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Iphone 3G

Well , Everyones love is finally here . Apple’s Iphone 3g probably has been the most anticipated phone ever . The long wait was finally over yesterday as the people were able to hold something that they wanted the most .

Two versions of iphone have been realeased one with 8 gb memory and the other one 16 gb and they cost around RS 31000 and RS 36000 respectively . Well, that might shock you as the iphone costs in US just around 200 $ which is around 8000 Rupees.

The phone comes either with airtel or vodaphone subscription similar to AT&T in US , which means that once u buy it u cannot change the network . Ofcourse , you can always unlock the phone but be ready to loose your warranty 😛 .

I read an interesting post by Soham yesterday who has written his experiece with iphone till . You can read it full here . HE has mentioned why he loves his iphone so much but the interesting thing which caught my attention was some of the limitations he mentioned like no sms fowrwarding, no camera zoom , cant transfer files from bluetooth 😛 (wonder why they have kept bluetooth then ) etc .

Most importantly ,the word 3g itself is quite meaningless in india as there are no 3g networks available here in india . And i dont see it coming any soon 😛 . So personally i dont feel ITs right time to buy iphone .

I have always wanted to buy an iphone ever since it was launched in US but then i guess the price is a big hurdle for me ,perhaps it would be for almost every middle class inidan . I am just waiting for all the craze to get over . I am sure the price would drop below 20k mark soon then i can lay my hands on it 😀 . People who are seriously interested in buying iphone at a cheaper price can either wait like me or can settle with this for now 😆 .

iphone vs Sex 😆

YAWN !!!!!!

I will make it short and simple .Life has been terribly boring after my college got over. All i am doing these days is eating sleeping and browsing.Switching on my PC and opening my reader for new posts is the very first thing i do ,even before brushing 😛 . I have never wanted to go to college during my college days and now i just miss my classes badly .Seriously i realized that it was heaven 😦 .

I read books when i get tired of sitting before computer .finished reading Harry potter and the chamber of secrets fourth time yesterday .Not surprising eh ?? well, i know,i know there are many who must have read it million times :D. Though i ought to be studying for my training that i am undergoing from my employer . I am hardly trying it .Its even more boring to study lessons that are online then sitting in a class.

I wonder when i would get my joining date .Sitting and doing nothing is like hell . So for a change , i am leaving to my friends place ( kumbakonam ).Would try to read ur posts as i am able to access net through my mobile . God knows why the browser doesn’t support commenting .So would miss commenting on ur blogs. Sorry in advance 😛 .Would be back after a week i guess to my usual routine .

TIll then CHAO !!!

GOT a mail today .. Cant resist posting .. 😆


Well, i have been busy browsing net through my Sony W810i free of charge for last 3 days  . Yes,t hat’s true , No need to pay 20 rupees per day for free internet usage .

You dont believe me right ?? well,even i dint beleive when my freind told me abt this So i thought of giving it a try . All u need is an airtel connection and airtel live subscription which is of course free . Most of you must be using opera till now but there’s a new browser out here called TEASHARK .

You can download this browser from here .

Thats it  , you are ready to browse . Yes u heard me right there is no need of any extra settings.Remember that this is not hacking its just that the browser works free for airtel users I am clueless on how it works .


  • It brings the real web pages into ur mobile .I mean it appears the same way as it appears in ur PC.
  • You can shift between 2 tabs and  view the thumbnail images of the previously visited images.
  • Has a considerably good speed
  • Best of all  NO charge for the usage 😀

Now coming to the negative points of this browser…

  • It doesn’t have inbuilt downloading capability so when u download ur mobile browser may start downloading the thing and u would get charged.
  • I was not able to post a comment on any of the blogs 😦 .

In case of any problems you can try this.

Happy browsing ..



Well , After Nokia its the now iphones turn to have a duplicate from korean market .I knew that there have been duplicate models of NOKIA N series from korean counterparts ,( Infact i have even written a post about that..You can check them out here ) ,But i was dumbfound when i found that that now even iPhone ‘s duplicates are being available at a very cheap price.

Apple had planned to release iPhone in india by next year but the unlocked versions of it are already available in the market at about 25000 bucks .A.nd if you have a paypal account it would be easier to buy it even online.And now with the duplicate models of it hitting the market the apple is set to incurr huge losses if they delay the release further.

The above pic shows one of the clones of iPhones .Yes you heard me right, one of the clones.While i was serching for these Iphones i found more than one versions of iphone each having different configuration and price .Well,quite franklly i dont know whether these come from CHINA or korea but what i know is these phones serve a good option when it comes to the desperate souls who want to have the pleasure of flaunting their phones at a cheap price of about 6000 to 7000 bucks.

Flabbergasting isn’t it???

Some of these iPhone clones even comes with features that are not even in the original iPhone 😛 like fingerprint sensor , handwriting recognition software ,dual sim card holder (dont know if original has one ) .

Other features like multimedia capabilities , camera ,connectivity are also available camera resolusion may differ freom clone to clone.However,one disadvantage in these clones are that you may not get a warranty for this peice so just in case you find your iPhone clone in trouble get urself ready to get a whole new peice again 😛 .

I dont know which of the clones are available out here in india . Check out some of the Iphone clones

SO , ALL those of you yearning for having a Iphone in your hand have three options


  • Get one of the clones but you might have to Compromise with the quality
  • Get an unlocked version of Iphone if you are ready to Shed 25000 bucks.
  • LAST option keep waiting till the APPLE announces the offical date for its own iphone launch.


Well, today morning two news articles caught my attention which i thought would be worth sharing with u guys.

First,the more important one , Researchers in Israel  have found that overuse of phone may cause moth cancer.It was like a shock to me as i do overuse my mobile 😛 . i wont take ur much time. and neither do i have time for a long post.

READ this for more.

Second , for all the google fans good news is that google is starting a project  ‘knol’.Its a tool which is going to be initiated mainly with the aim of attacking the Wikipedia which shares a large  share internet community.Knol is a tool that will help us to get informatoion on any topic easily. Google has asked writers to give their share of information .Google has even agreed to share the revenue eith the contributors.

Read it from here

Hurray!!Got a new phone.

Today i am more than just elated writing this post and why not ,finally ,after using NOKIA 3310 for 4 years i got myself a new set W810i 🙂 .thats quite a big transision . Isn’t it??

Well,I had thought of buying a new one after finishing my degree but my 3310 was in so terrible condition that i had to change my mind. It was full drama out there when i went out to buy the phone.I went to Tnagar univercell shop to check out the mobiles that was the biggest mistake i did ,being diwali time there wasn’t enough space to even walk on the roads .Rain started making the conditions worst .

When i decided to buy W810i the guy who was attending me said that they were out of stock.So after having a deep though i asked him get the K750 ,ironically even that was out of stock.Then i had to go to another UNIVERCELL shop only to find that they too were out of stock . Fortunately ,there was a sony showroom nearby where i managed to get the W810i set.There was no end for my state of delirium at that time.

It Costed me almost 10,000 bucks but after using it i felt it was worth giving that much of money.The thing which attracted me the most in this handset was its look (though i liked W850i more ).

It has a 2 MP Camera with Photo Light and auto focus capability.

dsc00093.jpg This was taken from my mobile camera and i am more than satisfied with its clarity.Walkman feature is amazing when used through headphones. I think the speaker sound is a bit low than what i had expected but i dont have any qualms about that.

This is it for now .I have semester exams after diwali so don’t know how often i would be blogging.Anyway i would try my best to take out some time.


We are now at a stage where technology which is supposed to be a boon to the society can be used to ruin the same society.

Latest trend in the hacking arena has reached to such an extent that our own mobile and landlines aren’t safe with caller ID spoofing on the rise.For those who are oblivious about caller ID spoofing

“Caller ID spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to display a number on the recipient’s caller ID display which is not that of the actual originating station; the term is commonly used to describe situations in which the motivation is considered nefarious by the speaker. Just as e-mail spoofing can make it appear that a message came from any e-mail address the sender chooses, caller ID spoofing can make a call appear to have come from any phone number the caller wishes. Because people are prone to assume a call is coming from the number (and hence, the associated person, or persons), this can call the service’s value into question.” (source :WIKIPEDIA)

To be simpler in words , you can call anybody from ur number pretending to be calling from some other number.You can fool anybody in the world by sending sms and by calling from a number that is not urs.Infact even i was oblivious about such a thing until i found it in a newspaper and decided to check it out.. a site name spoofcard (works only in US) was mentioned in the newspaper .The  spoof  site even can change ur voice and can record ur calls. To my amusement it even provides free sample service for testing.IT asks you to enter ur number ,destination address and the number which u want to spoof .Once u place call ,you can mange to talk for 2 minutes in the sample test.

What was even more flabbergasting was that this not the only site there are umpteen number of sites that claims to spoof caller Id’s .

Even thinking of this sends creeps into my spine. With every passing day a new threat is being posed into our lifes, from fake emails ,then to fake profiles  and now even our phone is prone to hacking.Just imagine the consequences of this spoofing technique if used with a real bad motive. The world can end up in a jeopardy if this software is used efficiently by anti social elements.

Every technology that comes new seems to  be faltered in some or the other way.I wonder if there would be any full stop to it.

Well this caller id spoofing is new to me so would update more on this later..