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All though i am not an avid gamer , I do have a speical interest a strategy game  called AGE OF EMPIRES . I have been playing this game for thealmost 5 years now. My affair with this game began when one of my friend introduced this game to me. My first impression about the game was not that good..i found the game a complicated , sober and a complete waste of time . But as he was pestering me to play it i thought of giving it a try.

IT took some time for to understand the logic and the basic funda of the game but  soon i started liking it and started spending hours and hours on a single game continuously.

For those ,who are oblivious about this game…here’s some info

AGE OF EMPIRES usually stated as AOE is a real time strategy game developed by ensemble studios and published by Microsoft .The award-winning Age franchise has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. The Age titles, comprised of the Age of Empires and Age of Mythology series, have been consistently in NPD’s top ten sales charts throughout the life of the franchise.
In this game you will be given an unexplored map with a town center with some villagers initially..the main aim of ur game is to explore the given area and to fight with ur enemy and conquer his land by destroying their civilization completely .You can use ure villagers to gather food ,wood,stone and gold which are the essential resources for building a good civilization.. you can use ur villages to build extra buildings..you start from a period called dark age and by making more resources and researching more technologies u have to reach imperial age.The game has a variety of infantry and Calvary units including siege weapons , although these units may depend on the series u are playing…Apart from this, each civilization has a unique powerful unit…Like all games lot of options are given to set the map ,land type ,civilization..
The game may appear to be easy here but believe me it isn’t that simple as it sounds …The best feature in this game is that it allows multiplayer action ,that is, several human players can play together no matter which part of the world u are in..all u need is a net connection..or else u can connect PC’s physically and play through LAN..
Well,that’s all i can tell u now, Time to play age of empires now,bye…

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