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OUT of hibernation …. :)

Well, My blog had been in hibernation mode for some days. thanks to my project guide and my future employers for keeping me busy 🙂 . So here i am posting this just for the heck of it 😛 and it will also ensure all my regular readers ( a very few of them) that i am very much alive 😀 ,infact fit and fine .

Today , i visited my college after almost one and a half months, not that i was feeling nostalgic but because due date to pay examination fees was almost near .In fact today was my last chance otherwise i would have had to pay it with fine 🙂 . It was not an easy decision for me to go to college .I tried all kinds of gimmicks to convince my parents that i would pay it later but all went in vain.

Traveling all the way to the college was quite an arduous job for me .Got up by 7 which is too early considering my strict standards of 10-11 🙂 . It took almost 10 minutes for me to come out of the sleepy state .I was still dreaming with my eyes open 🙂 .Went to tambaram by 8:15 , thanks to my lucky starts , got a bus which seemed to be waiting for me 😛 Only reason of repentance later was that the bus was full but i have become accustomed to standing these god damned govt buses . I was literally standing in a single leg and adding insult to the injury the driver dint even know where the accelerator was , our bus seemed to crawl on road 😀 And standing for 2hours in a condition where u cant even breathe properly was nothing less than a punishment .All this just for paying my examination fees.

While in the bus i had called my friend to get ready so that we could go together to college but as i should have expected, it went the other way around , he had not even started from his room 😡 .Waited waited and kept on waiting it was only after 40 minutes that he showed up his face from far , smirking in his usual way .Got an auto and reached college.It was the only thing from morning that occurred without any hurdle 😆 .Took a chalan and headed for indian bank . There were already 50 students waiting to pay the fees . My eyes were just moving thorough the big queue when a face got my attention . It was one of my friend from other department and was standing next to the counter . so started filling the chalaan with a sense of urgecy but alas i dint know how much i had to pay ,because i am in final sem there are lots of extra charges .It may seem seem absurd but my friend who payed already doesn’t know whether its the correct amount or not 😆 . I nearly wasted 30 minutes trying to confirm the amount and by that time the guy who was near the counter already came out . I had to give my chalaan to a junior whom i had seen first time 😛 . Somehow i got my fees paid 🙂 amidst all the difficulties 😀 .

thats it for now.. i need to hit my bed now …cyaa in next post soon 🙂