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Presidency elections – what a game!!!!!

Yesdterday while i was surfing through the channels i came accross NDTV 24*7 ..they were showing result of some kind of a pol..when i waited to see the details of the poll i found that those were the results of a poll for the post of president(just a mock one).In that poll veiwers were asked to vote for the candidate they wanted to be in the post of president…around 30000 odd ppl participated in this poll..well, the results were not at all shocking as far i was concerned…MR A P J kalam got the maximum votes ,a whopping 69 percent ahead of MR shekhawat who got 17 percent ,followed be Mrs patil who got a 14 percent votes…i was quite delighted when i saw the results but soon that was changed into a despair because mr kalam was already out of the election .infact he wasn’t filling his nomonation papers as well..
i just thought that we are living in a democracy why can’t we elect our president too..the post of president is supposed to be the strongest one..i know it could be quite an intricate process but the parties instead of supporting on basis of credibility ,are supporting their own party members or the allied ones so that it could be usefull for them in the future…they are taking this post too into the political arena,infact this was the foremost reason why mr kalam opted out of the election…alas!! he cant be our president….See,let me clarify it that i am not against the other candidates ..why i have blogged this post is because i am firm supporter of MR.kalam..and still believe kalam should have got a second term..

u may share ur views in the comments column…