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hmmm..uh..uh….ok So Here’s a post which i am using as a means to answer one of the most absurd and useless questions i have been asking to myself over the last few months.


To be frank ,i have almost stopped using orkut unless somebody pings me up i dont scrap anybody ,well hot chicks are exceptions ofcourse.Considering the fact that once i used to be addicted to it ,i am really happy that finally,i am able to control my obsession with orkut.I am no longer sending any anonymous freinds request 😛 ,No longer searching for my old friends ,no longer sending messages like “How are you” ,” how u doing ” and certainly i am not searching for any porn videos nowadays 🙂 .Now you must be wondering too why the hell is he is orkut ??? Well,thats whjat i am trying to write it out here..Honestly i dont have even a single reason now , So i dont know what i am going to write here justifying my Shameless act of staying in orkut when others are going gaga over facebook .But something would Certainly come into my mind as i start writing it 😛 So please bear with this poor wordpress blog if the post turns up a bit gibberish and shabby.

Ok so here we GO..

  1. FREINDS .Every now and then i stumble across a new site which claims itself to be a social networking site. i get mails from my friends ,daily , yes daily, inviting me to those all useless sites. I mean isn’t one (orkut ) enough to do all the crappy things. However , facebook is gaining popularity these days and it has become a fashion statement with the youth in india ( i have one profile in that too) .. it looks an alean thing for me so until i get accustomed  to facebook i sould better stick around with orkut after all it was my second love..never mind the first one 😀 .i am least bothered to discuss it here .
  2. FRIENDS.  Being away from my childhood friends the only way to be in touch (not very often 🙂 ) is through this orkut and there ‘s is no way i can call all of them to facebook or any other site for that matter, cuz before all of them get shifted to another platform i would be sick of that site too.SO i guess one(orkut) is enough.
  3. EVERYTHING FREE. How can i get links for downlaoding softwares absolutely for free when they are supposed be bought for some 50 $ .Orkut is the best way for getting anything in web..you request it and experts 🙂 would provide you that..just anything 🙂 .
  4. USEFULL DISCUSSIONS .Where else can i have discussion on various stratergies on how to make 50 palladins in first 15 minutes of the game AGE OF EMPIRES or where else can i have tips for mastering counter strike :
  5. WHERE IS PORN. Most people quit Orkut considering it as a colossal waste of time and also because they are too much bothered whether the orkut is clean or not .PORN is something that cant be regulated how hard you try.It can only be ignored.For those who have this reason of shifting to some other site ,certainly that can’t be justified.
  6. I AM SECURE . Well, security is not an issue in orkut .Yes, people have been trying to hack each other’s profile but unless you do something silly there is no way of getting hacked .People tend to get hacked by scripts claiming to increase ur fan list or things like that. I too was one of the fools in that category but i have learnt a lot from it.Infact i also learned how to hack ?? but that was more out of Curiousity rather than for some silly vendetta or any other bad motive. FACT IS that no site in the world can be hack proof .
  7. NO TIME.I have had hard time in reducing my obsession with orkut .SO once i join some other site i am sure i would get addicted to that too .Unfortunately i have no time for that so fortunately i have to stick around with orkut .
  8. Its getting really tough for me to jot down 10 points :P. so this will be the last i guess.yeah i know that i have written 10 points on the heading,but what the big deal.This is my blog,my post, so i will stop with this last one 🙂 .. i cant get a better profile anywhere else than what i have in orkut. Not that its fantastic but because it look a lot of time building that profile with all useless facts about me formatted in a special font 😀 .

So i have got myself cleared that “quitting orkut” is not at all in my mind for at least sometime now.

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