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After almost 2 years of speculation among the cricket fans ganguly finally decides to call it a day  from test cricket. Yes , but that’s only after the India Australia series gets over . Anyways this is the best time he could do it .Considering the current Australian team as the weakest ever ,wouldn’t it be great for the former  captain to end his career on a winning note .

Speaking of his career in test cricket ,Prince of kolkatta had the best starts any player would dream of . A century in his debut test against england in 1996  marked the emergence of one of the best players india has produced not to forget that he has been the most successful Indian captain abroad .

Ganguly has been unable to keep a permanent spot in the Indian squad ever since the greg-ganguly saga in 2005 . There has been a constant pressure on him from former players , anit-ganguly cricket fans and ofcourse the media . Everyone knows the hype that these news channels create and its a feast for them when it comes to cricket. Media has been a little too harsh on him . Ok He was not playing well , but that doesn’t mean u will make his life even more miserable . Even a week back i saw a poll in one of the news channels

Would u want the senior players to retire one by one or in a single go ???

now Isnt it a silly question ?? …. of course there are lots of  lame polls like this  but this seemed more off track . Who are Media to decide when a  player should retire ?? People forget these were the once  main pillars of indian cricket team when batting was considered the main strength of indian cricket team . Dont they even have a personal choice of ending their career at their own will .

Being a Die hard sachin fan its depressing to hear people who have done nothing advising sachin to retire . I mean its totally weird to give advice to a guy who has over 25000 runs in international cricket ,who is considered the best next only to the legend sir donald bradman .I just wish people would let players decide themselves  If u cant support them during their lean patch plz dont make it worse .

Anyways i have deviated from the topic i guess ,coming once again to ganguly .

One-Day Career Batting and Fielding (1989/90-2007/08)
M I NO Runs HS Ave 100 50 Ct
Overall 423 407 42 15161 183 41.53 31 93 129
Test Career Batting and Fielding (1996-2008)
M I NO Runs HS Ave 100 50 SRate Ct
India 109 180 15 6888 239 41.74 15 34 51.36 71

You can have even more detailed view of his career right here .


  • Captained India in a record 49 Test matches
  • Led India to a record 21 Test wins
  • His test average has never been less than 40.


  • Hold the record of most 200+ ODI partnerships (6 times) along with Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting.
  • Holds the record, shared with Sachin Tendulkar, for most 1st wicket ODI partnerships of 175+ runs (7 times).
  • Holds the record, shared with Mahendra Singh Dhoni, for the second highest score by an Indian cricketer in an ODI — 183, against Sri Lanka in 1999.
  • Held the record, shared with Sachin Tendulkar, for the highest first wicket partnership for India in an ODI match, 258, against Kenya in 2001. This record was bettered by Sri Lankan opening pair of Jayasuriya and Tharanga in 2006 at Headingley.
  • Was involved in the first 300 run ODI partnership with Rahul Dravid.
  • Sixth on the all time list with 31 man of the match awards.
  • He is also the only player to win 4 consecutive man of the match awards in ODIs.
  • India’s most successful ODI captain.
  • First Indian to score an ODI century against Australia in Australia.
  • Highest ODI runs scorer in the world (in a calendar year) in 1997,1999,2000.
  • Third in the list of hitting maximum number of sixes in ODIs.
  • Second in the list of highest number of centuries in a single calendar year ever. 7 centuries in 2000.

Source: wikipidea

Now thats a decent ,perhaps more than a decent record and i remember his one day average at about 46 once before his bad patch started .

You support him or not  but the moments he gave us will be fresh for every cricket fan . i dont think anyone will ever forget the special moment when india won the natwest series in England . The next best highlight of the finals after the matching winning partership between yuvaraj and kaif was  the way sourav reacted  by removing his Tshirt and waved it 😀 .

I am sure if not for the resentment around him he would have at least hoped to play for a couple of years after all he was back in form after sitting out of the team for a year and a half . Otherwise why would a man who said 2 weeks back would suddenly make a decision to quit .

Anyways I just wish him Good luck for his future .

Harbhajan “obnoxious weed” – Hayden .

check it out here.

Before you read any further ., REad the new ICC rules 🙂

With immediate effect, India should stop giving back to the Aussies in their own coin, else, strict action shall be taken against the offending players for violating the spirit of the game**.

Australia will continue to sledge whenever, wherever and howsoever they wish to. This will not be against the spirit of the game, but in fact be a part of the game. ‘Hard Cricket’, as the great ones call it.

Umpires will be neutral. However, as and when Ricky Ponting desires, he will interfere and…..

Read full from here . I dont want anybody prejudiced in this matter 😛 .


True isn’t it ??? .

Harbhajan “obnoxious weed” .. lol … thats funny.. .and look who says it..?? one of the players from the team “gods in sledging” .Well,this time hayden has gone too far stating him personally .

“It’s been a bit of a long battle with Harbhajan. The first time I ever met him he was the same little obnoxious weed that he is now,” Hayden said on Brisbane radio.”

Why this much hatred ???? oh ..yeah i rembmber .. harbhajan was pain in the butt for most to the Australian players in that series in india.He was the reason why australia ;lost that series . HE was a fighting man..and yes,he is still one.

“His record speaks for itself in cricket. There is a certain line that you can kind of go to and then you know where you push it and he just pushes it all the time.

“That’s why he has been charged more than anyone that’s ever played in the history of cricket.”

oh i see !!!! . The manner in which players are charged itself is falsified..Why is harbajan a problem only for australian team. i cant wonder y?? .. one can get 10 times more evidence against the austalian players sledging then other teams.Why australian players are let off ??? because thats the way the play.ITs ok if they do ..But when others respond…they cry ..yeah ,even i would cry if somebody takes my right .

“I called him a bad boy,” Hayden insisted. “He took offence to that and I thought that was quite funny. I said, ‘Mate you should be flattered, it’s a clothing range’.”

Well , we dont take anything funny from players who take a monkey issue so seriously and who abuse others using words like fu** .

” India were complaining because “they are losing every game they are playing”

Ok fine . so you mean a team which loses should not complain against sledging.they should just sit and wipe out their tears.I mean its absurd. . Just because australia plays well than any other team in the world doesn’t mean they should be this arrogant.Most players in their team dont even have respect for other players.

and then their was the sarwan controversy too.I dont want to add more videos because then i wont have enough space to write.i can keep on adding. Sorry mister hayden you got ur all facts wrong..think before you speak…when you call harbhajan an obnoxious weed then u call ur co-players one too.Probably i would still say harbhajan must have done things less serious than what ur many co-mates have done.

“I’ve really had a gutful of their whingeing. This is international sport, obviously people are going to say things to try to unsettle you,” Hogg said

You people are so mean guys.Why cant you be normal.If u play good cricket why dont u just stop with it. Is it necessary to unsettle players ??? and in turn when somebody respond you just blow it out of proportion and end up calling him “Obnoxious weed”

Well ,this is really obnoxious.

And now the latest controversy .Symonds vs ishant sharma.He loves to be in news..doesn’t he ??? after all thats what got him the million dollar ticket to IPL . NOw hayden says that he was just “well bowled chap ” . One thing is sure he said more than three words.. and his expression clearly indicated that he was not appreciating the bowler.

The more these issues are getting serious more it gets funnier. The finals are ready to kick off . Lets wait and see what awaits us in the never ending issue of “dirty cricket”



Cricket started as sport ,then became a religion to millions of Indians and now it has become a business worth 1 billion dollars. Thats the amount of money that is being generated out of this IPL .Indian premier league started with the main motive of counter balancing the Indian cricket league initiated its procedings with an auction of players which includes indian as well as 70 odd foreign players. Well, i have never heared players being auctioned in any other sport ,seems really funny to me.
The eight franchises which are headed by the likes of sharuk khan ,pretty zinta , mukesh ambani and vijay malya assembled at hilton towers to start auction ,probably the first of its kind (i guess :O ..plz enlighten me if i am wrong) . I really wonder how that auction would have been like.. filmy style ??? 🙂 .where they say “ek hazzar ek ,ek hazzaar do …ek hazzar theen ” 😛 . may be a little more professional. But seriously i dint like the idea of auctioning the players . Ethically it looked totally wrong .Ofcourse players are getting a helluva money through that but still the whole idea seems queer and strange to me .
I was to totally flabbergasted the way the players have been given a price tag.And it seems totally uncomprehending the way players have been auctioned.Dhoni has been auctioned for 6 crores.Ok ..fine he is the main face of indian cricket so i can agree..But manoj tiwari who has played just a single game has been taken in at around 3 crores and ricky ponting  just for 1.5 crores ..Similarly players like lakshman and kumble too gave go less money compared to others like . ..IShanth sharma got a whopping 3.8 crores  😀 …that guy is sure having a great year.
IPL sure has made a monopoly out of the game.Its ok upto some point but this is really getting overboard now.IPL looks more intended to making money out of it rather than getting serious about cricket..ICL too came with its 20-20 format but went without making any impression .Of course they made their money through it but cricket went unnoticed.SO whats the use ???
People are speculating that this may reduce the popularity of the longer version of the game .It is possible but only if the IPL guys instead of exploiting the marketing benifits ,also think to improve the level of game which seems highly improbable to me under current circumstances .