the following code exactly:


This is a cheap technique to lure innocent people who want to learn hacking or want to hack someone’s mail.  These types of posts actually are posted in forums or some other sites asking people to send some details along with their own password to a email address which looks like an admin mail address . The truth is that the given email address itself is created by the person who posts the technique. So when people try to send the mail address they want to hack along with their own password they themselves get hacked because the password is sent to the person’s mail. So the Hunter gets hunted.

Some points before you comment here -:

I am not a hacker so please dont leave a comment asking me to hack that mail for you.  I am least bothered if your girlfriend / Boyfriend betrayed you , I am not going to hack any emails for you . This Post was just to inform u guys that if you people try to hack Gmail / Yahoo or any other email through the above method your account would get hacked .

So Be careful  before you try all the nonsense that you read. Stop Searching for things like hacking gmail  , hacking yahoo. These are well secured sites and you cant  hack through them just by following some lame steps given in a site or a forum . You cant hack just overnight , It takes years to master the art of hacking so please please please stop thinking that you would be able to hack through accounts just by googling it over the web. Hacked !!!!

Popular job site has revealed that about 1.3 million users info has ben hacked by some malicious people with in this week. Hackers used servers from ukrain and some home PC’s that were hijacked and sent malicious mail pretending to be from monster admin. unfortunately many people fell into this phishing technique and ended up revealing some confidential info.

However the site claims that nothing too confidential has been stolen from the site .The site holds about 73 million resumes globally and daily thousands of resumes are uploaded into the site..