This Week …

… So far has been a forgettable one .


I was in office for almost 65 hours this week including  Saturday.

I am suffering from Severe cold since Tuesday and the virus isn’t even close to leaving my body.  😥

If that was not enough , my computer has been infected from a virus called Rahul’s Virus 🙂 . Cant use my Pen Drive , it shows some stupid error message  having Rahul’s name .  Luckily , I dont see anything else affected by it . Need to get Rid of that anyway. Btw Who is this crackpot – Rahul ? 😡

Morning went to the showroom where i usually buy Clothes , only to find that the guy had chosen the best possible time for the showroom’s  renovation work. Hmph !!

Today’s Match with Australia was called off  too , I wonder why dont we keep buffer days in a tour for matches like these.

My Manni (bhabhi) took my book Malgudy Days . She didn’t know that i was  already half way through that one 😦 . So off  to a fresh Start with The hound of Baskervilles .

Ever since i changed this theme i have been eying to update my sidebar and my header image. I have photoshop in  my pen drive but cant use it .  Would someone tell me that dickhead Rahul’s addres 👿
I just realized that tomorrow is Monday and that makes this week even more awful .

Hope atleast you had a great week  🙂 .  .  Wish me a better Week ahead .  Thanks in advance . Cyaa


32 responses to “This Week …

  1. Mate, I think you need to switch over to Linux Mint. At least have it in a separate partition and arrange for dual boot so that you can boot it in either windows or Linux. In fact, you can just make a Live CD out of Linux Mint and boot from the CD itself to start working in it. Or, you could install Linux Mint from Windows itself virtually (mintforwin). If that sounds like marketing for Linux Mint, I would be a proud user – marketer for them 🙂

    Well, everyone has bad days and u have bad weeks? Lucky you, some people have bad years 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • I need to buy a new system alogethor .. then would definatly try Linux .. mine is quite old 2003 Model 😛 ..
      i have been using it since my 11th ..
      and yeah i am hoping the bad weeks dont convert to bad months 😛

  2. awww…i understand when things simply don’t go right..and add that to being technologically handicapped…man u should sue rahul (never quite liked that name..guess i had too much of it in the 90’s)

    anyhow i bet you’d enjoy ‘hound..’ i did…still go back to it once a while 🙂

    oh n btw…since selling one’s blog isnt as bad as i thought this post of your’s is quite similar to a horrible day i had awhile back…do take a peek

    hope the new week goes awesum 😀


  3. lol 😛 work, work..when has that ever been good?

  4. Hehe…have a great week ahead!
    Btw, are they paying you for extra time!? 😯

    And oh…switch to Ubuntu 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Love the C&H strip. Thanks 🙂

  5. That bad, hun??? 😛 😛

    😆 😆

  6. That was a severe boring day for me too when the match was called off. Anyways, take care mate..!!
    Also, thanks for visiting my blog. Actually, I would say you gave me the motivation to write blogs.
    Take Care 😀

    • me !! your motivation 🙂 .. ah thats exaggeration 🙂 ..anyways thanks for the compliment 🙂 ..
      keep writing 🙂 .. keep up the motivation too 🙂

  7. Oh! That’s a bad bad week!
    Hope you are better now! 🙂
    And the Calvin strips are awesome! Can get you out of any bad mood.. 😀

  8. I wish you a great week ahead.. dun worry things will get better.

  9. Awwww I hope u r better now!! How is this week going?

  10. good to see u back to regular blogging. as long as the moolah rakes in, work doesnt matter. to win some, you lose some 😉

  11. I was not happy when match was called off too. I was waiting for it desperately. I know that error but mine was infected with rohit or raj or something like that. I had to formant my PC all over again. Stupid virus… hate them!

    • I cant afford to format my PC .. i somehow sneaked into my pendrive and yeah next time before formatting try removing them manually .. u can get lot of walkthroughs for removing virus online . 🙂

  12. Tough week 😦
    I hope you have a better week coming up.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog…I’m glad you liked the caricatures. I hope they’d help you fight your virus off:)

  13. Hey, nice blog there! Blog-hopped here 🙂

    Lol @ “Who the hell is Rahul”? 🙂

  14. yeh me wondering too ki Who is rahul…

    hope the week got better and you are having some relief now .. take care
    and agree with u on buffer days for matches. out of 3 only one had a result .. but hey we did excellent in the test matches …


    • yeah the week has been better … 🙂 and the test series was indeed amazing .. these days we are getting more results aren’t we ??
      that makes test matches so much more interesting ..

      • yeah they are.. cant wait for the indian team to tour UK, os i can get to see them live in action …

        • Cool. . may u then u could wave your hand when the camera is focussing at you .. i would look to take a snap of it and blog about it 🙂 lol .. ..jokes apart ..
          england series is going to be wonderful … 😛 ..

  15. Rahul’s virus? an Indian hacker eh? interesting.. btw I dont like this new template of yours much.. The space for your post is kinda squeezed because of the two sidebars.. just my opinion

  16. oh … sorry i missed to reply this … 🙂
    hehe . may be a indian hacker or a guy just copied some codes and changed the names 🙂 ..
    btw how is my new template

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