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Cricket !!! What else ??

A 5-0 series white wash  against India in their own den would have been disastrous for the lankan lions. Thanks to some lousy bowling from indian bowlers and really stupid selection of shots , Sri lanka has been able to save a little pride by winning atleast the last one day match of the series .

India sure is on a roll and i have never been so optimistic about the current cricket team  . Yeah its the  same me who use to talk about the enigmatic indian cricket team and i still stand by my words . Anyways ,lets not talk about that 😛 . 5-0 against england and 4-1 here in srilanka is laudable effort considering the team without ganguly,dravid ,harbhajan and even sachin (if u consider that he dint score in two digits in the series 😛 ) . The best part being that they have been able to win convincingly and comfortably (Second one dayer was an exception ofcourse ). First time TEAM INDIA is starting to show its real meaning because the team is playing as a unit as for the first time ,not depending upon a individual.

Last couple of months have been quite exciting for Cricket fans like me .Indian cricket team is on second position in ICC cricket ratings for the first time . Yes , for the first time and thats quite a shocker isnt it  ??.A country like  ours  which has given so many great legends to the sport like kapil dev ,sunil gavanskar ,sachin tendulkar ,bishen singh bedi etc , has never been able to reach the second position leave alone the first place . Better Late than never now that we are in 2 , the no1 spot is just a series away . Touchwood 😉

South african team becoming  the no. 1 team and australia moving to 3rd place , Sounds so good rite ?? I mean i was sick of seeing a perfect side like australians had 😉 .  I am really happy to see the fall of the mighty australian side .Yes they were the best team and played some fabulous cricket over last decade but then they could never gain my respect ,may be because they were a proud team and had an acute superiority complex . MR . Ponting – i know it must be paining a lot .but thats the way it is . Higher you go , Harder you fall !! 😀

Coming to IPL seasons II , I wonder if the last two letters mean Paisa Lutaao . These so called business tycoons with their so called Girl freinds / cine stars are spending money like hell . The news channels have already raised questions if spending this much is necessary during recession times . I guess ITs there money and and they can very well spend that and i am sure they will get huge returns for that . Thats why they are investing it . So simple logic 😛 . All i feel sad for  now is that my DAD is not a Cricketer 😛 . If he was one i would have been one too and that way  i would have  made so much money by now 😛 and instead of posting a blog post , i would have released a book . I would have been famous . Not to mention that i would have become  a heart throb among the indian girls by now 😛 .. and then…….wait a minute i have gone way off the track .. .So where was I ,.. yeah IPL . So I was saying IPL is really merry making time for cricketers . Take for example Peterson and Flintoff , they are getting 1.55 million dollars for 3 weeks .. and Mortaza , the guy from bangladesh valued at 50,000 dollars was auctioned at 650,000 $ ,more than 10 times his value . like we say in tamil ..

engayo macham irrukku pa ivangaluku .

sorry guys cant translate that one 😛 .

Anyways  lets forget about money . All i want to say is that i cant wait to watch these guys come out and play .

well , I will call it for today . I know most people dont like cricket here 😛 . never mind the post ,u can always post some off topic comments on my blog  😛  .


Team india  is on a roll. Series win against Australia made them the top contenders to replace worlds best team and now with this improbable win we have just proved that we are almost there .Yes , All we need to do now is to conquer srilankan lions in their own den and to keep up the winning rate abroad.

Mondays win was a special  one. Very special indeed . After those gruesme terror attacks, atleast cricket lovers like me have something to cheer abut. Winning on home soil is no new thing for us . I dont think india had any chances of winning the game till 4th day post lunch session . India was facing a defeat that looked more or less inevitable . Chasing more than 350 runs in the fourth innings n a fifth day pitch is not an easy task .But the brilliant knock by sehwag set opened up the game against all dds . Time and again sehwag has proved how imprtant he is for this indian line up . What t osay about sachin. !! He is  GD . Yes , cricket is a relegion for me like millions f  others and sachin is my GoD . Scoring his 41st hundred through the last winning strke made my day  😀 . I mean  i was tired to see him getting out in 90s. He would have Got more than 100 international hundreds in DI and test combined if he had not been out in 90s . Yuvaraj as usual played his natural game and thats what made easy fr him t scre runs quickly .

.The test has brought in lot of positives fr the indian cricket TEAM. it showed the temperament ,fighting spirit and ability of  indian cricket team to win under any circumstances  .After australia i dont think any team has dominated us in a test  on home soil. England did really well to control 70 percent of the test .They had almost  won the test . Just one session took the game away from them .Strauss played exceptionally well . Hitting two centuries in a same test in n kids job that to in subcontinent.

All in all  it was a wonderfull test match . The best thing was after a long time there was a result in a test match played in chennai 😛 . I just hope our team conitnues the gd form and replace australia as the worlds best team soon 🙂 .


This is my 200th post . Gosh !! I never thought i would make it this long . Blogging which started as a tool to kill time has become an obsession now . Although i am not posting as regularly as i was , it still remains an important part of my life .

I would like thank all the regular ,irregular and other  types of readers  😛 Without whom i would not have continued blogging.

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What appeared to be an event that drew even more attention than world cup atleast here in india finally had its inauguration ceremony yesterday .Thanks to all the franchises and BCCI for publicizing the event on a scale that is even hard to comprehend .The show was kicked off by a stunning ,flamboyant and spectacular grand opening ceremony . It all started well before the actual match was scheduled to start and i was really starting to wonder if it was cricket that was to take place . Glittering fireworks , gymnasts from rope ,singers and of course hot babes was all that anyone would not wish to miss .The dazzling ceremony eyed upon by millions across the world marked the launch of  IPL which can be rightly termed as “Cricket’s next level.”44 days, 123 Indian players , 73 overseas players and 59 matches in eight different places.World is set to witness the biggest and most lucrative cricket tournament ever which might even take over the world cup.

It was not only the grand opening launch that took fan’s breath away , the opening match at the chinnaswamy stadium ,bangalore prooved why T-20 is called people’s game.IT was an absolute stunner. Winning the toss and electing to bowl on a pitch with a green top  was the best decision any captian could take. That was the only thing that went right for the royal chalengers. It all started for Mc cullum in the second over with a 4,6 and 4 and what subsequently came out was the most explosive batting i have ever witnessed. Scoring an unbeaten 150 in a 20 over match is no joke . it was raining 6s and 4s there . Who could have expected a team with ganguly, ponting who could have ever expected an innings like that from him.Showing no mercy to any bower he scurried past his hunred in 53 balls and then 150 in just 70 balls.

Chasing 222 runs was never going to be easy and with jaffer and dravid opening who are not best known for their hitting,  it seems literally impossible . I cant understand of jaffer’s inclusion in T20 side. I mean ,he is not a 20-20 player . Asking a player to score 10 runs an over who cant even score 3 runs an over is too harsh 😛  . I guess i am being too harsh on him thats the way it is he was struggling even to touch the ball. Mr.malya you did a big mistake by picking him and yeah could canyone throw light ,why the hell is sunil joshi in the side when he has left international cricket years ago .Its absurd ,really ridiculous .Nothing’s shamefull then to lose in front of a home crowd that too with a margin as big as the one they had yesterday.

Looks like shahruk khan is riding the luck as for now he looked totally exstatic and why not ?? his team had jsut won the very first match of the so called “cricket ka karmayudh”.



Well,today i had a mock test which i flunked badly getting 3 out of 10 .Tomorrow i have the main exam and with the kind of preparation i have i should be in a doleful state.But thanks to the historic win india has manged to pull off ,there’s no limit to my delirium. Its like india has won the world cup 😆 . Ok thats a bit of exaggeration, but i am ecstatic that the invincibility status that australia has been flaunting has finally been torn apart .

What a sight it was to see indians lifting the cup and australians standing red faced in the presentation witnessing their second consecutive common wealth bank series loss . This historic win in Australian soil proved that 20-20 win was no fluke .Right from the series indians had been giving the australian team run for their money and today was no exception.From the word go  indians dominated ,i think 1 st opening partership worked really well for india. Sachin again played when it mattered the most . I am, though disappointed that he lost another century.. It could have been easily his 43 rd to his kitty . 8 times in the last 12 months ,he has been out in the nineties 😦 .Anyways lets talk abt match ,so i was saying that uthappa really did very well by holding on to the crease with sachin . i think yuvaraj’s innings of 38 was short yet powerful .I thought indians let themselves down in the last 10 overs once sachin got out but somehow managed to score 258 . I was quite apprehensive about the target they had given to the australians but then indian bowlers really backed the total which looked quite a moderate one. Praveen kumar once again proved to be an extremely useful bowler when it comes to the first 10 overs.India has been really lucky to get two excellent bowlers (ishant and praveen) in such a short time .Harbhajan did well to control the run flow in the middle overs which really mattered a lot.And i think sreeshant too bowled well apart from the over where he conceded a six off hopes. IT might be a close game but what mattered was that india won 2 matches consecutively.


Right from the start of the series Indians have been humiliated for being a weaker side and have called us cry babies . “Ulta chor kotwaal ko daante” that has been the case through out the series .Racist allegations against harbhajan was a quite absurd and ridiculous . Australian media has been totally unfair to the visiting team and has always been nagging the indians for not showing performing in cricket ground.I wonder what would the newspapers say tomorrow in Australia .

And MR HAYDEN !!! where are you going to hide you face now that we have won two in a row and and your team has lost 3 in a row.Would u kindly take ur statement back when u said indians are crying fro everything just because they are losing every game .

I guess this series should be a eye opener for every australian player fans and especially to the Australian media who have been suffering from acute superiority complex . Its high time that they stop flying and come down to earth as there’s nothing shameful for them than to have an white wash in the finals after giving strong comments about the visiting team . And they have special grudge against harbhajan what ever he does is racist .I mean the media blows out of proportion every single thing that he does .

Poor guy cant even scratch his armpits 😆 .Media makes it a racist act .I have just one line to say to their media “Just Get a life ” more importantly get some better news 😆 .They should stop using harbhajan in their publicity campaign :mrgreen: . It was clearly visible that the local audience were abusing harbhajan but the media has completely shut its ears for whatever australians say .

Our team  manager had told that we would like our performance speak rather than commenting and today they have shown it to the arrogant australians .Well, hope those big mouthed players stop bashing on the rival team and start showing some respect  after all its not that they are the GODs of cricket .




I cant be in sulkier mood than this .Being already pissed off by the training i am undergoing , all i needed to become more peevish was to witness a shamefull defeat in the hands of australians.In my last post you saw me in an ecstatic mood after that victory in MCG so after this deafeat let me shed out some of my tantrums too .
Well,let me start with some positive points of the match which is ofcourse the bowling performance.Through out this tour we have seen some excellent performance by the indian bowlers and i guess i have never seen such consistensy in the bowling department till now. And without doubt todays performance should be the best in the series.Being an indian fan i could not even imagine , all the indian bowlers bowling well that too against a formidable team like australia.It was really a treat to watch all the four seamers bowling exceptionally well in tandom .The way dhoni rotated them is really appreciable.Ishant sharma ,what a find he has been this season ,just 19 years old and already he has marked a name for himself in the bowling department.Today too he was the best bowler.I have always liked munaf patel because of his speed and the line he bowls and today was no different .kept his basics right .Irfan pathan was in a good rythm too .and about Srishanth ,Phew!!1 ,atlast he too bowled well today, after that disasterous match against srilanka 🙂 .Good bowling with a good fielding support can be a deadly combination.After all ,You dont see australians at 50-4 quite often .Today was one such rare day and indians missed to take the oppurtunity when it mattered the most.
Ok fine ,Australians managed to score 202 runs but it was still a very ,moderate total to chase ,i mean these days u see teams chasing targets of above 300 and clearly there were no devils in the pitch.As far as i can see India missed a glorious chance to take over the kangaroos again.Our batting which is considered as a lethel is no longer one.Except sachin ,dhoni and yuvaraj, no body really has the experience .Leave alone yuvaraj ,he looks more obsessed thinking abt his gf rather than cricket .The reason behing irfan pathan’s promotion to first down still remains a mystery to me.Ghambhir looked as if he wanted to go to loo 😛 .WHy was he in so much hurry ??? Wickets fell for india like nine pins and seriously there is really wrong with the line up.WE really lost a game that was clearly supposed to be Won.
Indian batting line up looks quite feeble without the likes of sehwag ,dravid and ganguly.I think upto 20-20 its ok but when it comes to a longer version of the game somebody needs to carry the mantle till the end. ITs high time that the selectors start realising their mistake of removing the senior players.Otherwise we have to see indians losing an easy game every now and then .