INDIA ON A ROLL – Twenty 20 cricket at its BEST

What a match it was ? India finally managed to win over the Aussies after 20 years in a world cup to reach the finals head to head against India’s favorite opponents in the game PAKISTAN.

India had managed to score 189 runs in the prescribed 20 overs . The start was a bit rusty with sehwag asking for a runner ,50 odd runs in first 9 overs was not what should be expected in a 20 20 game format that too verses the formidable team like Aussies . Thanks to the brilliant awe inspiring know by yuvraj which helped india to make a decent total.Uthappa too played his part well and i guess he is just the kid of player 20 20 format needs. Dhoni played the cameo with his powerful shots that gave india the perfect finish.

Any score agaisnt australia can’t be considered enough .With the batting depth they have and the habit of winning mathces made look india the least favourites to win the match. That proved out to be almost correct ,thanks to the last 3 overs that turned the match. India kept picking wickets at the most crucial stages of the game and with ponting missing in the team midde order was a bit sensitive. Symonds and hayden nearly took the game away from india ,thanks to srishanth and harbajan who picked their wickets when badly needed. Their wickets were the turning point of the match according to me.

With a relatively new team , missing the mail 3 seniors,india’s road to the finals has been incredible . India has played like champions ever since the bowl out match verses pakistan.Ofcourse the match agaisnt new zeland was a heart break for the fans ,after making a breath taking 76 of just 6 overs.Match agaisnt England was the best match of the series . Yuvraj’s 6 sixes in an over after a small muddle with flintoff was the highlight .That match too was a nail biter. South Africa managed to keep its reputation as chokers ,loosing the matches when it mattered the most . India Bowling was one of the best i have ever seen leaving the extras that sreeshanth gave :P. And Finally the last hurdle too has been crossed . I dont know why but it feels so glad and ecstatic to beat Aussies. The very first words that came into my mind when symonds was out was “fuck off” ,i was more happy aussie losing than India winning. May be because of the domination that australians have been able to exert on the mordern cricket. I guess its time that somebody like India 🙂 takes on from here.

I just cant wait to see the finals,INIDA VERSES PAKISTAN  the  best finals cricket fans can ever witness.Just imagine the crowds that is going to  rush into the ground.. With both the teams in great form another nail biting game is on the cards.

5 responses to “INDIA ON A ROLL – Twenty 20 cricket at its BEST

  1. Yer, this team is really shocking everybody and proving all the critics wrong. It’s an India Pakistan final after like 20 years too and should be great to watch. We should never underestimate the Pakistani’s either.

  2. yeah u are right?? who would have expected it to be in the final…
    and pakistan is playing good..all players are in form..
    especially shahid afridi is the danger man ..

  3. Dude, update the blog with our BIG win. CONGRATULATIONS! Well, I have my post here:

  4. east or west ,India is the best..chakde India… 🙂

  5. New name of twenty20cricket is xxxxcricket

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