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I know i am late to write a post like this but i was busy with my college works. so better late rather than never ,i am doing it now.Of course i wasn’t doing anything usefull but whatever it was , it kept me busy :P. And college being away from home gives me a limited net access . I Don’t have the habit of taking any resolutions  as i took a resolution a long time back “not to take anymore” so dont want to break the only resolution i have ever taken .
Anyways, i have some things in mind that i would like to accomplish or atleast try this year . So here we go..
  • I Have been unable to attend my department symposium (APOGEE) for the past two years due to some unavoidable circumstances.This year it is scheduled on  24th january so am looking forward to attend it because my staff says it would be difficult to organize it without having a sincere student like arvind.  .Not that i miss those technical paper presentations which anyway would have gone over my brain :P. but because this is the time when we  have the culturals 😛 .
  • Got myself a project in IGAR under some scientist with the help of my friend . Now, the main worry is that do i  have enough technical knowledge for completing the project ??? . So second thing i wish is to complete my project successfully within the prescribed 2 months .
  • Till now I have been quite good as far as acedamics is concerned and i just want to do the same in the last sem too , So that i  GET my Engineering degree 🙂 . After all thats my only pass to Hexaware technologies.
  • Of late i have become a voracious reader . My love for books had started 4 years back with a mere motive of improving my english 🙂 .Thanks to DAN BROWN whose books did the magic trick and strongly bonded me with the books .I just plan to read lots and lots of books this year .
  • NEXT , i plan to buy a bike as soon as i join hexaware,i could buy it now but want to get with my own salary 🙂 . Not yet decided about the model. That will depend upon my mood that time.Frankly i have no favourites in Bikes.
  • Looking forward to watch the movie DASAVATHARAM .After rajnikanth , the only actor who amazes me is kamal hasan ( sometimes even more than rajnikanth) .This film is set to hit the theaters in april .Kamal has got 10 roles in this film ,yes 10 different roles.I plan to watch this movie as soon as it releases even if it means  shedding  a few extra bucks for it 🙂 .
  • I plan to Buy a lot of English DVD’s in burma buzaar .Here DVD’s are as  low as  20 rupees with an infallible clarity if u get 2 films in one .
  • Finally want to keep on blogging .Want to  reach 200 post by the end of this year and also want to reach 100000 visitor mark. But more importantly want to add more and more regular readers for my blog 🙂 .

These are the things which am having in mind right now..Cant think of anything else now .Hopefully i could be able to implement all of my above plans successfully  😛 .