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Ladies and gentlemen  , i hereby announce that this is very much the real me and not my ghost . Yes , i am alive . I have been doing the disappearing act for the last 2 weeks .Well,had been a little busy so couldn’t read ur blogs and couldn’t even reply to ur comments for my last post  😦 . Anyway it took my last 2 hours to read all the unread posts in my reader . PHEW !!!!  Having so many good blogs that u cant stop reading isn’t easy !!!  🙂

Now , coming back to the post , before u make any conclusions let me tell u this post has nothing to do with the novel One night at the call center or with its author Chetan bhagat 😛 .The only reason that made to keep this title was to make u guys a little  curious 😛 .

Well ,most of u know that i have been ranting here in my blog about not getting my joining date 😦  .  I have been trying to find some alternatives but considering that  IT industry  is in deep shit ,its very unlikely that i would be able to find a new job . So for the mean time me and my friends thought of  geting into some BPO/callcenter till our respective recruiters gives us joining date  .

Yesterday as planned we( 5 of us) decided to go to a reputed BPO here in chennai where they have walk in’s daily .Along with another guy, i  reached the place at about 11 and were surprised to see more than 100 students already there waiting ,apparently many for them were like us , fresh ,bright and useless engineers 😛 .

Almost all of them were carrying big files which were supposedly containing their certificates .WE had none .We were just carrying our resumes in hand. Once my other friends came we decided to give our resume in the reception .AFter an hour or so we were called and had some kind of registration . Then we were asked to wait again. We were happy to get some unoccupied seats 🙂 .  30 minutes later we had initial screening . WE were asked to sit in a group of  about 10 ppl  .The HR gave a brief overview about the company and after which she asked each one of us to  tell us about our favorite fruit . Funny eh ?? they supposedly wanted to know how good we speak  .After last guy spoke she wrote something in each one of our resumes and gave to us.  Then their was a panel round where we were bombarded with questions by 2 HR’s .  We were then separated in voice and non voice groups .Apparently those who spoke well were allotted  voice and others non voice .

ME and one of my friend were got voice and other 3 got  non voice . One guy left without completing the interview further because he dint want non voice .OTher two guys were about to leave too but we convinced them to stay . Me and the guy who was selected for voice were asked to go to another center 20 km away for having an interview with some manager .Meanwhile the nonvoice candidates were given a peice of paper and asked to write about some topic 😛

WE started at about 530 and reached the main office at 7 . We waited there till 9 30  and observed how ppl were working there . It was kinda boring and we were becoming restless .IT was quite an odd time to have an interview isn’t it .When i couldn’t stand more  i went and said that i am not interested anymore , I will leave ..But the guy insisted that within 10 minutes u will have ur interview .. after 10 minutes the guy came and started the interview and guess what the same old questions ..Tell me abt urslelf  blah blah.  We finished it off and started to move out .The HR asked us to come for an apti round tomorrow  ( i.e. today ) which was supposed to be just an eyewash .

Other 2 friends who were giving their last round got rejected  cuz one of them got so pissed off that he spoke arrogantly to the HRs  😛 . SO me and other guy too dropped the idea of joining as we had lost the interest. After reaching home we had a group chat and we decided to go to some other BPO to try our luck   😛 .

Its almost 1:30 and my eyes are burning ..sorry if the post has some errors not rechecking it now…. gonna hit the bed  .

CHAO !!!

What if the IT industry start making films ?

well,well i have been quite busy the last week or  ,besides that , dint have access to net so copuldn’t post anything ,To tell the truth , i am back to college after bunking college for almost 1 month , you see i am in final year 😛 . Worse ,sitting now in cyber Cafe i am in no mood to write something new.My result is going to get out anytime ,now plz dont think i would be nervous or something like that ,there is no use of repenting now after having written the exams already :d .

Just came to check my mails and my scrapbook.After ages i opened my orkut account and found and interesting forward message .Though it has been doing rounds from sometime now i, would still post it here shamelessly  just for the sake of posting 😀 .

THE TITLE of the post SAYS IS ALL …

1) Meri disk tumhare paas hai—Humara dil apke paas hai
2) Aao chat kare—Aao Pyar Kare
3) Programmer no.1—Coolie no.1
4) Mera naam developer—Mera naam joker
5) Java wale job Le jayenge—Dilwale dulhaniya Le jayenge
6) Hum aapke memory mein rahate hain—Hum aapke dil mein rahte hein
7) Do processor baarah terminal—Do aankhen Baraah Haat8)
8 ) Tera code chal gaya—Tera jadoo chal gaya
9) Har Din Jo mail Karega—Har dil jho pyar karega
10) Network Ke Us Paar
11) Debugging koi Khel nahi—Pyar koi khel nahi
12) Jis Desh mein Bill(gates) rahata Hai—Jis desh mein ganga bahthi hai
13) Raju ban gaya MCSE—Raju ban gaya Gentleman
14) Client ek numbari, PROGRAMMER Dus Nambari
15) Login karo sajana—Pyar karo sajna
16) Naukar PC ka
17) DOWN to hona hi tha—Pyar tho hona hi tha
18) Partition (Deewar)
19) 1942 – A Bug Story—1942 – A love story