WHO AM I ?????

Yet another guy who dreamt of doing it big somewhere but finally ended up working as a software engineer.  For the time being we can skip the history and geography of my life which i intend to officially release along with my autobiography in the future :P.

 I have been writing here for more than 4 years now.  From what started as a way to kill time turned into a passion soon and now has become an integral part of my life. My blog has almost everything that i myself relish reading on, which is why i preferred to write on such topics. From movies, technology to some senseless cribbing,  i have written almost about everything here.

My blogging journey has so far been a great experience.  Having hits close to a million is something that any blogger would be proud of. Ironically,  what has been funny is that some times its the ‘not so good’ post in terms of writing skill that attracts more visitors. Some of my articles on Hacking have contributed more than 30 percent of my total visitor count and some of my best articles which are close to my heart have been, unfortunately, read by very few.  I have known some of the best writers in the blogging world. I sincerly believe that, the more you read better you write. Reading posts by these people has really helped me imporve my writing. Best of all, my perception has changed on various things.

I have now started freelance writing so don’t find much time to update this blog.  But i do believe that one day i would be back like before. If u liked being here or found issues with any posts, feel free to contact me.

For any one who is looking for a freelance writer, drop me a mail at arvind1187(dot)blogger(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment here, i would be glad to help you out.

49 responses to “WHO AM I ?????

  1. I’ll keep this resume in mind when I set up my new firm!

    Just kiddin’:-)

  2. hey cool man….hmmm….n how cud u forget ginny weasley in ur craziest wishes…. if u ever get a chance to go to hogwarts jus tell me i’ll come with u so tat i can see them too…

  3. thanks for ur comments .. for now miss granger is enough 8)
    and if i ever get a chance ..he he..which is impossible ..i would surely take u ..
    RON’s waiting for u there 🙂

  4. oh wow….i’ll d most luckiest girl to meet him…i’m dam carzy abt him….hope ur dream impossible becomes a possible one….

  5. Hey Arvind,
    Myslef too a complete reading buff and one in the never ending queue of the young and unemployed .. a billion thanks to u for arranging the ebooks,and making more readily available to me..God bless you!

  6. brother, first thing, its not wise to display ur mail IDs like this, it will invite spam!!!

    secondly, the link you gave to Orkyt profile is not correct, it will only to take to MY profile (or the homepage of the one who clicks that link)

  7. thanks dude..got that rectified..now u can click my orkut profile 🙂

  8. Hey, I like BSB, too. *Grins*

  9. sentosa :: Well ,thats good we share some common things

  10. may your craziest wishes come true.

  11. AAH , thanks for ur comment .. u are into my blogroll, 😛

  12. where? i can’t see. but i have added. 🙂

  13. yeah…i will add u .but i can hardlyt read ur blog ..

  14. 🙂 http://www.balachandar.net is my personal blog site in Tamil language. i am writing in english here – http://beyondwork.wordpress.com

  15. ok then i wll add that to my blogroll 😛

  16. to explore the universe all alone? ummmmmm, you need to be alone to explore the ‘inner universe’, but the outer universe, take a companion to share. if not a girl, atleast a lap top to blog about it n share with all of us 🙂

    why dont you give the title “one and the only ‘me’ “? becoz the ‘only me’ rhymes with the ‘lonely me’ 🙂

  17. well, i would be glad to have a girl along with me while exploring the universe..
    but u see daring girls are difficult to find who can come alone with me.. 😛
    i too thought about one and only me but then dint want to put an impression on you people that i was blowing my own trumpet…:)

  18. Arvind,

    I googled BIT Mesra and reached this website. I am a graduate of BIT Mesra 2001. I now work and live in the United States. I thought about asking you a question about BIT since you are still a student there.

    Since I am planning a visit to BIT soon (around March), I would need to know when exactly are there any upcoming holidays on campus in March (Holi etc.). I need to make sure that I arrive on campus when my professors are around so that I can meet them.

    Would appreciate if you reply back to my email.

    Thanks much!
    Himanshu Kalra

  19. i dont know why i u got to my site by searching bit mesra..
    i am in no way related to that college..
    so sorry..
    i could help u in any way…

  20. Dude, what is your orkut url?

  21. how did you add shelfari to your wordpress blog? I must know

  22. @ Michael:

    thats just a pic dude…
    not the widget..i wanted one …so just used a pic which looks like a widget 🙂

  23. nice blog…. congrats on your 100000 hits… i have just complete 1100 😉

  24. Your Blog is Very Vast !
    Interesting stuff…

    Will try to be a regular reader… 😉
    ( if i’m away from all the assignments, tests, etc etc that is, ).

    Cheers !!

  25. hi,

    how are u?

    please visit:


    please blog roll me

  26. You have a nice blog. 🙂

  27. hi dood nice blog contact me

  28. I love Dan Brown..Angels and Demons is my personal favorite!

  29. @ balaji
    congratz for ur 1000 mark 😉

    @ priya
    thanks… 🙂

    thanks 🙂

    @ fruitymind
    even mine… 😉
    thanks for dropping by my site.. 🙂

  30. Hi there!! Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Zeynep xx

  31. Hi, nice blog there with loads and loads of posts… 🙂

    Do have a peep into m blog too.. Hope you like it.. 🙂

  32. Nice to meet another Age of Empires fanatic on this WWW where everyone loves Halo and the like! 😀

  33. u have one more weakness, u forgot to mention..aint u?

  34. baleshlakshminarayanan

    Really good blog. Surprised to see someone so similar to me. me too reading similar stuff, AOE fan, cricket is my religion & EC engineer . left chennai recently.

  35. @ joel

    @ ashish..
    nice to meet u too..vvery few aoe fans here

    @ balesh
    do u have blog ??
    u could have left ur blog address

  36. hi Arvind, CONGRATS for the victory, keep springing up with success, we feel proud of you…. yours loving ADARSH.

  37. Nice blog, dude 🙂

  38. Hi 🙂

    Thatz a concise “Who am I ” ..Wow.2,00000 + visits!!!..Will surely come back to read your posts..

    Good day

  39. hey Arvind… Long time, completely revamped blog-look… Sahi hai… ATB!

    And I hope you get ur joining soon! 🙂

  40. Hi,

    My youngest brother Vijayasarathy works for Hexaware too. Do you know him?

    R Sathyamurthy

  41. Merry Saturnalia to you too!!

  42. Hey! Cool stuffs you have here.. gr8..! 🙂
    Keep up!!!

    Btw, talking of Dan Brown, did you read Digital Fortress?? I loved it, but no one else seem to do so.. 😦

  43. BTW a Calvin and Hobbes fan here 🙂

  44. Hey buddy…tried lookin for your email ID but u hvnt mentioned…i need some help with WordPress…I want to add these widgets to my blog but all I am able to add are the ones that are in that wordpress widget list…how can I add these HTML links? Cud u please help me out.
    Mail me at justthinkingloud@gmail.com

  45. Seriously…very informative blog… !….plz reply at my mail.. !

  46. Hello Mr.Arvindh.

    My name is Bharath Reddy Punuru. I was looking at your website and wanted to find out if it would be possible to advertise with you. I would be willing to pay you a monthly fee just to have a link to my website in your blog roll. No need for a banner ad or anything just a link to my site in your blog roll. I don’t know if you are accepting advertisers but basically I would be happy to pay just for a link.

    Please let me know if you have any questions as I assure you I am a serious and would very much like to do business with you.

    Thank you very much,

    Bharath Reddy Punuru

  47. The way you write is super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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