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Why only chennai ????

This is atrocious , unfair and unacceptable . I should have written this post a long ago but i guess enough is enough..i cant wait to show my disgust here . Any idea why i am restless and ranting here .Well , ok fine , i will tell you . Remember 6 or 7 years ago idea of a set top box was introduced .yeah the one which was never implemented except in one place .Any guess ??? yeah ,the place is chennai .

4 years ago I was surprised to see that the place actually has set top boxes implemented but 99 percent people were not using it . First reason , the set top box costed around 4000 bucks that time and second , People here were happy to see the free channels like sun tv , jaya tv etc etc (all tamil channels ) and the sick soaps they telecast . but slowly it turned into frustration i couldn’t watch any of my favourite channels . NO star movies no HBO ,no axn ,no discovery , no set max and what the hell no Espn ,star ports too .Could you imagine a cable without these channels . The main reason y i am disgusted is while the whole nation watched matches live on Tv I had to see the scores on a news channel . Thank god atleast they spared the new channels 🙂 . Now that the grand IPL is going on i have no way to watch the matches 😥 .

i cant understand if other cities have not implemented this set top box thing why only in chennai. I am tired of watching the same old crappy channels the local cable operators give. 50 percent of the channels here are crappy tamil channels ,then other 50 percent comprises of music channels , news channels and yeah ofcourse channels like jetix ,chutti and pogo . what the hell ??

There are two options left for me  either i should pay for the set top box (some say that it is now being distributed free because no body was buying it 😛 ) and get all the pay channels or else would have to call guys from tata sky to have theor connection  . Anyways , i have to make sure that i don’t miss too many IPL matches otherwise what would i blog  🙂  and now that i have to stay in home till i get my joining date kiling time with the sun tv’s and jaya tv’s arround would be a difficult task 🙂