Hacked !!!!

Popular job site has revealed that about 1.3 million users info has ben hacked by some malicious people with in this week. Hackers used servers from ukrain and some home PC’s that were hijacked and sent malicious mail pretending to be from monster admin. unfortunately many people fell into this phishing technique and ended up revealing some confidential info.

However the site claims that nothing too confidential has been stolen from the site .The site holds about 73 million resumes globally and daily thousands of resumes are uploaded into the site..

2 responses to “ Hacked !!!!

  1. Well what do I say? That really sucks. My resume was also there on their website. I don’t really like Monster jobs because so many people apply for it and the result is that I never get a call. It’s such a waste of time.

  2. welll,,yeah these job websies sucks unless u have some experience…

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