Orkut Profiles Copied ??

I have been orkutting since the last one and half years , perhaps to be precise i have been wasting time since then 🙂 . To be very frank there was a time when i was completely obsessed about it .i dont know why but i wanted to increase my friends and my fans list as quickly as possible and my lust for more and more scraps was just implacable.However gradually, i got bored of it.. i had even thought how stupid i had been till now ,sending umpteen number of anonymous request and scrapping just to get my scrapbook filled 🙂 . But today i realized that i am not the lone guy here, the orkut is full of morons ..

Actually i always wanted my profile to look good and attractive..so i usually used to waste hours changing my profile and updating my abt me column …i had used a completely different font in my profile by using some javascript and i edited it according to my taste..

Today when i was checking my profile i clicked one of the books name in the books column by misktake (they appear as links).As soon as i clicked that, orkut began searching for that book name ..As the book was in a diff. font only 8 items came in the search results column..Casually i clicked one of the profiles ,i found that his interest and my interest were quite similar.i looked at the whole profile it took no time for me to know that ,except the abt me column, everything was same .Infact he had copied that from my profile…it was because of font (that i had customized ) , that i became aware that he had copied mine…then i clicked the next searched profile it was again same ,copied everything except the abt me part ,from A to Z every thing.. but it was the next two profiles that shocked me . When i saw,i found even the about me part copied ditto ,line by line. I had written some silly things in my “personal column”and those guys had copied even that ..i was totally astonished not because they they had copied after all plagiarism is not so uncommon on web, but because the abt me part is supposed to have some individuality .. but this astonishment turned to a complete laughter in no time, i was literally in convulsions ..

What happened was that those morons had copied the abt me part along with my name

i had blabbed there like this..

Я îghtËøµ§
Й Īƒt¥

which forms my name ..

and those guys dint notice that and copied..

and at the end also i had written

Ŕєgιѕтєяє∂ тσ ♥ ARVIND™ ♥ ®

คℓℓ яιgнтѕ яєѕєяνє∂ ву Θякυт ¢σρ

and they dint bother to change that too

another thing that i noticed that the guys also dint delete the movie names. I had written many movies under various categories like hindi tamil telugu english…

and they copied the tamil and telugu movies too which by no way is related to them…

i wonder how long it goes unnoticed by them..

anyhow i enjoyed this incident very much ..hope it bought grins in some of ur faces ..

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Orkut Profiles Copied ??

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3 responses to “Orkut Profiles Copied ??

  1. wowowow….That was some stuff! : ) Gotta see how many ppl have copied my profile! lol

  2. he he..dont forget to blog if u find it..

  3. they must’ve been so obsessed with ur profile tat they copied even ur name…hehehe…there’s of course no limit for stupidity as u said….

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