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Well, its almost 2:30 am now and i am yet to hit my bed. Not that i normally follow “early to rise early to bed makes u healthy wealthy and wise” but yeah i try to close my eyes atleast by 1 but wordpress woudn’t allow me to 😦

If u are one of those rare regular readers of  this blog  u could have observed a change in my blog ‘s look.YES,i have changed my theme from  PRESS ROW to DIGG 3 column and believe me with these many widgets in my sidebar it was an arduous job for me to shift it from a 2column one to 3 column one . QUITE recently wordpress changed its admin bar style and with that they have complicated the themes section totally .Earlier u just need to drag and drop the widgets from one sidebar to other but now its all not so simple .When i changed my theme all the widgets got transferred to my left sidebar and there was nothing in my second sidebar except the default calender and blogroll.I Tried to shift them directly but there was no way to do so.It took me almost one and a half hours to surrender before such a user friendly theme 😡 . THen finally i just used a fresh text box and copied my code from the widget that was in my first side bar  and pasted it.THen added that text box to my secinbd sidebar .Thats bloody long process .I still havn’t figured out a simpler process for it  😦 .Anyways i have decided to leave it like that unless  i find an easy way .

I was tired already and i needed to change my header too as i got bored of my previous header .Well it took another 1 hour for me to make this header which u can see .ust above this post .I thought of adding some calvin and hobbes pics to the header when i came across some really cool animated cartoons of calvin through google 😛 .I left my header unfinished,uploaded it and started reading calvin and hobbes comics .Wonderfull arn’t they. ?? U just dont get bored of it. Beleive me i have read the whole series twice 😀 and still it looks new everytime i open a strip from it .

Here are the few animated ones which i liked very much….

OK guys its already 330 .I am off to sleep now…see ya later …

and yeah if anybody know how to shift the widgets from my left sidebar to right sidebar please let me know after all this post was meant for that 😛 ..



Before you jump into conclusions let me tell you clearly that if any of you came to check out some review about the movie IRON MAN then i am extremely sorry to say you are in the wrong place. This post of mine just shows an outburst or u can say rant and rave describing the difficulties i faced to watch this movie.As the Title says IT was nothing less than a mission impossible for me to reach the theater where it was being played.

It all started with a call from one of my friends ganeshan (gannu) asking for me to come for the movie ( 1 pm show at satyam ) which we had been planning for quite some days now but every time it got canceled for some or the other reason. Today too , Unfortunately i had some work which was already getting delayed from past 1 week ,so i said him a flat NO and asked him not to book ticket for me 😦 .

Then as i was preparing to go out for that important work at about 10:30 i got a call again from gannu who seemed to be in a bad mood this time .I asked him his problem and he told me that mistakenly he has booked 3 tickets for them 2 times 😛 .So which counts 6 tickets totally for just 3 persons .He asked me to come to the movie in any case as he dint want the tickets to get wasted. i said YES half heartedly keeping in mind the Blistering sun that was out in the sky 😦 .

Satyam complex is about 20 -25 KM away from my house so i started at about 11:30 which is still quite early for a 1 pm show.I went to TAmbaram santorium station got myself a ticket to chrompet (to catch a bus from there) .I waited there for a few mintues and looked down at my the watch , it showed 11:40 no train!! I waited, waited and finally the train came and when i got down at chrompet which ironically is just the next station to sanatorium , the time was 12 sharp.I had a comfortable 1 hour before the show could was schelduled to start. 5 mintues went by and with that about 10 buses passed by but none of the buses among them was to my destination . Thank goodness they had just built a well shaded bus stand so i was able to stand in that scorching sun .5 minutes became 15 minutes there was still no clue of the bus ,i needed to get into . I was getting quite peevish and started thinking of returning back but then dint cuz it was a loss to gannu ( each god damned ticket had costed 120 bucks that means 120×3 bucks waste for 3 extra tickets ).

Finally i saw a bus 18 E , far and instantly looked at my watch , 12:20 ( 40 minutes is the actual time from that place to satyam complex) so felt relieved . just as the bus came near the stop it sped along instead of slowing down. BAST##D !!! that was my first reaction .i was clueless why he did like that.The time in my watch was 12:23 and I was helpless. I needed to wait .I waited again and the when the bus came it was 12:36 i knew i would be late so i called gannu and asked him to come out once i reach the satyam complex.

Adding insult to the injury the bus dint seem to move ,it was literally crawling on the road..I wanted to go to the driver and shout put on the accelerators you AS# #### . but again i was helpless I waited again and cursed myself . It was as if i had to wait till eternity ,when i was finally near my destination the time in my watch was 1:20 . Actually the stop is about 500 meters away from the theater so i thought of getting down in the signal . MY lucky day the signal was green and the bus went right ahead and stopped at spencers (one of the malls in the city) bus stop . SO now i had to go back again on the same road in which i had come . BLoody hell ! i ran like i had never before till the theater came to my sight. I had literally bathed in my sweat :angry: .Went to a shop near the theater got 2 packets of drinking water , gulped them and went inside the multiplex. Luckily another guy was late too and he was waiting for me with the tickets.

A final look down on my watch , itshowed 1:30. i thought OK , 120 bucks , 1 hour wait in red hot sun ,a drive in a motarized bullock cart and a 500 meter sprint all for a movie .What the hell !!.I must be insane. We Went inside and located our seats which was an arduous job too as it was quite dark and i made myself comfortable but thanks to my sprint the AC was of no use i was still sweating badly. AT a point of time i thought of removing my T-shirt 😛 but then thought abt the level of decency they maintain there and more over no one would be able to see my six pack abs 😛 in the darkness so dropped the idea 😉 .

With no other go i had to just sit adjust and watch the movie . How boring .!!

Phew!! Luckily the movie turned out to be pretty good. Nice story line . Awesome Special effects . And a funny climax.I guess we could expect a wonderfull IRON MAN PART 2.

Ok. now that u have come so far u could have a look at the review here. 😛 I am in no mood to make the post further long by writing a review and moreover it would be bizaare to read a review from a guy who went for that movie 30 mintues late 😉 .

Why only chennai ????

This is atrocious , unfair and unacceptable . I should have written this post a long ago but i guess enough is enough..i cant wait to show my disgust here . Any idea why i am restless and ranting here .Well , ok fine , i will tell you . Remember 6 or 7 years ago idea of a set top box was introduced .yeah the one which was never implemented except in one place .Any guess ??? yeah ,the place is chennai .

4 years ago I was surprised to see that the place actually has set top boxes implemented but 99 percent people were not using it . First reason , the set top box costed around 4000 bucks that time and second , People here were happy to see the free channels like sun tv , jaya tv etc etc (all tamil channels ) and the sick soaps they telecast . but slowly it turned into frustration i couldn’t watch any of my favourite channels . NO star movies no HBO ,no axn ,no discovery , no set max and what the hell no Espn ,star ports too .Could you imagine a cable without these channels . The main reason y i am disgusted is while the whole nation watched matches live on Tv I had to see the scores on a news channel . Thank god atleast they spared the new channels 🙂 . Now that the grand IPL is going on i have no way to watch the matches 😥 .

i cant understand if other cities have not implemented this set top box thing why only in chennai. I am tired of watching the same old crappy channels the local cable operators give. 50 percent of the channels here are crappy tamil channels ,then other 50 percent comprises of music channels , news channels and yeah ofcourse channels like jetix ,chutti and pogo . what the hell ??

There are two options left for me  either i should pay for the set top box (some say that it is now being distributed free because no body was buying it 😛 ) and get all the pay channels or else would have to call guys from tata sky to have theor connection  . Anyways , i have to make sure that i don’t miss too many IPL matches otherwise what would i blog  🙂  and now that i have to stay in home till i get my joining date kiling time with the sun tv’s and jaya tv’s arround would be a difficult task 🙂


Yesterday i had written a post after India’s disastrous loss .Well,i was quite harsh on them ,yes,i accept it . But that was merely due to fact that i was out of my senses ,i was really hurt watching them loose.It was just a wild rant that came out of my heart. NOW that i am back to normal i would want to write on the other aspects of the Sydney test,perhaps the darker sides of it.

The Sydney test has been a complete blow to the spirit ,dignity and integrity of the game .Here i dont want to talk about the result of the match as i have already discussed it in the previous post.Well, Aussie skipper says the match has been played in the right spirits of the game .What i feel is that being a captain of such a team which has performed so well on the past ,he has totally forgot the meaning of the right spirit.How can staying on crease after getting out be called as right spirit?? How can appealing for a catch thats not a proper one be right spirit ?? What bothers me more is that even after the replays clearly shows that the catch was not neat ,He is not ready to agree it .That clearly shows the arrogance of the player.Yes,the way australians have played the game was not upto the right spirit of the game.

When there are one or two wrong decisions it is acceptable but 8 decisions in which most are quite simple is ludicrous.When there’s a so called technology at your disposal why the hell they cant use it for confirming it . It was a total umpiring fiasco out there in Sydney . Steve bucknor has already been into trouble before but he is not bothering to change . I guess its high time now for technology to take over most of the umpiring and a rule should be implemented so that 3rd umpire could rule over the wrong decisions taken by the umpires in the ground.I dont blame the loss entirely to the bad umpiring but yes it did change the course of the match.

I have always been a Fan of australian team’s commitment and skills but they have also disappointed me with sledging that australian are known to do but thats part and parcel of the game.But complaining against harbhajan for his so called racist remarks against symonds was difficult to comprehend. Banning him for 3 matches on the basis of the opposition team player’s statement is another black dot for the sydney test.Actually ,How dumb can a refree be to accept the complaint when the umpires have not heard it many things go on ground that is not reachable to the umpires ears you cant just put each player under the banner.Well, i dont want to go into the subject whether harbajan called him “monkey” or not But there have been instances where players have used abusive language ,particularly Australians and south african players.They even get caught on the TV but they get without even a fine.Why so big issue for this match.If umpires are not needed for the judgment then any player would lodge a complaint against a opposition teammate make him sit out for 3 matches or so.The decision that they have taken by banning may be good for the problem of racialism but it change the future of the cricket.Now even kumble has lodged a complaint against hogg and he may be banned too and this may go on irrespective of whether the player is guilty or not.

Well, now the latest news is that bucknor would not be present in the rest of the series. Will that help .May be may be not .What appalls me is that as per the rules umpires cant be changed in between the series and its not only steve bucknor even in the last series the umpire who was awarded the best umpire of the year too committed mistakes. Use of technology is best possible way to reduce the errors.The game must have resulted a bad taste in the mouth for ICC too. The way ICC functions has been quite below par ,its clearly visible when a Board like BCCI holds a special position due the amount of money BCCI holds for ICC . There have been times in past when BCCI has been able to convince ICC to change a judgment against a particular player . and I see that happening in harbhajan’s case too .Clearly, if that happens would be really a disgrace to an international organization like ICC too.





Well,I don’t know really what to really write here.I cant take it .I mean If you lose from a situation where you have taken the lead in the first innings and cant control the game ,its  really nothing less than a shame.What all of us , fans wanted was a draw.WAS that too much to ask ??? Yes ,its easy to ask and blame from here sitting in front of Televisions sets.but what else we could do.They are payed for playing and winning.IT really hurts to see them losing every time they play against the aussies.

Losing a game after restricting australians for 134 -6 in the first two sessions is really ridiculous .Yes there have been some wrong decisions but blaming that for the loss would be even more absurd and senseless ,Some are for us and some are against .We cant just keep on complaining.

 Getting a lead in the first innings and losing is even more shocking.Losing this test never came into my mind . Their were neither any devils in the pitch nor the bowlers were so fearsome to grab 10 wickets .Its the fault of indian players and they deserve to be blamed.NO mc grath NO shane warne.NO Gellispee . Still they manage to take 10 wickets on the last day.Thanks to the wrong stratergies that inidans are applying against the australians .I think its really high time for the BCCI to get the coach on his couch 😛 .What the hell is BCCI doing ? why its taking so much time ?? its an enigma??

The mighty indian batting order looks quite  lame against the moderate Australian attack. Jaffer’s defense isn’t working he hasn’t scored anything spectacular in the series and now i ain’t expecting much too . Yuvaraj failed yet again without scoring  much i guess he is enjoying the limelight he is getting in all those new channels where they are bonding him with deepika padukone .Perhaps ,he forgot  for his real touring to  australia .Every overseas tour is exposing dhoni that he is incapable in foriegn soil .Yes , he did stick around at the end but what about other 3 innings.There’s seriously something missing  in dravid,he doesn’t seem to be the WALL anymore .The only two players who  have been consistent are the ones whose retirement was being discussed .Gangully has already slapped all the faces by coming back to the indian team and that too in a grand way.And i have never doubted sachin’s commitment . Batting looks so strong yet so feeble.Whats the problem?? Over Confidence , Attitude and Carelessness??? .May be!!

As far as bowling is considered i dont have much complaints.It was bowling which was considered weak before the tour and i am surprised to see that bowlers have done exceptionally well by bowling them out couple of times.Kumble has been the a great bowler and he is just 2 wickets away from the 600 wickets milestone but he wouldnt be enjoying the captaincy i suppose when none of your teammates are supporting.Of course, if the players are playing what could captain do??

With this win australians  have locked the series Not that i am expecting  a win the next two matches.I just want to see some fight before they lose .I just see an inevitable white wash ahead and this will be the last time i am writing on this series . I am just tired of ranting and expressing my tantrums here in my blog. It neither helps me not the Team The only good it does it that i am able to get some more hits in my Blog.

 HERE’s the full scorecard

Bottom line  


Man of the match :  SYMONDS


I am HACKER !!! AM I ???


Are you confused why the Title  of this post  is so paradoxical.Well, dont be surprised i just dont know how to make it more comical so kept it like this.
Before i  began what this post actually is ?  let me show you something .
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The above keywords words were used by my visitors in search engines to arrive here today .This is not just today daily i get hits mostly due to these keywords.You can see that most of the words,perhaps 99 percent of those are related to hacking .You must be wondering if  i am a hacker ??? NO I am not but i am :D. I mean Virtually i am a hacker for hundreds of my visitors who desperately reach my blog in search of something that could make them hacker too but i know i am not. Let me make it a bit more clear. 😛
I got introduced to this word hacking when i got myself hacked in orkut by a guy who called himself an ethical hacker.I was fortuante to learn  some methods of orkut hacking but beleive me hacking is not an easy job unless u get a fool ready to show his head to be chopped off .,i had got such a fool and i even hacked him .He was my first and last hacking victim 😛 .Since then i have become a hacker 🙂 . No not because i hacked my own friend 🙂 but because i of my these 3 posts
I thought to write a post on hacking orkut so that people could be cautious and could avoid being hacked.This was my first post on hacking 🙂 .
Then one day i saw a topic in orkut used by some cheap hacker to cheat the members of the community , that trick was quite obsolete so i found it funny and tried posting it .
MY Third post on hacking was published when i came across a news article in which they told that hacking was a good flourishing business where people used to hack others mail passwords for money.
Now, Funny thing about these posts are that the people who visit my blog searching for something regarding hacking are so careless that they never read the whole posts and without reading the post fully they come to a conclusion that i am a hacker. 😛
IF you see my orkut hacking post i have clearly mentioned that i am not hacker but they tend to oversee it and ask me to help them retrieving their  account back from their hackers.Some say that their girl friend is double dating and they want to hack her account 🙂 .IT all seem quite absurd and ridiculous to me.

I pity on some people who while trying  something as ridiculous as i have mentioned in post 2 , got themselves hacked.After all some hacker created that cheap phishing trick.But i also feel if they cant bother read the whole post fully and dont have the capability to interpret it completely deserve to get something like that.

These post have made me a virtual hacker in my blog though i really know very less about hacking.I used to get annoyed by their comments earlier :X and used to reply also but now i have given up .Now I just enjoy the traffic the these posts bring me  😀 and also the status that they have given me i.e HACKER .

So . AM i a hacker ???  😛



Almost after ages i had decided to watch a Ajit movie and it all ended up in a big big disappointment. Yes, you heard me right , i m repenting now for this one wrong decision. You may be wondering why the hell is he starting with a wrong note but i cant help it I just cant.This is the place where i can Rant with piece 😛 away from ajith fans.People who havn’t seen DON might be able to appreciate the movie apart from it i dont think the movie was worth its hype.

For all those oblivious of the movie ,its a remake of the movie DON.That too second time , first one came long back Starring Rajinikanth and now its AJITh turn to do try his luck . It all started with a call from my cousin who asked me to watch this movie Billa along with him.Well,though i am not an ajith fan i decided to go as the movie was extensively hyped up.Got balcony tickets each worth 120 bucks 😦 Considering the theater’s conditon ,its too much. I would have got a ticket for 75 even in SATYAM COMPLEX provided its not housefull 😛 .

I should kick the guy who gave 3 stars for billa in the local newspaper 😡 .The movie isn’t worth even 2 stars.The Whole movie has a sober and sullen look apart from some scenes which are just OK . Ajith hardly had any dialogues in the first half an hour of the movie.Story remains pretty much the same with no suspense in the end unlike the Hindi DON .

Ajith PArt was not bad but i guess he could have given it a better shot.That X factor was missing which should have been present in a DON’s charecter BUT i guess nobody else would fit in Billa’s shoes . All the better scenes have been shown in the trailer and the movie looks a complete mess void of them.Though the movie has been taken in malasia still there’s no Flamboyance in it.People had been talking about hollywood style  approach in it. Believe me it was far far away from hollywood.I hope hollywood directors are oblivious of the comparisons being made with this movie 🙂 . Songs are again a big mess except the title song and another song (where he is drunk) .I wasn’t expecting much from ajith as far as dance is concerned 😛 .Prabhu and rehman ‘s performances were good. Only scene which caught my attention was when Nayan tara comes in a two piece swimming suit 😛 . She too dint have that many dialogues .I dont know why they chose santhanam in the movie he is a comedian by profession but he is given only 2 scenes in the whole movie .Can you believe it ?? It doesn’t make any sense at all.On the whole  i am more than  just dissatisfied with the movie. Ajith fans will like the movie no matter how he performs .Speaking taking kollywood in mind the movie may be a commercial Hit but Once again Ajith movie has failed to impress me.

Plus Points

  • Rehman’s  short and crisp role
  • Background score
  • Car chase scene with those drifts stunts

Negetive points

  • Nothing new in the story line
  • Songs not at all impressive except the title song
  • Lots of logical errors (all film have)

i cant mention each negetive points here .They are just innumerable.

The main jist of my whole post is If you are planning to go for this movie ,dont expect too much otherwise it would be a heartache for u too like me.

Updated ::

For all the Ajith FAns

I hate Vijay TOO ..


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