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This whole week i have been too busy to blog..wondering why?? of course , not studies !!…i have been engaged too much playing the game” Prince of Persia -Two Thrones “. You must be aware of this popular game that was started to run on DOS mode.To be frank i was not at all a fan of that game .But if u see game now ,the transformation of the game from a DOS mode game to an excellent and impeccable 3-d game is unbelieveble.No wonder gaming industry is on the boom.

Although this is the third game in the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time series (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within being the another game in the series ) and i havn’t played the earlier two games ,still the game is totally addictive and enjoyable.Actually i am cursing myself for being oblivious about this infallible game till now.The Best feature in the game is the amount of acrobatic skills u can try while playing especially while fighting.the game also allows u to do”speed kill” from the back of an enemy.Graphics are splendid and the game becomes exciting after every single stage because it has a different plot after every single stage unlike many other games .

Well ,it’s not possible to tell abt the story of the prince of persia series here.Check out this link for that . Those who still dont havn’t played this game , take my word and buy the series now ,i bet it will be a lucrative buy as far as entertainment is concerned.

And please for those who came looking for some cheatcodes, get a life, as this game isn’t that difficult to play. and cheatcodes will kill all the thrill of the game . ofcourse u can learn how to play and get some walkthroughs in various sites.

Here are some screenshots .

Check out for prince of persia videos in the official site of the game

hope to play the other earlier versions of the game soon..And will be back with another post for the next version of the series (if any)..

updated –

Even as the game is available in psp u can get walkthrough for prince of persia and revelations for psp . i searched for prince of persia full game downloads but coun’t find anywhere.


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