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HAPPY DAYS .. Feel the Nostalgia!!

Happy Days , It’s surely one of the better movies i have seen in a long long time having a perfect characterization ,direction ,music everything that a movie needs.

Well, Its not everytime i get to see a movie till night 2:30 having internal exams next day morning but the movie has somthing about it that catches ur attention and keeps u engrossed to screen through out the movie.The only regret i had after watching the movie was “Why the hell i dint go to theater ???” .ofcourse the print was good in the DVD but still i had a feeling the movie would have been much better if  seen in theater with a bunch of friends.

Well, the movie is about the college life (engineering life) of 8 students.. chandu , Rajesh , Tyson , Shankar , Madhu , Apu , sangeetha and shravanthi .The first seven are freshers while shravanthi is their senior.The story starts with their first day in college (CBIT campus) with seniors ragging them ,and this is the time when all of them get acquainted with each other and start moving with each other very well.. writing assignments for seniors , seniors drooling over girls,senior junior fights , crushes with teachers.. everything depicted in the movie seems to be so real that you get transported to that world.I am sure every student or any person for that matter can relate himself with atleast some part of the story.

The characterization  of the movie is just infallible.There was nothing flamboyant about the characters ,everybody seemed to be a normal student which is what we expect.Except madhu (Tamanna) all are new faces and everybody have played their roles perfectly.The story moves on really well in the first half with tyson fliritng with his senior shravanthi, rajesh finding new ways to get  revenge with seniors and a  nice chemistry between chandu and madhu really sets the pace up.I must bring tyson’s name here whose performance is by far the best in the movie ,a mixture innocence and intelligence in his character  together grips you immensely.

Second half is a bit slow and tends to mix all the emotional content of a student life as misunderstandings, jealousy, between the friends takes them away from each other. However, they do manage to sought it out afterwards before finishing their college. Second half is much more to be felt than to be described here. The songs are soothing and revitalizes ur old memories..i love the songs personally speaking and it still echoes into my ears.

Well,I would give th movie “a must see ” label to it.Though some may see it as a film directed towards the student community , i feel that even the working community must have passed this stage of life sometime and its a good time to live back your “HAPPY DAYS”.



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