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Ummm… Hiiii …

Bloody hell !! I have been staring my computer screen for almost 10 minutes now, just thinking how to start this post. I suppose you cant expect anything better when u are not blogging for almost a year and half.  Believe it or not , i logged in to my account after almost a year and for the last 1 hour have been moderating around 500 odd comments ,around 300 still waiting for my approval 😛 and yeah 80 percent of them make no sense anyway:) . Gosh! People are still crazy about hacking and counter strike 🙂 , thanks to them no of visitors to my blog has increased by around 1 Lakh since i left it 😛 .

Well,  I guess i need to get rid of my writer’s block somehow. This is totally insane , although i want to write , its like i am just out of words . I suppose this is what happens when You don’t write anything for a  year. You just end up like this drafting some gibberish Post . Anyways there’s always a chance to start afresh, and here i am trying to make some sense out of this senseless post 😛 .

There are actually  a lot of things i could share with you here. Its been almost 20 months since i stepped into my professional life and i  have just started to get the Kick of corporate life 🙂 .  Damn! Now Dont i miss my college life ? 😦 . leave the money factor ,ofcourse, I would always opt for college again 🙂 .I have bought myself a New mobile , a Brand new Micromax Q2 . I thought of buying a Iphone but ended up buying a Micromax set which ofcourse costs 1 Zero Less than than the former one and Since my sony W810 stopped working my Dad is quite sure that I cant handle anything properly and he somehow managed to persuade me in buying this Cheap Blackberry Remake 🙂 . And Yes, I bought a New Bike too , the new HONDA CB TWISTER and I am just loving it :).

Quite Ironic to say , ever since i stopped writing  posts supporting the Indian Cricket team, It has come a long way to become No1 Test Team . Now that’s something interesting isn’t it ?? hehe. Well , Honestly , Sachin Scoring a Double hundred, Chennai super Kings winning the IPL3  and then champions trophy i think i have missed a lot of entertainment here as far as cricket is concerned. Its just not Cricket that i missed, there have been hell lot of other things like those Witty tags that we used to do, those calvin and hobbes strips , those hilarious posts especially by Nikhil and a lot more .

Well, I wont promise but i guess i would try to be as regular as possible from now and Yeah, Did i say that i saw Enthiran (ROBOT) yesterday and i kinda liked so might just be able to review it in couple of days.

And To my regular Readers (those days 😉  )  How are you Guys ?? Hope You have been regularly updating your  blogs unlike me .  The Very thought of opening my google reader scares me . I guess there would be thousands of posts waiting for me, half of them from our Vishesh Ofcourse 🙂 . Anyways   would be catching up with those slowly .

OMG!! Tomorrow is Monday , Possibly the worst days to work 😦 so i need to hit my bed , its already 11:30 PM .  Wait a sec, Let me  switch on the TV first i just realized that i have been missing the HELL IN CELL telecast in TEN SPORTS 🙂 ,  So thats it for now,  The Entertainment Blog is ON once again 😀 .






I am HACKER !!! AM I ???


Are you confused why the Title  of this post  is so paradoxical.Well, dont be surprised i just dont know how to make it more comical so kept it like this.
Before i  began what this post actually is ?  let me show you something .
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The above keywords words were used by my visitors in search engines to arrive here today .This is not just today daily i get hits mostly due to these keywords.You can see that most of the words,perhaps 99 percent of those are related to hacking .You must be wondering if  i am a hacker ??? NO I am not but i am :D. I mean Virtually i am a hacker for hundreds of my visitors who desperately reach my blog in search of something that could make them hacker too but i know i am not. Let me make it a bit more clear. 😛
I got introduced to this word hacking when i got myself hacked in orkut by a guy who called himself an ethical hacker.I was fortuante to learn  some methods of orkut hacking but beleive me hacking is not an easy job unless u get a fool ready to show his head to be chopped off .,i had got such a fool and i even hacked him .He was my first and last hacking victim 😛 .Since then i have become a hacker 🙂 . No not because i hacked my own friend 🙂 but because i of my these 3 posts
I thought to write a post on hacking orkut so that people could be cautious and could avoid being hacked.This was my first post on hacking 🙂 .
Then one day i saw a topic in orkut used by some cheap hacker to cheat the members of the community , that trick was quite obsolete so i found it funny and tried posting it .
MY Third post on hacking was published when i came across a news article in which they told that hacking was a good flourishing business where people used to hack others mail passwords for money.
Now, Funny thing about these posts are that the people who visit my blog searching for something regarding hacking are so careless that they never read the whole posts and without reading the post fully they come to a conclusion that i am a hacker. 😛
IF you see my orkut hacking post i have clearly mentioned that i am not hacker but they tend to oversee it and ask me to help them retrieving their  account back from their hackers.Some say that their girl friend is double dating and they want to hack her account 🙂 .IT all seem quite absurd and ridiculous to me.

I pity on some people who while trying  something as ridiculous as i have mentioned in post 2 , got themselves hacked.After all some hacker created that cheap phishing trick.But i also feel if they cant bother read the whole post fully and dont have the capability to interpret it completely deserve to get something like that.

These post have made me a virtual hacker in my blog though i really know very less about hacking.I used to get annoyed by their comments earlier :X and used to reply also but now i have given up .Now I just enjoy the traffic the these posts bring me  😀 and also the status that they have given me i.e HACKER .

So . AM i a hacker ???  😛


Hack Airtel for free Internet

No Longer working

Its been quite a long time since i posted something on hacking .Well , you see i am not a professional hacker i just try to learn new things from the net posted by original hackers 😛 .Today i found out airtel hacking article in a hacking site .I was having doubt whether it could really work so thought to give it a try .Beleive me it did work for my mobile . I was able to access all the pages through my mobile .

ALL you need is a Airtel live activation which is free .

Then just follow the steps from this Page .

UPDATED :: Sorry for posting this ..the above mentioned method is no longer free you will be charged 15 ps per 10 kb. I lost 50 rupees like this.. 😦

GOT MONEY !!! – Hack yahoo password! hack hotmail password! hack gmail password!

Today morning i was just checking my comments when i opened spam column unintentionally.I was quite flabbergasted to see a comment in which the a site hacks/cracks any gmail ,hotmail and yahoo passwords for a few dollers.

I dont want to name the site (ofcourse u can search in google to get a number of such sites) claims to hack any account on rediff ,yahoo,hotmail in just 100 $ ( they are working on even gmail) . Infact you need not pay the money in advance . Once you request the password of an account they deliver the proof that they have hacked in ,in about 2 days to 2 weeks once u are satisfied with the proof you can pay them the money using credit card or by an paypal account and they will send you the password.

Well, ofcourse the site can be a good recovery platform for the people whose account has been hacked earleir but then it can be too dangerous for the people wo keep some very confidential details in their mail ids .Considering the personal info that can be acquired through the account, 100 $ isn’t that bad a deal.Anybody could pay that much money and get the benifits by hacking into some important persons Id.

I had never thought that commercialization can go upto this extent .I mean u pay some dollers and get into any persons account . Its quite weired that their is no control over the number of websites that are being created each day and its even more queer the content of the websites can be quite a subject of controversy as there are websites that are being govenerned by terrorists groups ,sites that are totally against the law , not to forget the amount of porn sites that exploit the web world 😀 .

Clearly, internet is no longer safe nowadays.So think a thousand times before saving something really important in ur Email Drafts .


hey hey hey.. PLz dont get excited ….this isn’t real hacking..hacking is no kids job.

BUT what i am going to tell u is pretty interesting. Just open any web page be it google or be it this Blog or may be ur BLog . Enter the code written below in ur address bar and hit enter and ur web is ready to be edited.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

IMP : just change the sign ‘ by again typing the same sign from ur keyboard

wordpress changes the sign automaticaly so if u want the trick to work.. just change it

Edit the Page as u like … Enjoy

How to hack orkut ?

Feeling safe every time u open orkut account ,let me tell u clearly orkut isn’t safe now a days as the no. of hacking cases are just going berserk.Even a kid can hack ur account as the hacking is no longer an enigma ,with loads of communities  ready to  teach you hacking.

Most hackers (i guess, all of them) use the technique called “PHISHING”. This means somewhat same as fishing . In this type people usually get hack ur account (get ur passwords or cookies) by instigating you to do a mistake (means unless u take the bait u are safe) .This clearly suggests hacking can be avoided by being more cautious.

Well,You must be wondering if i am nuts , hacking is no kids job!! yes It is!!!. now a days u can expect a kid too to hack orkut. Orkut hacking needs no Pre requisites of any kind, u dont need to be programmer nor a certified ethical hacker. All u need to have is orkut account and u are ready to hack.. yes!! this is todays situation. Every thing is available for the purpose ,all u need is to implement those things.In short if i can hack an account without any knowledge then u can too…But the main aim of my post is not to teach u hacking or to make u guys hackers but to make u aware so that u can prevent any loss to ur accoount.

It all started when one night i got a scrap stating ” ur account has been hacked ” when i replied arrogantly he asked me to check my communities and when i checked there were some communties which i had never joined it was that time when the word hack sank into my brain. Fortunately the hacker claimed to be an ethical hacker so dint harm my account and just asked me to change my password.

But it may not be the case for every one of you .Your hacker may not be a good hearted soul like the one i confronted 😛 .So the best way to avoid getting hacked is to have sufficient knowledge about it..that’s what i did .. I asked the guy who hacked my account to teach me but he dint .and when he insisted he asked his friend to teach me .that guy just gave me the link of a community where hacking was being taught in public . It was quite interesting and actually i found myself so involved that i was just reserching for hacking for the whole day. I was somewhat getting used to the word hacking in orkut. And even managed to hack one my friends account .But that was the first and the last one i tried.

Without deviating away from topic let me mention u abt some of the main techniques people use .. first one ,the most easiest one is a fake login page which exactly looks like an orkut page , people (hackers) persuade u too enter orkut through the fake login page..the page instead of opening to orkut sends ur login ID and password to the hackers mail ID. Isn’t that a peice of cake for the hacker ?? infact ,i hacked my friends account through this method only 🙂 . Second one and the most widely used is the java script technique . here hacker uses some java scripts .He asks u to enter this script in the address area and tell u that it would increase ur fans list ,or some people call it ” earthquake script”, “see the magic”.Greedy fools like me can easily fall for this . this script once used sends ur cookies of orkut to the hacker and he can access ur account without ur password.Well doesn’t it sound too easy. yes , it is..!! This is the method which most of the people use.

Here are the steps to avoid ur account from being hacked

  • Never open orkut through any other pages other than orkut no matter who gives it.
  • Dont keep ur password to easy to be guessed.
  • Though some scripts can be usefull like scrap book flooder and font javascript,use them carefully some of them may be hackers script.
  • If u feel that the script used may be hackers one change the password immediately.

The main Gist of my post is that people should be aware of whats happening around there may be few more tricks on the way but the best way to elude that is to get to know more abt hacking so if u are a orkut user check out those communties which teach hacking ..Once u know about it u would be more cautious abt it.. Ironically there are even communities which teach Google and yahoo hacking..and sardonically there are lot of softwares which adds to ur trouble creating trojans and viruses .

HOPE the post gave u some light to elude hacking.

So be cautious and happy orkutting.. !!

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