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Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1

Harry Potter mania has struck once again !! Or has it not ?? Well, thats the question i have been asking to  myself for the last two days. I was quite lucky to get a couple of tickets of the latest Harry potter flick just an hour before the show this sunday. Would you believe that ?? I mean just 2 days into the release and at a place where tickets are pre-booked quite fast , you dont actually fancy your chances of getting tickets at the counter at the last minute.

As always i would not be revealing the whole story here but  let me be honest here, its really hard  to  leave even the small bits and pieces of the story that makes a review complete and interesting. Now, With Dumbledore Dead, You-know-who has taken over everything. Harry, Hermione and Ron take the task of finding the remaining horcruxes and destroying them. Thats the Plot. I have not read the Book so cant relate much with real version of the story. Although i did feel that the story was little discontinuous here and there.  Like the previous 2 parts this  movie too starts and clings on a serious Note. You can see a lot more of emotion involving the three lead characters which from my point of view did make a sluggish impact at the middle . It looked as if the whole drama was being stretched to its maximum just to ensure that the movie is big enough so that the best could be saved for second part. Nevertheless, there were other things in this  part that were quite Enjoyable .

Visually the movie was as good as it gets. Most of the viewers would agree that the Animated visuals that were shown depicting the Deathly Hallows Tale were quite exceptional. Something out of the box that no would would have actually anticipated in a Movie that has been on talk for its extensive Special effects rather than animation. Sound effects , as usual, were good too. We, in the theater, were almost taken aback at a particular scene where Hermione and Harry take on a Huge Python .

Personally speaking, Dobby’s entry made a lot of impact on the later part of the movie.  The crowd broke into an applause when Dobby snaps  and says -“Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf. Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his Friends ” 😛 . Something that i have never witnessed in the earlier  harry potter movies. Performances were good though not exceptional . Ron was at his Witty best delivering the humor content amidst, possibly the most serious situations 🙂 . Contrary to last year’s Harry Potter And the Half Blood prince, Director David Yates was able to strike the chord with the viewers much better with this year’s Installment of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows – Part 1 . It was pretty much evident from the reactions of the viewers. Overall the movie was Good , a bit lengthy , which might have been the effect of no intervals . But it Does leave u on a high note, asking for more action which has been left for the next and the last version of the Harry Potter Series.

First Question that u ask yourself when u leave a cinema hall is – Whether the movie was really satisfying and worth your money? Well, i would give a  definite Yes for that question. So What are you waiting for ??




Hmmm here’s  another  post which  completely  Shows how jobless i am  😛 This is supposed to be my project time and i am lazing in home doing nothing.I have seen people trying to flaunt the harry potter house batches ,  so thought of trying it.

I am Proud to say that i belong to gryffindor  .   🙂

whats your house ??? check it out here


Harry potter is not only the favourite novel among the fiction lovers but also for the internet communnity it is one of the c HIT posts. Posts related to the famous J.k.rowling books are one of the HOT topics now with so much of anticipation due to the world wide release of the book. Still its quite queer that, curious people who cant wait for the book keep searching for a leaked version of the book.They are just getting crazy abt the book..This encourages people to release some of their own imagination (fake one) in the net.This is what we call as “spoilers”.

The magic of harry potter series has not left even the bloggers.With posts on this topic getting wide responses .I too tried posting one topic on the book. check my previous post on the book.

harry potter and the deathly hallows spoilers

what was the result ?? check it below

*An immediate rise to glory.within one hour after i posted that topic i was able to get around 500 visitors.

*My blog was rated no 1 in the world’s fastest growing blogs at wordpress .

*i used to reseave an average of about 100 – 150 Visits daily.but after this post i got a whopping 1994 hits in one day.


Not only mine if u see the wordpress dashboard u can see many top posts in the top 100 post on harry potter book. anyway soon the craze and curiosity would calm down ,then i have to wonder which post can give me the instant glory again. 🙂

This acheivement  is enough for me to brag “one day of glory in internet” 🙂 . and perhaps this will be enough to motivate me to continue blogging  for the next couple of years 🙂 .

Harry potter and the deathly hallows spoilers

Finally the much awaited day has arrived , Its high time now to go and purchase one of ur own ” harry potter and the deathly hallows ” book and complete the collection and also for the heck of stopping the spoilers prejudicing our mind 🙂 . There have have been many speculation on how the last and the seventh book should end. One of the spoilers claim that harry potter kills himself just for putting an end to voldmourt. Some people even justify by saying that killing harry at the last book would add him to the epic super heroes .However fans are quite aprihensive abt it. According to another spoiler it has a fairy tail ending with harry and ginny marrying and even hermione and Ron getting settled down together.

Today when i took the newspaper i found another spoiler waiting in the first page.

dont read ahead if u dont like spoilers 🙂

bellatrix kills ron using the avada kedavara spell
hagrid is killed by snape in an attempt to ambush Ron and Hermione .

Lord voldemort attacks hermione through the imperious curse and hermione,while trying to save Rons life ,fights for another 6 pages inj the end and finaaly dies.”

I hope this is not the real one, being hermione fan i would never want her to get killed 🙂 .Ofcourse there is no mention of harry being killed .Anyway the only way now left to put an end to all these spoilers is to get the original version.

Now for al those demontores reading MY POST


i have added this portion of the post after one day

WEll ,the response to this post has been so overwhelming . It never occured for me that ppl are so crazy and impatient they just keep peeping into various sources for finding the ending of harry potter seires.people are just pouring into my blog searching for “harry potter and the deathly hallows spoilers “,deathly hallows ending” harry potter ending”

Well one thing i have found is that if u give something informative no traffic comes and when u post as rubbish as spoilers traffic goes berserk .Isn’t it ironical and also sardonic???? 🙂 Even now i find people lookingfor summary on harry potter summary, plot, yesterdayit got released and u can find ppl reviewing it already on net.perhaps they just turned to the last page for checking out the last few paragraghs of the story to kill the suspense 🙂

do comment while leaving!!!


HARRY POTTER – the ORDER of phoenix


This month has been just harry harry and harry. One side the release of the movie part 5 and then, on the other side preparations for the world wide release of “the harry potter and the deathly hollows” J.K ROWLINGs last book of her infallible series.

well ,here i am more concerned abt the movie as i have seen the movie only and have no idea abt the last book to review it 🙂 . Finally, after a wait which seemed to go till eternity , the inevitable bonanza for the harry potter fans hit the theatres. Though i could not go on the very first day ,i was happy to settle for a show after two days of release.

It would be wise to say that as far as a harry potter movie fanatics are concerned the movie may appear a bit sober as it doesn’t have that real excitement as in the other parts ,but true harry and JK rowling fan’s might be quite pleased with the movie. The movie is abt the re- emergence of the “One who should not be named” in the magical world whose return was questioned by the ministry of magic inspite of harry insisting voldmourt’s hand in sedrick’s death.

The main character and by far the most interesting performance was by Imelda Staunton who acts as a new dumbledore teacher but soon take over the whole hogwartz due to her relations with the ministry.the films shows a n insights to some common characteristics between harry and voldmourt which is dreaded by hary.a bit of romance between chou and harry adds flavour to the movie and this shows we can expect much more from the fore-coming parts 🙂 . Special effects are awesome as usual but what i din’t like was the unwanted sound effects even during the dialogue delivery which seemed inaudible.

On the whole i think the movie failed to deliver(like the other parts) what was expected from it after so much of anticipation and curiosity.As i haven’t read the books, the story itself seemed to be dull but seems to be going in the right direction .Hope to get a better harry poter part 6.

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