Welcome to my HALL OF FAME

Well , i have been thinking to include this page ever since i saw this . Its so kind of srikanth to allow me to use his idea in my blog too 😛 .He says he hasn’t copyrighted it , well, thats good for me 🙂 .

Here are the few interesting people whom i have met from my schooling to my college and who have definitely made my journey upto this point worthwhile.Had a real rocking time with these guys. SO here we go…


yug.jpgYugdeep singh narwat

My classmate from 5th to 12th. Topped almost in all the exams he wrote .Extremely intelligent but never accepts 🙂 ,tries to be modest i suppose 😛 .We used to go togethor to school from 7 th to 12 th .Cant really forget those moments we shared together . those talks about almost everything from games to girls . i hope he dint forget ‘K’. Now in NIT kurukshetra doing his ECE. hey did ya guys noticed his pony tail 😛 .




My neighbor from the time i could remember things. First thing that comes to mind when i talk about him is cricket.we played cricket togethor for almost 12 years almost everyday. dravid’s first fan i believe 😛 . We used to call him tactic as he is well known for his tactics in cricket. Made a wise decision by not choosing engineering .Now placed in TCS.



Basically from chennai but settled in north same like me. Miss those diwali celebrations with him.Has seen both ups and downs in his education . He is a book of interesting matters .I couldn’t forget some of the things he has told me about his school experiences. Expert in girls matter. Guys out there ,if you need any advice he would be the right choice.



Again one of my school friends and best buddies. A complete gadget freak buys them before i could know that its out in the market.Accident prone person 😛 . My godfather for the game AGE OF EMPIRES . Missing his ALOO KA PARATHA’s he used to bring for lunch. Currently pursuing his BE CSE .



My best buddy in college. Introduced the world of orkut to me and now repenting for it. Jack of all trades master of none 😛 .Keeps on bugging me with his “mokkai’s”.Soon would be recruited by “mokkai poduvvar sangam” as thier leader 🙂 . Planning to do his masters.



HUNK of my college . Girl’s weakness 🙂 .Plays cricket very well. Loves chennai more than his native.Placed along with me in hexaware. my very close friend from first year. I have learned one thing being with him and that is never ever listen to his advice .Guys ,dont be jealous about him and girls plz stay away from him 😛 ..




Roommate no1. Mobile bank of my college.Lends money to everybody at ZERO percent interest 😛 . This is the guy who taught me telugu starting with all the bad words 😛 . In the last few years he has changed from a free going guy to a studious guy. known for his long continous hours of study during the exams .Planning to do his MBA after this .




Room mate no-2 . A simple responsible fella. Nothing’s much flamboyant about his character . One and the only mediator between us and the house owner. When ever some problem comes up he is the one does the rescue act 😛 .Laughs his heart out and keeps on laughing for 10 minutes 🙂 . Buys new and expensive clothes every month 😛 .Planning to do MS in US after this.





Roomate no 3.We call him just patil but he likes himself being addressed as DON 😛 . Shows up in college only when he finds room boring so finds himeslf in trouble almost everytime attendance gets displayed.Easy going guy with no fear for exams. Did i mention he smokes ???? 😛



Roommate no4 . My Mom often nags me for being lazy well, my only fault is i have not introduced chankya to my mother. As lazy as hell. Wakes up the whole night and sleeps the whole day .one of the rare nocturnal species of my college. Intelligent fellow a loss to the college as he takes a large amount of additional sheets during the exams. Placed in satyam.




Roommate no 5 . we call him by the name “Buddi”.Entertainment factor of my room.I love to goof around him 😛 he loves to take the hell out of me 😦 .Just Eats and sleeps even during exams. Perhaps ,the only fan of JETIX channel in the college .Lifetime member of AKKA MESS 🙂 .




My crush in college.. thats it here … lets move on….

What???DO you expect me put her pic here..na..no doughnuts for you here 😛




Chetta from kerela .Most decent guy of our class. Perhaps the most responsible too. Sitting in the first bench from the very first day of the college.A die hard fan of harry potter and emma watson.Possibly ,the president of our college symposium apogee . My future colleague in hexaware 🙂 .



Body builder in the making.he was the first one to learn tamil properly in the whole college.Boasts his influence with local people in kanchi 😛 .Full time pass when he comes my room.Life time member in G.H TEA SHOP 😛 .


karthikeyan.jpg KARTHIKEYAN

Extremely down to earth . Lives according to his principles ..A reliable person to share secrets. If it was not him i would have still been speaking broken tamil 😛 .Currently placed in infosys.




One of my very close friends from first year. Good at studies,sincere and hard working.most of my class boys envy him for one reason which i dont want to tell openly here ,Smart people ccan understand it ,i guess 😛 .Thinks that i top the exams by reading his notes at the last minute, actually it seems to be true though i wont accept it :d .Placed in SATYAM .


sudhir.jpg Surya Satya Sudhir

One on the most decent guys in my college. Studies well , the main tutor for his roommates.Crazy about bikes especially his karizma . His favourite line “something suspcious” :p .Placed along with me in HEXAWARE Technologies.




Usually called by the names THATHA (means grandpa) , RR ,DELHI(from delhi ) .Again a very decent guy of my department Lazy to the core ,never attends the first two classes in the morning. Studies the portions that could just pass him 😛 in the exams and manages to clear every time.Currently placed in INFOSYS .


I would be updating it regularly so keep visiting

43 responses to “HALL OF FAME

  1. Best is that question mark 😛 Hope to see a pic soon 😉

  2. Neat idea I must say. All those people must be floored to hear so many good things about them. Any clue if Miss Question Mark might come to know you’re talking about her if she reads this? 😛

  3. @ ruhi ..
    i dont thing i would reveal the pic any time..
    @ ISH
    well, i may be just able to tell her that i have done like this …
    she is my good friend .so no probs with that,,. i hope so 🙂

  4. Boy! Do I know these guys?? 🙂

  5. Yeah… remove the question mark… PAINT someone’s face till you have a picture to put up! :mrgreen:

  6. @ amyth
    i have the pics already 😛

  7. @ Arvind,

    Ok… Cool.. 😀 .. Still.. for the sake of privacy… PAINT.. how about making a sketch / portrait on Microsoft Paint?!… :mrgreen:

  8. dis is one of the best things u hav done in ur life
    i never thought u wud do dis
    besides u know how i got 2 know about this
    just like dat i had nothing to enter in google page
    so just entered my name
    and i got ur blogs hall of fame site address
    seriously i m flattered
    include tarun and rahul as well

  9. @ yugs
    why did you think like that ?? 🙂
    do you think we can forget those things we used to do while coming from school
    well,i can try but i just dont want to destroy her looks 😛
    i will try… 😛

  10. mast hai beta . lage raho .

  11. kya yaar qayamat hai

  12. are yaar mat poocho kya baat hai

  13. saale ladki ka naam main reveal karoon kya ????????

  14. tere ko hexaware ki taraf se Rs.500 ka increment mila hai , for this act .

  15. Aur apne college ki taraf se Rs.1000 ka gift cheque.

  16. tukhe U.S ki do ticketein mili hain honymoon ki . samajh gaya na.

  17. @ VIMAL
    BAs yaar itna comment mat likh,,, logogn ko shak ho jaayega ka ki tune mujhe ghoos deke sab acha acha likhvaya hai.. 😛

  18. abe sahi bol raha hai be

  19. “gum hai kisi ki pyaar mein dil subah shyaam

    par tumhe likh nahin paaoon mai uska naam! hai raam! hai raam!…………….”

    come on, arvind, we are all with you to protect you from that ‘thappad’. bataaoo na, uska naam…… pyaar kiya to darna kya????????

  20. hey ..pyar vyar kuch nahi hai.. bas crush hi hai … toh darne ka toh sawaal hi paida nahi hota..
    naam mein kya hai bata doonga .. 😛

  21. nice page…n cool narration 8)

  22. @ teky
    glad u liked it.

  23. whoa…
    i feel transported back to college days and roomies and hostels n all..
    the night crawler’s gang…the insomaniac life…coffee and maggi at 4 am..

    the blasting music..inspite of which many people were able to sleep..[only god knows how they managed it.]

    Nice blog u got here dude..
    very simple and no great way of presenting things.

    and yeah the Miss crush…all the best yaar
    why did i not have girls in my class too… 😦


  24. @ Saaki:

    yeah… well ..i too would feel same after some years .. i guess so …
    and for my crush ..thanks a lot …. but i aint trying any more .. she is my good friend and happy to have her that way .. 🙂
    glad that u liked the blog…

    i hope u have girls where u are working now ..

  25. Nice page dude….. I hope you dont mind if I steal this idea for my blog in near future 😉

  26. @ aniruth
    thanks dude.,..
    no issues yaar.,. this was not my idea too.. 😛

  27. Ur way of expressing abt the persons is quite humorous…
    I njoyed a lot.
    Thank u my dear frd…

  28. Astha Sabarwal

    Its realy very nice idea.
    U r a very good observer. This blog proves you are a very good friend.

    I realy like it…………

  29. NICE BLOG…..I want to see ur pic.

  30. this idea i say ,is actually very thoughtful n really sweet!!!! wud ya mind if i take the pleasure of copying it 😀

  31. @ yo
    you can copy it .no copy rights … 🙂

  32. how did u made this site…. can u help me

  33. ahhhh Arvind…. no girl in ur Hall of Fame??(I am not cosidering the crush in ur college.. pic is missing :P)

  34. @ mohan
    what help do u want ..

    @ sharad
    i guess thats because i have never had any close freinds who are girls.. the guys above are special .i have enjoyed their company very much .. till now no girls come in this category ..
    even if i wish to put pics of some of mmy friends who are girls ..they would not alow me to. .
    u see cyberspace is not safe these days 😛

  35. mujhe goddi looo:)

  36. Do you have your pic in here?

  37. @ kumar ..look at the comments i have the avatar

  38. mereko hall of fame mein add karooooooo…mumyyyyyyyyyyyy[:(]

  39. Liked the idea of Hall of fame. I hope it is not copyrighted…I would loe to put the same on my blog page too 🙂

  40. @ sweetu
    karta hoon

    @ bhawna
    its not .. 🙂
    u can use it for free 😛

  41. heyy fantabulous idea !! 😛
    too good i say too good!
    Cheers to u and ur hall of fame!
    and best part being question mark 😉

  42. Why dont u update this post .. ???

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