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Indias first gold

India's first gold

Abhinav Bindra won India’s first individual Olympic gold medal today in the men’s 10m air rifle. yes ,that is the first ever gold medal an individual has won . My knowledge about olympics being almost nil i was pretty shocked when i heard that it was the first ever individual gold .

A friend of mine had changed his caption in orkut which said “India won the first ever individual gold medal” . I scrapped him saying ” look dude you got it wrong .Perhaps you should remove that ever , we have won some gold before . He replied me back saying thanks i will look into that . After an hour he scrapped me again and gave me the exact news article . I was shocked to know that no one had won a gold medal for India before , it was indeed the first ever individual gold medal . I replied him saying “sorry for the trouble dude.

Sheeessh ..What an embarrassment ??? 😦

Moral of the story

Never try to be oversmart when u dont know much 😀

While my face was becoming red green and violet due to embarrassment i tried searching for some information regarding medals tally . Well ,what i found out was nothing great for a country like ours .

India had won just 17 medals till date (todays gold makes it 18 ) 😦 . Those 17 medals include eight gold medals in Hockey, six of them successively, three silver medals ( 2 in athletics and 1 in Hockey) and four Bronze medals .

Isn’t it quite strange that ever since the olympics started in 1896 at athens we have won just 18 medals .For viewing india’s record in olympics u can visit this and for a complete description of each medal we have won you can visit this .

AS an Indian i feel quite ashamed . In a country of about a billion we have just 57 contingents to the Beijing olympics .Worse we dint even qualify for hockey in which we have won 8 gold medals 🙂 .

I was talking with one of my freind. He said “wahaan ek 24 saal ka india ke liye olympics jeet raha hai aur hum yaha baith ke jhakk maar rahe hai “( line modified , i dont want to use foul language here 😛 ) , but I must say he had truth in his voice and i had no answer for him.

Well , i guess all i can do now is to cheer for india and also , i have decided to follow the olympics closely so that i dont create any more blunders like today 😛 . I just hope we get many medals as possible 🙂 .