Before you jump into conclusions let me tell you clearly that if any of you came to check out some review about the movie IRON MAN then i am extremely sorry to say you are in the wrong place. This post of mine just shows an outburst or u can say rant and rave describing the difficulties i faced to watch this movie.As the Title says IT was nothing less than a mission impossible for me to reach the theater where it was being played.

It all started with a call from one of my friends ganeshan (gannu) asking for me to come for the movie ( 1 pm show at satyam ) which we had been planning for quite some days now but every time it got canceled for some or the other reason. Today too , Unfortunately i had some work which was already getting delayed from past 1 week ,so i said him a flat NO and asked him not to book ticket for me 😦 .

Then as i was preparing to go out for that important work at about 10:30 i got a call again from gannu who seemed to be in a bad mood this time .I asked him his problem and he told me that mistakenly he has booked 3 tickets for them 2 times 😛 .So which counts 6 tickets totally for just 3 persons .He asked me to come to the movie in any case as he dint want the tickets to get wasted. i said YES half heartedly keeping in mind the Blistering sun that was out in the sky 😦 .

Satyam complex is about 20 -25 KM away from my house so i started at about 11:30 which is still quite early for a 1 pm show.I went to TAmbaram santorium station got myself a ticket to chrompet (to catch a bus from there) .I waited there for a few mintues and looked down at my the watch , it showed 11:40 no train!! I waited, waited and finally the train came and when i got down at chrompet which ironically is just the next station to sanatorium , the time was 12 sharp.I had a comfortable 1 hour before the show could was schelduled to start. 5 mintues went by and with that about 10 buses passed by but none of the buses among them was to my destination . Thank goodness they had just built a well shaded bus stand so i was able to stand in that scorching sun .5 minutes became 15 minutes there was still no clue of the bus ,i needed to get into . I was getting quite peevish and started thinking of returning back but then dint cuz it was a loss to gannu ( each god damned ticket had costed 120 bucks that means 120×3 bucks waste for 3 extra tickets ).

Finally i saw a bus 18 E , far and instantly looked at my watch , 12:20 ( 40 minutes is the actual time from that place to satyam complex) so felt relieved . just as the bus came near the stop it sped along instead of slowing down. BAST##D !!! that was my first reaction .i was clueless why he did like that.The time in my watch was 12:23 and I was helpless. I needed to wait .I waited again and the when the bus came it was 12:36 i knew i would be late so i called gannu and asked him to come out once i reach the satyam complex.

Adding insult to the injury the bus dint seem to move ,it was literally crawling on the road..I wanted to go to the driver and shout put on the accelerators you AS# #### . but again i was helpless I waited again and cursed myself . It was as if i had to wait till eternity ,when i was finally near my destination the time in my watch was 1:20 . Actually the stop is about 500 meters away from the theater so i thought of getting down in the signal . MY lucky day the signal was green and the bus went right ahead and stopped at spencers (one of the malls in the city) bus stop . SO now i had to go back again on the same road in which i had come . BLoody hell ! i ran like i had never before till the theater came to my sight. I had literally bathed in my sweat :angry: .Went to a shop near the theater got 2 packets of drinking water , gulped them and went inside the multiplex. Luckily another guy was late too and he was waiting for me with the tickets.

A final look down on my watch , itshowed 1:30. i thought OK , 120 bucks , 1 hour wait in red hot sun ,a drive in a motarized bullock cart and a 500 meter sprint all for a movie .What the hell !!.I must be insane. We Went inside and located our seats which was an arduous job too as it was quite dark and i made myself comfortable but thanks to my sprint the AC was of no use i was still sweating badly. AT a point of time i thought of removing my T-shirt 😛 but then thought abt the level of decency they maintain there and more over no one would be able to see my six pack abs 😛 in the darkness so dropped the idea 😉 .

With no other go i had to just sit adjust and watch the movie . How boring .!!

Phew!! Luckily the movie turned out to be pretty good. Nice story line . Awesome Special effects . And a funny climax.I guess we could expect a wonderfull IRON MAN PART 2.

Ok. now that u have come so far u could have a look at the review here. 😛 I am in no mood to make the post further long by writing a review and moreover it would be bizaare to read a review from a guy who went for that movie 30 mintues late 😉 .

28 responses to “MISSION IRON MAN !!!

  1. 😆 What a day!!!
    I saw the movie in City center and without ant of the problems you faced. But remember, it could have been worst. 😛 You could have reached when the end credits were rolling. 😛
    And thanks for linking me. 🙂

  2. Lol, muft mein parade ho gayi tumhaari. I still haven’t seen Iron Man. Lagi hui hai theatre mein par paise hi nahi hain. :/

  3. @ amit
    INOX is always full …and moreover if i am not wrong it has just one show night show..so coulnt go to city center…it would been easy for me to go as i have got a straightt bus for city center 🙂 ..
    anyways as us said it would have been been worst.. 😛

    @ ish
    he he …haan… 😉 i owuld never forget this show 😛
    aur paise nahi hain toh ghar mein maang le na.. 😛 its good …or else jab net hai toh kya gam hai…
    download it man. .. 😀

  4. lol,i am still to watch this movie..lol sometimes its takes an hour to make it to sathyam from t-nagar ,let alone tambaram 🙂

    btw u planning to post on youth unite?

  5. @ vishesh

    and yeha i would love to contribute something…out of topics now …want to post something special..

  6. So much hardwork for a movie!!! That too with a guy!!! Lolz 😀 😛

  7. @ reema
    yeah … [:d]

    jab ladki tyaar na ho toh ladke ke saath hi jaan padega na [:P]

  8. @arvind
    hahahahahahahahahahaha… :mrgreen: hillarious…..yaar wish i cld see u running n having a bath in ur own paseena…yuck!!!! waise movie acchi thi na…so u shld nt have ne complaints…. 🙂 n yeah i agree with reema???? actually mujhe doubt hai…kya itni mehnat tune sach mein ladki k liye kii????? 😉 as u know mujhe tujhpar 24 hrs doubt rehta hai 😆

  9. Dont worry. Iron Man part II is on the way. So catch up with part I in TV before that !!!

  10. Phew! read the whole thing 😛
    I even turned my head away from Ironman’s hoarding to Narnia’s …
    this much hard work for a movie..hoo 😀

  11. Oh god! what a day! hehehe… I had a similar patch of bad luck a few days back! It’s frustrating when things dont go your way and the weather is so hot!! 😀

  12. *rubs eyes*
    read it all! In that kind of weather, mannual labour is crap, but it’s good you found tho movie nice.

  13. (l)

  14. hahahahahahahahahahaha… :mrgreen: hillarious…..yaar wish i cld see u running n having a bath in ur own paseena…yuck!!!! waise movie acchi thi na…so u shld nt have ne complaints…. 🙂 n yeah i agree with reema???? actually mujhe doubt hai…kya itni mehnat tune sach mein ladki k liye kii????? 😉 as u know mujhe tujhpar 24 hrs doubt re:s:d:p:O(a)hta hai 😆

  15. I download it and watched. But the deal is that downloaded waali movie mein end missing tha. Does Tony die in the end?

  16. You’ve been tagged! Again. I’m Sorry……. 😀

    ” Think of THE song that most inspires you to write, whether it gives you an idea for a story, script or just puts you into a better frame of mind AND/OR peek into the lyrics and find a verse that sums up the theme of whatever project it is you’re working on.
    If possible, post a video of the song to convey to readers the full context of the song and the mood it puts you into. Finally, send the assignment to five other writers to do as well. “

  17. @ ridhimma
    hmm ,..movie achi thi par uske liye i spent 120 buck.s..woh kaafi tha,. 😦

    aur tujhe doubt toh bekaar mein hota hai…kaash tera doubt sach ho jaata.. 😛

    @ vijay ganesh

    yup..thanks for visiting

    @ alirekha
    narnia is too kiddo type of movie ..people like u can watch it 😛 ..good luck for ur result 😀

    @ nikhill
    yeha i know it was not my day at all ..

    yeha..liked the movie..and thanks for tagging 😦
    looks to be a difficult one

    @ arta
    ur comment is hilarious …what did u mean copying that comment :O
    thanks for visiting any way

    @ ish

    nope tony doen’t t die.. he is the hero man..how can he die.. 😛
    still many more parts to come…he will be invincible for some years now 😛

  18. Sunday evening Bloggers meet. Pls email me svijayganesh@gmail.com; co-inciding priya iyer’s chennai visit.

  19. paavam you.. he he… Off late whenever I make a movie plan, I’m late.. And always end up 5/ 10 mins late.. But half hour late is slighta too much.. Thankfully you could follow the story despite that.. 😛

  20. @Arvind
    so u say iron man is nt kiddy type, 😆
    the only reason ppl watch such things is bcoz of the the special effects 😛

  21. @ alliekha
    no its not….then all hollywood movies will become one .. 🙂 . yup special effect does bring the crowd in..cant argue on that 😉
    dont know abt the latest narnia but the first one was a kiddo type…u cant deny that… 😆

  22. @aparna
    yeah slighta over thaan …what to do ?? 😛
    as i said the bus was so slow that i could have gone sooner if i had started running from my bus stop itself..unfortunately i dont have that stamina 😉 😛

  23. Arvind anna, pls reply to my request by eod today.

  24. all i can say here is.. “phew”! 🙂

  25. Well, I can’t imagine a better movie
    to go through all of that for !!! LOL !
    What if it were just awful ? “Iron
    Man II” Will be out soon. If you leave
    for it tomorrow, you (may) just make
    it in time ! 🙂

  26. Did you see the Iron Man 2 promo after the credits?

  27. @ matangi

    @ daniel
    well,right .. 😛

    @ sahil

    nooooo .. 😦 😦
    did they show ?did u see ???

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