walking down the memory lane

This is my first blog and i have scribbled my journey as a baby to the day i got admission in UE.


i hope u enjoy it 8)


20 years ago on january 1 1987 far south across india in a place called vellore..a baby was born which brought extreme sense of euphoria and joy to the family..As days passed by they named this boy arvind.. obviously that is me 🙂 .During the age of 4 months my family had shifted to a city named FARIDABAD ,an industrial town near delhi, where ppl were very well adapted to live in peace with the all kinds of pollution :p .. As other children i too was naughty ,a bit witty,and a bit reserved (of course i dont remember any damn thing now) but the shyness seemed to dissapear with time..at the age of 4 i was sent to a play school as both my both parents were working that time…though i resented a lot but no body was there to understand me…my mother was a teacher that time and she used to leave me to the play school..i used to watch her leave with those sore eyes 😦 …but it dint help….i was all alone their watching other big boys staring at me with big sinful eyes.those moments were like a nightmare .. i had a fear that they might beat me .This paranoia always used to be pre occupied in my mind which stopped me from talking to anybody and i used to wait eagerly for my mom to return with her hands wide open ,the time when i would be free from that hell(was supposed by me..)
With a blink of an eye one year passed by and my parents began to think about joining me in a school…they applied for DAV public school where my elder sister was studying ..so i was asked to come for a written test which i flunked 8) .. their were lots of vows from my parents that i will do well once i get admission ,but all went in vain…Finally with no choice my parents asked my neibhours help who owned a press and with his help i finally got admission :p ..


i was quite intrested and got excited abt my new school to such an extent that as soon as i returned from school i would prefer to do my home work and would keep my food aside… ironically this dint last for a longer time 🙂 …i soon got engaged in playing cricket and video games..


Years passed like minutes and i found myself in class 8th and indeed ,in a quite precarious position 😦 ..this was one of my most unforgettable periods of life …though i am not that bad student but during my 8th class i found myself drowning as far as academics were concerned… but with a little hard work and lot of smart work(model papers) during the last few days i some how managed to get a reasonable score in the final exams despite almost failing couple of times in maths(hail grace marks 😛 )


9th and 10th were one of the memorable periods in my school life..i lived a perfect teenager’s life ( hope there’s no need to explain that elaborately) and life seemed to be easy and cant forget those moments when me and my friends used to return from school cycling , umpteen number of debates., silly fights, those were the best moments everything went as i wanted it to be..i even managed to get a decent score in my 10th boards..


Then came my 11th std which is supposed be deciding factor in the students life. I took science as my stream and started dreaming of getting into IIT’s ,NIT’s or some other prestigious institution 😮 .


First 6 months went by and i was active in everthing except studies…i was still dreaming of those IIT’s and NIT’s but no body knew what was kept for me in the coming future..after 6 months though i wanted to study well, those god damn chemical reaction and hydrocarbon theories never appeared to creep into my brain and those numericals of motion, friction and gravity seemed to be absurd..it was that time when i thought that MISSION IIT is not only impossible but also implausible 😦 ..so now i had to concentrate on NIT’s.
After managing to clear my 11th , i was on the zenith of my school life. I made the same mistake by starting the new session casually..This was the time when we were dumped with just exams and tests all the time , be it selection test,half yearly or pre board..the exams were very average.


Before i could start preparing from entrance point of view i found just one month remaining for the board..As i thought board marks are nothing more than eye washers..i kept my cool and dint bother to work hard for my board too..In the last few days before exams i managed to skim through some of the model papers and some sure short questions and gained some important points from my books too….exams went by peacefully .Somehow i crossed this hurdle too 8) …..


Now it was the time for entrance…i had given up the idea of IIT already . So was looking forward to get a good rank in AIEEE ..i had applied for CEET entrance also which was for entering my state engineering colleges..and also TNPCEE for TN.


First i started preparing for TNPCEE with their books and beleive me tamil nadu board must be one with the worst standards..i found it easy and left it as it is..infact i did the exam also quite well…now i was in chennai and my parents joined me into some crap entrance coaching center for AIEEE almost a month to go…it was quite a good time for me to interact with students of chennai..it was fun going and coming in train wiht them to a place called mambalam, a lively palce which is alwasy busy with people , in short a shoppers paradise..i found the place so interesting that i forgot the main aim of being there 😛 ..we used to have daily test at the coatching center but instead of studying most students used to get the answers of the test the previous day ,including me .


In the mean time i got a blow when i came to know that here in tamil nadu they include the 12 marks as welll..i knew i got 80 percent which is reasonably good but that what was nothing compared to what students get here .90 -95 percent was normal here ..so another opiton was out..


Now i was becoming quite apprehensive abt my AIEEE too..and when i wrote my exam i knew i was quite right .MISSION NIT was also not going to get accomplished 😦 .I had only one option left CEET but i was not intrested in studying again at the same place ..so without interest i wrote that exam too…now i was getting realy worried. .Gloomy gallows had began to haunt me 😦 .


By now results had come i got 55000 rank in AIEEE..which was too high ..2300 in CEET though i got a seat there but was having it as a second option only thing to worry was that i had no first option….i got cut off of around 230 in TNPCEE which was too low again. I found rest of my future in complete jeopardy :O ..


It was that time when my parents starting thinking abt alternatives and got info abt UE(university of enathur) actual name being SCSVMV(name too long to write here)..so as this college was under shankara mutt i got admission their through some know person there with minimal doanation..college looked pretty good. the only thing to compromise was the palce where it was situated but i was ecstatic that atleast i got a good college
So fianlly i was able get admisssion in some college which i assumed was good 😛 ..


i will share my experiences in my college in next blog..


Any way thanks for reading such a looong blog patiently8) .
i would appreciate ur comments 🙂 …

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33 responses to “walking down the memory lane

  1. LOL! Are we walking on parallel tracks? Thanks to UE! It put us where we weren’t supposed to be! 🙂 Ah! Ppl make wise decisions at time 🙂

  2. hey u really made me think abt my school days too…i walked thro the memories of my school days too…thank u for tat…n i’m waiting for ur next blog on ur coll life…do continue coz u rock!!!

  3. hhhhmmmmmmmm. epdi epdi???

  4. it was a gr8 story but everyone has the more or less this same story. by the way ur marks r good at least better than me.

  5. dude.. really a longgggggggg post. readed maximum. it’s cool
    BTW where are u studying now?
    i blogrolled u… hope u too.

  6. thanks yes i ma in chennai doing my BE ECE ..now in final sem

  7. fine. which college?

  8. SCSVMV ..GOOgle it …its in kanchipuram..urs?

  9. me in PSNA CET u can google that too..

  10. yup i have found it..which department ?

  11. I.T you? but ur coll

  12. I.T you? but ur coll site

  13. I.T you? but ur coll site not

  14. ur coll site is not opening. sorry comments repeated due to n/w problem delete it.

  15. oh..might be some problem…
    check it out later

  16. u from which dept?
    btw what is ur gmail id?

  17. hey there,
    Normally i feel blogs are boredoms in disguise. Never have felt upto going through one. It was a real pure accident that i stepped by yours. Fascinating. But for someone who in the least cares a damn bout his privacy, isnt it unusual to not to have put his pics? Well, not that i’m complaining. curious, you could say. Anyway that was a good and CONCISE;);) autobiography. And if you are going to feel like responding to this, i would suggest you that to my mail address, as i dont think i’ll check in here again.


  18. Great story !
    Though very common for all those students who’ve been grilled to get into IITs/NITs. But, it was a really eyecandy to go thorugh your account.

  19. Good Story :)…

  20. Dear Arvind,
    I think that everyone in this world has an interesting life. Only he needs to enjoy every moment of it.I also got 79% in my UP board exams but couldnt find admission anywhere for 2 yrs.It was just because of lack of confidence.Finally I did my B.Tech. from an IIT and passed out with Honors. After that I worked with IBM for abt 1 yr and now doing Biz.
    So dont

  21. that was a long but an interesting about me. i was actually able to link with certain phases which i myself am going through. dude, xiith is tough. and with just 3 months to go for board it sets me jittery:P
    and hey when are you going to start your next blog….i would surely love to read about your experiences 😆

    Arvind – All the best dude .. Study well ..Dnt crib later like me 😛 ..
    😀 .. next blog ?? u mean about college life ?? I started writing a page…but i thought i cud write a book about it s left it 😛

  22. Hey….

    Really long but i think the best about page i have so far read…I am new to blog world and have added your blog to my blog roll..All the best for your studies and life ahead !!

  23. Hi.. this makes for a very interesting read, i must say.
    How do you manage your studies and writing a blog.. must be quite tough… Even i wanna start writing a blog.. By the way, may i ask…how much do you earn a month through blogging? (hope that wasn’t of of line.. sorry if it was..) Anyway… happy blogging.. cheers.

  24. Hey– Lot of dreams in ur school life but it seems all went in vain, yet u r enjoying ur life.. Quite a big blog, about ur life style.. Shorten it from next time na:o) Good luck ..See you

  25. Hi Arvind,

    Just came across your blog and liked its personal approach very much. Will like to share our new portal called askalo with you. ‘askalo’ stands for ‘ask a local’ and is really a cool way to discover your city. Try it out today. I am sure you will relish the experience and if you like it then please help us to spread the word about it.

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  26. Hi Arvind, Since we are working together for last one and half years, i know abt your life journey little bit but after reading your blog came to know abt your life travel. It was quite interesting and hard to accept the disappointments in every part of your stage and also good to see enjoying the happiness like ways of playing cricket and spending time with friends. But you have managed nicely in both the situations and shaped your life nicely . . .. . All the best for your future!!!!

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