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Bidding adieu to my alma mater !!!

” Why the hell have i got myself into this shit !!! the place  is a crap.I wonder what i would do among these bunch of morons for the next 4 years.” Well,these were the first thoughts that flashed my mind on the very first day of my college 4 years back .Studying in a college 2000 kms away was  never an option for me even in  my wildest dreams .Infact i had never even heard the name of the college before the fateful day when my parents chose this college for my UG degree (engineering).TIme sure flies fast , after 4 years now i feel that the first impression is not always the best impression.I was very wrong ,4 years of college have been wonderful and indeed it had been one of the  most beautiful phases of my life.

Went to college  2 days back to get my final certificates ,certificates which officially declares me as an electronics and communication engineer 😛 . Dont ask me what i have learnt all these four years .Its quite embarrassing to say that inspite of scoring a good CGPA of 8.9 i know nothing in my field  and that would justify my decision of joining an IT company 😛 .

As i was moving inside my college a strange feeling , an uneasiness gripped me.  The feeling that this might be the last day inside the college campus (ofcourse there is convocation a year later) . 😦  From running away from seniors afraid of being ragged in first year to the  arranging of a  project in final year which almost ended in a jeopardy  , everything during these 4 years has been fun .

Coming late to the class regularly , mass copying of a single assignment , passing comments on junior girls ,gossips during group studies, midnight show to a crappy movie ,silly fights with friends, making up with them later, proxies for friends ,copying lab readings ,sharing those terrible PJ’s, roaming around in bike at night 2 in search of a tea shop ,hours of talk in mobile with crush,sms’ing her in class even after sitting just behind her ,adjustments in the attendance,taking seminars ,snake game in between the classes ,last minute preparations for  sem exams ,writing the most irrelevant answers,nightmares before results ,birthday parties  , placement treats and lots more .These are some of the special things that i wouldn’t be able to relish anymore but yes,it would remain afresh ever in my mind.

With all the certificates in my hand ,standing near the exit gate ( supposed to entrance) i turned around and gave a final good bye .

End of happy days !!! 😦

HERE’s something u would surely enjoy reading…

1. Some Basic definitions..

Engineering College : Place where you’re punished for getting good HSC marks.

Senior : Guy who got ragged as junior and wanna get some payback…

Fresher : Guy who has to ask where the canteen is…

Really Dumb Fresher : Guy who asks a senior where the canteen is.

Really Really Dumb fresher : Guy who follows the senior to the canteen.

Ragging : The unfortunate fate of the previous idiot.

Evasive action : Watch the juniors when any seniors come nearby. (No one runs faster than a fresher. NO ONE.)

Lectures : Waste of time. Physical presence is a must…only meant for sleeping, completing assignments & general TP

Tuitions : What you take when you don’t waste enough time….

Professor : Person paid to put students to sleep.

Vernacular Prof : Unusual variant of previous individual who comes packaged with his own brand of English (“Now you check me our journal.” “You Out get from class.” “Are you Understand, Beta?” )

Practicals : 60 to 90 minutes in which we watch the girls do our experiment, and usually destroy a considerable array of lab equipment.

Hopeless Practical : The practical in which there are no girls in our group simply look blankly at each other, fiddle with the equipment, and finally copy the readings.(from the girls of course…).

2. The Truth about exams….

Irony : The guy who copied your entire paper passes and you flunk.

Critical Calculation : Summing up the marks you attempted worth in the exam…

Re-verification : A cruel joke. (results of which come after you give the KT exam).

3. An engineer’s 10 engineering commandments of Life
1. Thou shalt study only during the preparatory leave.
2. Thou shalt never write thy assignments thyself.
3. Thou shalt begin writing thy journals only on the morning of submission.
4. Thou shalt treat all marks above 40 as bonus.
5. Thou shalt have at least 70 per cent attendance in the canteen.
6. Thou shalt pass GRACEfully.
7. Thou shalt always be an OUTstanding student.
8. Thou shalt give thy attendance without being present…PROXY is a MUST
9. If thou can’t convince them , confuse them.
10. Thou shalt start every sentence with a four-lettered word.

4. The Years of Engineering
F.E. Fond of Engineering
S.E. Sick Of Engineering
T.E. Tired of Engineering
B.E. Balls to Engineering
Engineers Anthem:
Hum Honge All Clear, Honge All Clear, Honge All Clear Ek Din, OH-HO, Mann me hai vishwas, pura hai vishwas, hum honge all clear ek din

Top two Engineering Rumors:
‘Did you hear the results are being put up today at 5:30pm’
‘Did you hear the exams are postponed by two weeks, its been put up at VJTI’

The most dreaded acronym for Engineers:
ATKT ( After Trying Keep Trying)

The most important criteria while selecting an engineering college:
Girl to Boy ratio ( if more than0 .025% then that college is engineers dream come true)

Engineers at work:
Assignments solved by one and then carrying out mass transfer operations throughout the class

The most important machine for Engineers:
Xerox Machine (Without which assignment completion wouldn’t be possible)

The most important table in an Engineer’s House:
The glass table ( to carry out GT operations, during Night Duty.)

The only queue an Engineer is familiar with:
Submission Queue

An Engineer’s favourite watch:
Bird Watch !

Common Engineering Dialogues after a paper:
‘What is this yaar, more than 70% of the paper was out of the syllabus’
‘This was the worst paper set in the entire engineering history’
‘I am failing….I got screwed royally’

5. Feeling after Completing Engineering:
Survived Engineering !!!!!!!!!!!