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Hmmm ..so here’s  another  post which  completely  Shows how jobless i am  😛 This is supposed to be my project time and i am lazing in home doing nothing.I have seen people trying to flaunt the harry potter house batches ,  so thought of trying it.

I am Proud to say that i belong to gryffindor  .   🙂

whats your house ??? check it out here


hmmm..uh..uh….ok So Here’s a post which i am using as a means to answer one of the most absurd and useless questions i have been asking to myself over the last few months.


To be frank ,i have almost stopped using orkut unless somebody pings me up i dont scrap anybody ,well hot chicks are exceptions ofcourse.Considering the fact that once i used to be addicted to it ,i am really happy that finally,i am able to control my obsession with orkut.I am no longer sending any anonymous freinds request 😛 ,No longer searching for my old friends ,no longer sending messages like “How are you” ,” how u doing ” and certainly i am not searching for any porn videos nowadays 🙂 .Now you must be wondering too why the hell is he is orkut ??? Well,thats whjat i am trying to write it out here..Honestly i dont have even a single reason now , So i dont know what i am going to write here justifying my Shameless act of staying in orkut when others are going gaga over facebook .But something would Certainly come into my mind as i start writing it 😛 So please bear with this poor wordpress blog if the post turns up a bit gibberish and shabby.

Ok so here we GO..

  1. FREINDS .Every now and then i stumble across a new site which claims itself to be a social networking site. i get mails from my friends ,daily , yes daily, inviting me to those all useless sites. I mean isn’t one (orkut ) enough to do all the crappy things. However , facebook is gaining popularity these days and it has become a fashion statement with the youth in india ( i have one profile in that too) .. it looks an alean thing for me so until i get accustomed  to facebook i sould better stick around with orkut after all it was my second love..never mind the first one 😀 .i am least bothered to discuss it here .
  2. FRIENDS.  Being away from my childhood friends the only way to be in touch (not very often 🙂 ) is through this orkut and there ‘s is no way i can call all of them to facebook or any other site for that matter, cuz before all of them get shifted to another platform i would be sick of that site too.SO i guess one(orkut) is enough.
  3. EVERYTHING FREE. How can i get links for downlaoding softwares absolutely for free when they are supposed be bought for some 50 $ .Orkut is the best way for getting anything in web..you request it and experts 🙂 would provide you that..just anything 🙂 .
  4. USEFULL DISCUSSIONS .Where else can i have discussion on various stratergies on how to make 50 palladins in first 15 minutes of the game AGE OF EMPIRES or where else can i have tips for mastering counter strike :
  5. WHERE IS PORN. Most people quit Orkut considering it as a colossal waste of time and also because they are too much bothered whether the orkut is clean or not .PORN is something that cant be regulated how hard you try.It can only be ignored.For those who have this reason of shifting to some other site ,certainly that can’t be justified.
  6. I AM SECURE . Well, security is not an issue in orkut .Yes, people have been trying to hack each other’s profile but unless you do something silly there is no way of getting hacked .People tend to get hacked by scripts claiming to increase ur fan list or things like that. I too was one of the fools in that category but i have learnt a lot from it.Infact i also learned how to hack ?? but that was more out of Curiousity rather than for some silly vendetta or any other bad motive. FACT IS that no site in the world can be hack proof .
  7. NO TIME.I have had hard time in reducing my obsession with orkut .SO once i join some other site i am sure i would get addicted to that too .Unfortunately i have no time for that so fortunately i have to stick around with orkut .
  8. Its getting really tough for me to jot down 10 points :P. so this will be the last i guess.yeah i know that i have written 10 points on the heading,but what the big deal.This is my blog,my post, so i will stop with this last one 🙂 .. i cant get a better profile anywhere else than what i have in orkut. Not that its fantastic but because it look a lot of time building that profile with all useless facts about me formatted in a special font 😀 .

So i have got myself cleared that “quitting orkut” is not at all in my mind for at least sometime now.

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Ever Heard of Unclyclopedia ??  Not Wikipedia.. UN-cyclopedia !! NO ?????

Even i had not 🙂 . Thats the best timepass  site one can get online . One the best  Sites i have ever seen . The articles given here are so hilarious that you would just start laughing the very moment u start reading the first line.

Its a copy of Wikipedia , I mean from the look of it there’s not much difference between the two.  But Content wise there is a huge Difference . While Wikipedia gives you the information in the right way , Uncyclopedia gives you different perception altogether , in a humourous way of course. 

I have been addicted to the site ever since i saw it . I think you Should also check it ..  

Here are some topics that i searched for.i have copied down some of the interesting points ,rest you can read from the link that i have posted




  • India is an imaginary place far, far away, home to Outsour Singh, Bollywood, and a gazillion people. The very name means “the wrong side of the river” given to it by those posh downtown Persians who used to stare at it down the ravines of the Hindu Kush. India is also the Manhattan of Asialand. It is the big huge melting pot where everything that ever enters it melts down to an ever increasing experience of cultural madness and confusion.
  • Ancient History (in “C”)

(This is presented as C because all educated Indians are computer programmers. All the uneducated ones are people like you.)

The History of India is an iterative function with the following structure:

char History_of_India(int residents = Dravidians) { int intruders; char Indian_history[ENDLESS]; wend{ intruders = Hindukush::read_stack(); if (intruders==0, Intruders = British Empire); working_their_way_down_the_ganges(intruders); Indian_history += Squabble(residents,intruders); residents += intruders; }while t< END_OF_TIME return Indian_history }
  • Waste management-India is famous for is ignorant views on waste management. India lives to its name with its a large array of plastic bag covered trees. Millions of Indian tourists are prosecuted every year in a various number of foreign countries where littering is frowned upon.
  • Food-Indians eat spice. They drink spice, smoke spice and even fart spice. Sometimes if you order it specially you can get food intermixed with the spices, but you must insist on it while ordering on puclic restaurants.
  • Bollywood-Bollywood is a very popular film industry and is as popular as Hollywood and is known all over India. They make the worst films in the world. No one watches them except for prudish high school girls and over-sized, middle-aged housewives. The only reason for the continuation of the boom in the cinema industry in India is that it’s cheaper to pay to sleep in the cool confines of a cinema hall than to pay to sleep in a hotel.
  • Then, stalwarts like Rakhi Sawant came onto the screen and rediscovered the “dare to bare” philosophy. Of late, explicit scenes have become the norm, so much so that the Censor Board is contemplating including porn in its archives. In fact, a compelling need for an award, on the lines of the Oscars, to be awarded to the most endearing of sluts(male & female), has been felt across all sections of the film fraternity and the viewing public.
  • SPORT –The captain of a losing Indian cricket team is sacrificed to a Hindu God of public’s choice. The case in a way is different for a winning captain. He would be allowed the privilege of choosing the God to be sacrificed to.



Sex refers to the male and female, or female and female, or male and male, or male and female and female, or female and male and male and female and female, or male and female and horse, etc. interaction which can result in stained bedsheets, broken kitchen tables, unusual auto interior odours, webcam content, or the creation of a creature known as a baby. The primary purpose of sexual intercourse is to annoy the hell out of the people in the apartment below yours. In most cases, people have sex for pleasure, though it is occasionally done for other purposes, such as convincing the tollbooth operator to let you slide with 20 cents instead of 25.

According to an ancient superstition, performing sex on a girl is the only way to cure her of virginity, a disease usually caused by birth. However, sex can also transmit diseases far worse, including pregnancy and marriage.



The Indian Institutes of Technology is another name for IIT, which is the acronym for Institute of Infinite Tension, Institute of Indian Technology, etc. These institutes of so-called national importance were set up by the Indian Parliament at seven campuses across India, decided purely on merits of political alliances of the ruling party. It was the mastermind of a certain Jawaharlal Nehru to reduce the average intelligence of Indians that led to the establishments of these institutes. Just like Zion in Matrix, where 3% of the people who do not accept the Matrix are gathered together to prevent dissent as a whole, IITs were formed by the Government of India to gather at one place the 2% of the intelligentsia of the country and dumb them down.

  • ADMISSION -The geeks and nerds of India start preparing for IIT-JEE just after 10th standard of schooling. A very effective test of whether a guy is fit for getting into the IITs is asking a very simple question: “Do you have a girlfriend“? A guy who says anything else other than “What’s a girl?” would not get through the test. Girls are considered unfit to get into IITs, though some girls manage to get the application forms as they look like guys.Since the Indians are well known for cramming up loads of information, questions in JEE are never repeated.
  • EDUCATION-The IIT curricula is carefully decided so that there is no scope of learning anything. The students, then, take up alternate learning routes, most common being Pr0n.The IIT alumni on knowing the tremendous potential of internet, provided all hostel rooms with free and unlimited internet connection.Some of the creative minds also make a quick buck by selling MMS clips online. Since there are assignments to be submitted every now and then, the guys also learn how to use Google adeptly.The guys also learn how to make 50 palladins in 25 minutes and get three frags per shot.The summary and results of many such experiments has been documented well in a book by an IITian titled “Five Point Someone: What not to do at an IIT”. The book also deals with complex issue of dealing with a girl in IIT.



Orkut is a MySpace like website created by the turkish Orkut Büyükkokten (Orcute Baiácten) that means “I have nothing to do” and is designated for being attacked by Brazilian hackers and pedo guys. It’s the easiest way to have sex with a Brazilian child or to know gossips about other people.

  • History In the early 15th century, Orkut did not accept new members. Only existing members could invite new members. As the postal services were very slow at that time, it took a long time grow to at least ten members from zero members
  • Communities There are a vast number of communities in Orkut, like who has used your toilet and who has not used your toilet paper. It doesn´t matter, because all the communities has the same games and the same comments, most of them in portuguese.



Osama al-Compost Dirk Malaki Hussein Mohammed Abdul Al-Gubba Wacovia Phlegm Abdullah MICcCCChata Shirck Dirkem Fernandez Bork Ali Zarqawi Murqa or أسامة بن لادن aka “Osama Garbej-bin Ladle” is a cave dewlling sand monkey and the current king of Afghanistan. He lives in a palatial spider hole in “durkadurkastan”, Chapter of the Beta-Arabs. (Some claim, however, that he lives in the folder /bin/laden.) On September 11th, 2001, he launched an attack on a rival fraternity, America-Beta-Charlie, by vandalizing its World Trade Center. Kicked out of the fraternity during Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.) when the Greek Council entered Baghdad, Afghanistan, he is still a repugnant symbol to the Arab Fraternities. He’s also a famous born-again Christian and occasionally performs on stage as a James Mason look-alike.

Renowed for his hide and seek skills even as a small child, Bin Laden has in recent years made several pleas to the White House complaining that he must have won the round by now and it should be George Bush’s turn to hide.



Harry Potter, dear readers, is a series of seven books (Disputed; some believe the seventh one didn’t count. That would require another book to be written) by JK Rowling, primarily about a child named Harry Potter who graduates from wizard school and also happens to have a spirit named “Deus Ex Machina” trapped inside him, which conveniently gives him near-unlimited power whenever he is in trouble.



Joanne Kombat Rowling (sometimes called Just Kidding Rowling on the floor laughing or J.K.R.O.F.L.) is the billionaire who created the Harry Potter books, which are popular with both children and creepy child-like adults. Coming from a poor background, she has risen to become the most powerful woman ever, adored by millions of devoted fans and drooling sycophants.

  • The ‘K’ in her name stands for ‘Kombat’, which she adopted after being advised that young boys only like books with lots and lots of bloody violence. ‘Kombat’ was also the first name of her great-grandmother’s favourite pet lizard, whom she greatly admired. Her graffiti tag is ‘JoKoRo’.




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