Big Boss 4

Big Boss , as most of you know,  is a reality show  that has been Copied recreated on the Indian television on the lines of Big Brother. And Big Brother, again u must have known, was responsible for bringing back Shilpa Shetty to limelight. Thanks to the racial controversy created by Jade Goody at the Big Brother, She was able to win with around 60 percent of the  votes, after which her life was never the same :).

I did not follow the earlier Big Boss Seasons, for the very fact that i hate reality shows( ofcourse, not all 😐 ) . I have , however,  seen some episodes of this season.  Honestly speaking the series keeps up a good suspense and so much of drama through out the show  that you are tempted to watch the next episode too, no wonder, the show has high TRP ratings .

Anyways, I Don’t understand some basic points regarding the show – What is the point in bringing a bunch of people (half of them unknown)   into a house and recording almost every part of their daily lives  ?? Do the Celebrities pay to get into the Big Boss House or Do they get paid for becoming a part of the show ? because i heard that Shilpa shetty had to pay some amount to get into Big Brother. And Why is the show called  BIGG BOSS and not BIG BOSS ? 🙂

Khali in Big Boss ??

The  latest edition to Big Boss 4 has been “The Great Khali”. If you have watched Wwe then u might just be able to recognize him. He was a sensation in the Wwe  Universe due to his size and weight ,when he joined. He won Wwe Championship too which almost all the top English News channels Covered as if he had won some Olympics gold Medal . Everyone knows that Wwe is more or less like Indian drama  everything scripted to lure the audience  but who cares even the news channels these days have become kind of commercialized.   That was more than 2 years back i guess, Now he is like,  everyone just comes and beats the hell out of him and may be thats why he is here to participate in the Big Boss season 4 😛 . Whatever it may be there are a lot of Wwe fans like me who would be switching ON their TV’s just to catch the glimpse of  what this huge wrestler does in the house .The Trick of Bringing Khali in Might just work out for the producers:) .

And yeah If you are unaware of the contestants participating in Bigg Boss 4 then might want to read this. . I mean honestly i dint know half of them ,at first. Thanks to google and Wikipedia 🙂


ANCHAL KUMAR is from Chandigarh. She is an model who has done some minor roles in some indian movies like Fashion and Bluffmaster.


ABBAS KAZMI is a criminal lawyer hailing from mumbai who is supposidly the lawyer of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack accused Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab.


ASHMIT PATEL is a actor by profession. Acted in  murder along with mallika sherawat. He was involved  in a MMS scandal along with his co-star withgirlfriend Riya Sen.


Ali Saleem  is a Pakistani television host, actor, scriptwriter who cross-dresses as a woman wearing a sari and asks influential guests provocative questions in his show “Late Night with Begum Nawazish Ali”.


Devender aka Bunty Chor has been accused of robbery and was on the most wanted list of Delhi police. Dibakar Banerjee has made a film on him, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, where Abhay Deol played the protagonist.


Dolly Bindra is a television actress. She featured in the serial Mere Apne on 9x channel. She has also done few supporting roles in films like Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?. She entered the Bigg Boss house on Day 21 as the second wild card entry.


Hrishant Goswami (age 25) is a model and winner of the 2004 Gladrags Manhunt contest.


Khali also known as The Great Khali is an Indian professional wrestler. Khali can be seen  World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) . He was once a heavy weight champion in WWE.


Manoj Tiwari  is a Bhojpuri Movie actor, singer and director who acts in Bhojpuri films. He seems to have acted in around 30 movies.


Rahul Bhatt ( son of MAhesh Bhatt)  is an Indian fitness trainer and an actor. The son of famous film director Mahesh Bhatt.


Sakshi Pradhan was the winner of Splitsvilla. She regained popularity when she was involved in a MMS Scandal in which she was performing Oral Sex with the director of the reality show Splitsvilla.


Samir Soni is an banker turned Actor who has acted in a number of movies like China gate, bagban and also acted in popular TV soaps like Jassi Jaisi koi nahi


Sara Khan (age 21) is an Indian model and actress. She won the Miss Madhya Pradesh title in 2007, the Best New Talent award given by in 2008, and the STAR Parivaar Award for the “Best Patni” (Best Wife) category in 2009. She rose to fame for her character, Sadhna, in Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai.


Seema Parihar is a former woman bandit and a member of Indian political party, Samajwadi Party. ‘Wounded’ – a film based on the real-life story based on her and she acts as herself in the movie.


Shweta Tiwari  is an Indian television and film actress with her claim to fame is of the role of Prerna in Balaji Telefilms’s popular television show Kasautii Zindagii Kay that used to be aired on STAR Plus. .


Veena Malik  is a Pakistani actress who claimed that her former boy friend Mohammad Asif is involved in spot fixing scandal


Yeah before publishing this one, A simple Question for you guys – If you were given a chance to take part in a show like this . What would be your decision ?? 😀

57 responses to “Big Boss 4

  1. I hate such reality shows. It makes a big ASS of the viewer…that’s what it does. I like shows like KBC and all, where there are no backstage games being played!
    And oh…Emotional Atyachaar! That one, I like. Cheaters being caught…hehhehehe…what sadism, eh!? 😀

    All the rest are weird.

    • i have not even seen one episode of emotiona atyaachaar . however i did see some news channel where some analysis was going on that . 🙂 KBC however rocks 🙂

    • डाली के कल के कारनामे बेहद खतरनाक थे . तकलीफ तब हुई जब बिग बॉस ने कुछ कार्यवाही नहीं की . किसी व्यक्ति के भुत काल में झाकने की अनुमति किसी को भी नहीं देनी चाहिए . बिग बॉस तुरंत कार्यवाही करें आइन्दा बिग बॉस में आने से पहले लोग सोचेंगे . बिग बॉस की image भी ख़राब होगी.

  2. never in my lifetime I would take part in such a show!! I am unable to understand how people love to watch Big Boss!

  3. Its truly boring and to be locked and watched by others hell no!!! giving too much hype to raise TRP ratings…never in my life…

  4. whoa.. welcome aboard, Arvind!

    Good to see you after a long time 🙂

  5. Sure man.. It’d b great fun to be in a show like this.. and a great learning watching it on the other hand, is too boring

  6. I havent bothered to see this time’s Big boss. Even though entry of khali is kinda tempting. But I would rather see this guy in wwe than in a home. I prefer WWE…. Vince is a genius. He makes damn good shows!

    • yes. .as far as i have seen the show till now even i would see him in WWE . But there too he isn’t making much impact ..he just comes out to the ring to get beaten up 🙂 ..
      and yeah Vince has been amazing to keep the wwe moving with his shows

  7. I found the show pretty boring.. cant understand how people can watch it.. some random drama at a house dint interest me.. I would never take part in it 🙂

  8. Hey! My first time here! 🙂
    I really like your blog, it’s my kinda thing! 😀

    And Bigg Boss is called bigg boss cos of some numerology thingys that these people love to follow.

    And usually famous people are put there. But they’ve run out of jobless famous people and hence had to bring in some vague “apparently famous” people. And they’re not exactly recording their daily lives. They’re made to conspire against each other to bring in spice. It’s just like a regular TV soap, except this is 24 hrs…
    It could be rather entertaining I guess. I don’t really follow it.

    P.S: I’m adding you to my reader

    • hey welcome here 🙂 I am glad that u liked my blog : ).
      although the stuff they do there is funny and wierd it still creates a lot of interest if u watch it for a couple of weeks.

      Thanks for adding me . .I have added yours too 🙂

  9. a gud show is going before sending DOLLY BINDRA..i must say:wah big boss…a fantastic job by sending DOLLY BINDRA in the house..if big boss have 2 send such type of vulgar women in the house,then shame on big we see such type of show with our families..if u r doing this 4 TRP then plz close this show….after watching 25th october episode i feel that rather than watching big boss 4,its better 2 go in a backward street n watch alot of womens quarreling n abusing each other.,..

  10. डाली के कल के कारनामे बेहद खतरनाक थे . तकलीफ तब हुई जब बिग बॉस ने कुछ कार्यवाही नहीं की . किसी व्यक्ति के भुत काल में झाकने की अनुमति किसी को भी नहीं देनी चाहिए . बिग बॉस तुरंत कार्यवाही करें आइन्दा बिग बॉस में आने से पहले लोग सोचेंगे . बिग बॉस की image भी ख़राब होगी.

    • yes sab dolly ko bol ke bheja hoga.. jaake jhagda karo .. automatically TRP ratings badengi … mujhe nahi lagta big boss ki waise bhi koi image hai 🙂 ..
      comment ke liye dhanyawaad ,.. 🙂

  11. ppl lyk dolly shouldnt b allowd to stay in house by big boss… i thnk trpz r nt everythn to b prefrd … shez spoilin a grlz image on a national tv

  12. BigBoss rocks!!! as now with Khalli, Bindra, and even some more are expecting wildcard entry its really exciting, little different then the normal bakwas daily soap. this is a bit natural no any acting everything is real….
    so if one ask comparison between BB or KBC then BB has taken the cake and highest TRP…

  13. Both Tiwaris are the Villian of the house, especially Manoj Tiwari!!!

    I would like Seema/ Hrishant / Ashmit to see in the final they are best among everyone

  14. Oh MY GOD! i just see 28th october episode and its such a mess…i dont believe it that Seema ji is playing the politics..yaar Dolly said to sara that”mein tum se baat karun gi,tum ho mere sath poori raat.”n seema ji was standing there while this conversation is going on.but when they went in, she denied about this.i know sara is exaggeratring, its her habit but infact seema ji ko bolna chahiye tha k dolly ji ne ye kaha tha. i hav seen the episode several times just to make sure that seema ji was standing there or, i think that all the contestants r fake n they r just doing this 4 the sake of money…

    • did u notice that some of the members have slowly started supporting Dolly’s views.. ashmit for example .. .
      and sara was just doing natak nothing else ..
      the house is really is a big big mess ..and i am expecting more of it now as the unity between the members is about to break

    • so true. i am not sure about whether its politics or what from seema’s side but dolly did say that and if someone dolly’s size and voice tells me that trust me i will think its a threat too

    • now you have realised ??? how late…. n it’s not necessary that if Seema g was standing there then she was listening to the unwanted conversations b/w the two….. n also sara did not exactly copied dolly’s words in front of all ppl… may b thats y Seema g did not take sara’s side .. n also aal inside are being paid per day… so of course evrybody will try to increase their stay inside… by wateva wa…

  15. hi manoj tiwari . you are doing a best in all housemets . so please play a very care fully

  16. salman bhai lage raho aap to aap hai accho accho ke baap hai

  17. Hi THE GREAT KHALI I think that you are perfct for the winner of BIG BOSS 4 ……………………………….. And Ithink veena malik is also fit for it…………….

  18. Hi….my first time here too!!

    I thought ur blog was what mine would have been….i had not followed earlier seasons for the same reason u said….but yes….m watching this too….

    Dolly is surely the vamp of this reality show….sara did exaggerate, but dolly had told her that line and seema was there….why didnt she support her??

    and can anyone tell me how the hell did dolly win over sameer, ashmit n all??

    even sameer??
    even ashmit???
    how were the telling her she’s right in the restroom, how???

    I havent seen sara talkin ill of shweta(i dont see every episode…)
    but i had seen veena…..agreeing with dolly,but she came to shweta after the legendary fight

    • didnt veena agree with dolly when dolly said that if someone with that face cooks how can the food be digested. (I am trying to translate the conversation from hindi to english so maaf kar do). why didnt sara nominate veena on her way out why sameer. sara is so stupid. she was angry with veena for not taking her side on 28th oct episode and she nominates sameer

  19. ishfaq rather Bandipora kasgmir

    congrats the salman khan ji n al d viewrs make bigboss 4 very mch popular rathr thn prvs 3. It realy rocks. I wud like n i wud wish veena malik will win.

  20. dolly dirt inside big boss house bhaga do usko

  21. Big boss is gettin more dirty in d race of gettin counted amongst the toppers….. it would be better that you try good n heathy ways to reach to the top ….. not the dirty ways like Dolly … it’s totally evident that all that is happening is fake…

  22. Big Boss is real fake n scripted.. now its confirmed. I saw tomorow’s episode n i was shocked to c dat.
    Dolly has been introduced deliberately knowing dat she had sour relation with Shweta. Dont know
    how come this romance started b/w Ashmit and Veena. Both are hell persons though n Sara watching
    everything from her room n crying :(.. I wonder Seema Parihar was a real dakoit or…

  23. Bohot hi bakwas show hai baihoda pan stupid

  24. Agar ashmit aur veena ko nikal diya to phir mein kaho gi kai ”this show is best”

  25. muje pata nahi ke pakistan ke logo ko kuyu big boss mai liya jo un logo ne hamare liye kiya wo thik ta kiya, muje lagta hai ke seema or rishat win hoge i love him his so cute.
    his good medel am sure his got bake in bollywood after big boss
    i love u rishant

  26. hii my first time mai es show ko dekhti hu mujhe show thik laga tha but javse Dolly es House mai agae h tabse ye show bakbas hogaya h mujhe lagta h bigg boss ne Dolly ko batakar bheja h ki apko esi tarah se battamiji karni h ye show bahut nhi chalega bcoz harkoe esmai past par puhuch jatah vonhi hona chahiye i love Seema or Aanchal yahi win honge Thanks ….

  27. wat the hell is bigboss doin rahul bhat the most genuine and straight forwrd guy is out and all ass holes r there i give a damn to bigboss…..

  28. I this this serial is fake…. they are cooking-up the stories just for TRP… Big boss mustt have told Dolly to do all that nonsesnse.. after here entry i lost my instrest.. i thnk sara should get eliminated now since she gor married she should enjoy her married life…

  29. before DOLLY came .. show was nice .. but after her ..its HELL !
    I’d never want to be in such a chow with House mates like DOLLY … and most disturbing thing is BIG BOSS is supporting dis …very sad …
    I love Manoj Tiwari … he so well behaved !!!

  30. aaj sameerji sahi hai dolyji ko apne aap ko samaj ne k liye aisa insaan ka saamna hona zaroori hai or big bos ko hit rehne k liye rool se zyada nyay ka saat dena zaroori hai aaj k baad doliji ko sameerji zindagi bar yaad rahenge smeerji jaisa insaan hi doli jaisa insaan ka thod hai…………..

  31. hi big boss, I watch big boss regulary but very upset on your part for evicting sameer. He is a thorough gentleman, rather stupid khali and bitch, sand, moti, third class dolly should be thrown out of the house. Feeling very bad for sameer. Don’t be baised big boss. Plssssssssssssssssssssssss sameer do not go. With love Chinu

  32. I have few points on today’s episode of Big Boss.
    1. From whatever has been shown in the episode(only in 1 Hr) it appears the most important person on the show is been out of the mind & that is Bigg Boss himself. How can be a brave person(Sameer Soni) trying to shut the big mouth of a lady (sorry for giving respect to Dolly) be evicted and was thought of being provoking her (which the other housemates could not coz of cowardiness)
    2. Its said that a bad fish makes the whole pond bad, the bad fish in today’s episode was the Pakistani(Veena Malik), she recalled from her 0 bytes memory that Sam provoked the big mouthed lady(sorry again guys) which was untrue.
    3. Now the third convict was Mr Great Wrestler with as small brain as Huge Body, who never stopped Big Mouthed Lady(BML) from using abusive words and touching Shweta, but had pushed Sam away from her (which nobody would like to come close to anyways)
    4. The 4th convict was Ashmit, who without giving a thought agreed to the Pakistani coz she gives him a female companionship.
    5. The victims of today’s episode, Shweta and Sam were right in any sence, the Gr8 Sam for his bravery and shweta to decide to leave home with him as a gratitude towards his support in the fight.
    6. Other Housemates: Hrishant(the cool guy in wrong company of Ashmit and sara), Sara(silent but not good enough), Seema(Intelligent in taking decisions), Manoj(said right abt the wrestler to say sorry for taking the wrong side and pushing the right{Sam})
    And about the I&B ministry of putting the show on 11pm slot(doesn’t affect me, I can rewind any time on my icontrol) and showing the moral policing, where is the moral police gone when ministers like Kalmadi/A Raja take bribe and put the Hard earned Taxman’s money in Swiss banks and don’t even get a notice, and do they think that this gives a good impression on the kids who learn to be corrupt and stealing money??? Ya by the way from when does the I&B ministry opening the office and giving comments after 9pm in night, coz when I go to any govt office, they stop doing work after 5pm (which they dnt do either before 5pm)

  33. Kal 17 Nov 2010 ka episode dekh ke yahi laga ki Big boss bhi insaaf nahi karte Smeer ko nikalna bilkul galat hai kyoki usne Dolly ke khilaaf awaz uthaee jo ki ek dum sahi tha Dolly ek Bakwas , badtameez , third class lady jo Big boss ke ghar me rahne ke layak nahi hai , jiska ek ourat hona hi gunah hai kyoki ourat ki ek maryada hoti hai jo wo nahi jaanti. Hum log big boss is liye nahi dekhte ki roz Dolly ki gandi galiyan sunne ko mile balki is liye dekhte hai ki alag alag tarah ke log kaise ek ghar me rahte hai our kab tak rahte hai our unki life ke kuch an jaane pahloo se wakif hote hai. Sameer ek superb , well educated person and bogg boss 4 jitne ka sahi haqdaar hai. Big boss se meri ye request hai ki Sameer ko nikaalne ke bajae Dolly and Khali ko nikale kyoki aaj tak dolly ki kisi bhi badtameezi pe khali ne kuch nahi kaha balki ek sahi aadmi ko roka jo dolly ke khilaf khada tha yaha tak ki usko dhakka diya .khali kya andhe ho gae the jab Dolly ne shweta ka haath jhatka our use maarna chaha??? Khali ki mai bahut respect karta tha kyoki WWE me koi indian to hai jo fight jeet sakta hai lekin afsos unke pass ek accha dil , accha insaan hone ka koi saboot nahi hai jo ki ek galat lady ka sath de raha hai.
    Hum fir big boss se request karenge ki Sameer ko wapas laae our khali sab se maafi mange warna BIG BOSS ki emage kharab to ho hi rahi hai hum apni voting bhi band kar denge our logo se bhi request karenge ki ye show na dekhe .. jaha gaaliya baki jaae our sahi insaan ke sath insaaf na ho.

  34. It seems that big boss is rigged to make dolly(screaming witch) bindra the winner. Either it is a punjabi link with the organisers or her link with dara singh which is seeing this foul mouthed lady with an unladylike behaviour and foul mouth through the programme to probably be declared the winner. Same reason sees the lame brain khali through. So its basically a programme for the PUNJABI community to get richer with their uncouth behaviour and nepotism coming out in the open on tv.
    Chak de phatte – vah punjabi! oye oye.

  35. I think ….Big Boss is a planned game sometimes….even I feel partial to people. Bcos Ashmit Patel…who is a mannerless guy….got safe from nomaination twice & that was all bcos THE BIG BOSS gave the right to two evicted people(Sara & Veena)..the rights to safe one person from next weeks nomination & both Sara & Veena were very very close to Ashmit….This is bullshit….

  36. Ab aya Oont pahad k niche !
    I am sure, thats what BIGBOSS is thinking right now.
    Its quite evident since beginning, BIGBOSS himself is ‘pro-Dolly/Ashmit/Veena/Khali(let me say Dolly&Co)’ and ‘anti-sameer/shweta/seema(Sameer&Co)’.Believe me ! it pains me when I say that. For, I have been quite a follower of BB since its 1st season and this time BB is certainly showing strong symptoms of ‘Favouritism’. All though, Favouritism is not a big issue with me since everyone has favourites, its the way BB is achieving those ulterior targets, trampling all the morals, ethics and fooling millions of viewers. Oh yes ! I do have strong reasons when I say that.
    Importantly! without any doubt whatsoever, one can say Sameer&Co is the public’s-choice to win this show. Whatever may be the ultimate outcome !(I seriously doubt it at this stage), but Sameer&Co is surely more towards sanity ( & perhaps more away from BB-ki-marzi).
    I say this because, BB has been consistent in acting against Sameer&Co, be it stalling of Public-votings (when KHALI was nominated), OR saving VEENA by empowering DOLLY at right time (poor MANOJ was made a scapegoat then). The real clincher however was, Operation-Elimination-SEEMA, by conducting absurd-nominations at the hands of then captain-KHALI. Even a child could predict then, which pair KHALI would nominate.
    BB certainly has a soft spot for DOLLYji. Only SARA dared to point a finger and she was promptly thrown out of the show. Her ouster was well planned and superbly executed. During her eviction-week, her videos were thrown to the news hungry channels and her image was systematically decimated leading her to eviction. Poor girl! And its all called ‘Apka Farmaan’. Hah ! what a Joke ! Blame it all on the viewers.
    Not only this,BB-via-Salman, took pride in explaining how justified BB was when DOLLY was reinstated into the show after a public voting (Sameer-Dolly clash). Oh yeah ! don’t sell me that ! SAMEER was clearly foxed into this one. Sensing public ire, SAMEER was instantly sent back into the house and since DOLLY was a real TRP-raiser, BB cleverly accommodated her. Or else, WHY DIDN’T BB CONDUCT A PUBLIC-VOTING BETWEEN DOLLY & SAMEER THEN ? TO DECIDE AS TO WHO WAS A BETTER/DESERVING CANDIDATE TO RE-ENTER THE HOUSE. Now answer that one BB. Dum Hai? Okay ‘Mr.Great BB’, let me make it easier for you. You could have also added the names of all the other untill-then-eliminated-members to that poll-list. Howzzzat! Ha ha ha. So that, poll-thing was just an eye-wash.
    BB has been taking all liberty in bending rules to torment Sameer&Co. eg- whenver a member from Dolly&Co goes out, they are given a choice to nominate(certain-nomination) one person and contray to this when a Sammer&Co member goes out, they are asked to give routine-2-nomination-names. Similarly during Captains’s-nomination, Dolly&Co is blessed with single-nomination- power while Sameer&Co has to be satisfied with routine-2-name-nominations. To top the crime-list, BB has this time let the captain SHEWTA to be amongst nominations. SHAME ON YOU BB! I can see whats cooking in there. BB is out to get SAMEER/SHWETA. I am sure this time some surprises like Double-Evictions are in store. Certainly then, some one among SHWETA&SAMEER will have to walk out along with DOLLY. Great Plan!! BB. BB4 is certainly taking viewers for a ride.

  37. BB 3
    Pravesh Rana scoring above Poonam- Suspicious & Shocking.

    BB 4
    Dolly scoring above Sameer Soni (Sameer’s 2nd eviction)- Very Very Shocking & BB’s tyranny established beyond doubt.

    As a fan of BIGG BOSS, I am devastated.
    Have lost all faith in BIGG BOSS.
    It has become a mere money-churning machine for the makers of BB. They have lost all values, morals & ethics, and have also sacrificed the just image of BB. Want to say, SHAME ON YOU BB!
    But, on introspection, I will say, SHAME ON ME! for watching show like BB3 & BB4. No issues further! I am retiring as a fan&viewer of BIGG BOSS, forever. Want to say only this to BB, you have lost a loyal-viewer of all 4 seasons. Bye BB! You will never hear from me again.

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