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Beware !!! The guy in the above pic has just escaped the prison of Askaban. The notorious prisoner is believed to be a big calvin and hobbes fan and has pledged to abduct them .He is known for his cute and innocent looks but i would warn you and strictly advice you not to go by his looks as he is highly skilled in black magic and a loyal follower of the “one who should not be named” .

Dementors have already been put up to for a search ,and would be catching him soon . Yet ,if anybody see him roaming around in streets please call the ministry of magic ASAP . 😛 Always Remember the spell Expecto Patronum to avoid the dementors 😉 .

umm …ok.. i think i should stop this crap before u start boycotting this blog for mocking J.k ROWLING’S creation 😛 . I guess most of u must have guessed that the above picture is mine . And what above picture signifies is how jobless and desperate i have been to kill time .Call it insanity or absurdity . All i can do is to accept it both . 😛 . My life has never been so boring and monotonous . LAST couple of months i have been literally doing nothing and that annoying online training of mine is becoming a real pain in my a** . 😦 .There are still no clear indications on my joining date till now apart from the rumors that people start in orkut . 😦 . Infact i end up ranting this in almost every alternate post nowadays .

ITs just because i have nothing better to write i am posting a gibberish post like this one. I had to do something to occupy myself in these long boring days . So i chose photoshop. I have always loved experimenting with Adobe Photoshop. I know people actually find it complex and laborious but i feel that its the best photo editing software and one can do wonders with it if used properly .You can transform a simple pic into something that you cant imagine even in ur wildest dreams .(You can check out the advanced gallery of this site. I am sure u will love it ). But one needs to have a lot of practice and patience for it . Not to forget it can always help u to design a nice header that suites your taste 🙂 .

This pic is about a month old and had been my orkut DP for some time too 🙂 . Well it took me around 4 hours to create what it looks like here and beleive me it took me this much time after reading a tutorial of around 8 pages 😛 . It had these masking techniques which i had never tried earlier.Toughest part was to create a canvas like an old poster . The pic still doesn’t look like what i wanted it to be. But yes ofcourse i got a satisfaction of learning something new .

Why dont u try ur hand in photoshop ?? 😀

Anyways ,Its almost 2:30 AM so i think i should sign off now 🙂 cyaaaaa !!!

and yeah as usual i will leave u with a couple of calvin and hobbes strips .