WordPress 2.7 !!!

The wait is over. WordPress 2.7 is here. Don’t know how many were actually waiting for it like me 😛 .
The Dashboard looks awesome . The last one sucked , I hated wordpress for that 😛 . Now i am again in love with it :lol:. Best thing about wordpress 2.7 is that it is very well organized .Looks neat and tidy .
You have a screen option that allows you to select the things u want to get displayed on the dashboard like recent comments , incoming links ,Your stuff ,recent drafts, blogstats and Quickpress. Infact i am using the quickpress for this post. Dont know how it will turn out as no options formatting are given .

With the change in the dashboard i have changed my theme too .Right now experimenting with its custom colors . I was bored of Digg 3 . I wonder when wordpress will release some more free themes .

37 responses to “WordPress 2.7 !!!

  1. Pudu theme nalla irukku 🙂

  2. Yes, WordPress 2.7 is really cool. The Quickpress box could have had more options, though. Such as categories. But anyway, everything can’t be perfect, can it?

    New theme is nice. Very neat and nice colour too but I prefer themes with custom headers.

  3. 🙂 I wouldn’t know much about wordpress…but I can understand your excitement 🙂

    This theme is quite neat n simple…thoda jazz wanted hai 😉

  4. though it took me a while to locate the visit site option 😛 ( how stupid of me it was right there)
    but it has started snowing on the main wordpress login screen 😛
    and i have voted….this one is miles better than previous one 🙂

  5. Theme looks great! I made a wise choice moving to WP, now that v2.7 looks awesome. What a perfect timing!

  6. Nice and Simple

  7. good going dude… 🙂 wud like to see further experimenting from ur side… 🙂 i too ‘ve changed my theme… Again! 🙂 this time, it Misty look with a header wch i created… 🙂

  8. I wasnt waiitng for it 😉

    as I m on blogger 😉

  9. Nice and clean…Like this theme 🙂

  10. Your new theme is awesome. Very cool, clean and green!

  11. Nice theme. But does the color change every time we log in? The last time when I was here, it was some other shade.

  12. AWESOME !!! Green is my favorite color ! Looks nice 🙂

  13. Just happened to land here from Nita’s blog.
    Nice theme and I like the three column structure too 🙂

    I am a blogger user so I wouldn’t really understand the happiness involved, but I guess ease of use is one big plus to any application 🙂

  14. this theme is very nice.. but I don’t know how to change the colour.. 😦

  15. WP 2.7 simply rocks! 🙂 I haven’t seen your previous theme, but this one is my favourite because of its custom colours! 🙂


    If your theme supports custom colours (only 7 themes support custom colours), you can change it by going to Color Customizer under Appearance.

  16. This theme is nice but I generally don’t like themes without header images. 😀

  17. This theme is baaaaaaad….where is Calvin??????????? 😀

  18. Love the new look! 🙂

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  20. I just LOVE this new theme dude! 😀

    PS: You have been tagged. Check it out.

  21. Your new theme is very good and soothing.

  22. Very eye pleasing theme, but doesn’t support image 😦 I am doing one from you for which theme should I do?

  23. hey there! want some work to your brain and hands…? You’re tagged! And in probably the best way ever… get going soon. click here

  24. oops! dude, it seems that u’ve been tagged by Pavan already. do it for him… i’ll hunt a different client 😛

  25. hi arvind……….cool theme man

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  27. wordpress 2.7 rocks for sure 🙂 I was using it even before the beta release on a test blog 😉 your new theme looks good
    and yea, I have updated to a child theme that I designed, based on hybrid theme framework, to make the best out of wp 2.7 🙂

  28. nice fresh look of your blog!
    i liked this look better than the old one!
    WP 2.7 is nicee =)

  29. very cool theme ! 🙂 btw i was out of the sphere for a while ,so just getting used to 2.7 now !

  30. hey put some header pic…
    u can still customize ur page well…
    i knw u r busy these days… change the look soon 🙂

  31. hi,

    I’m also expecting a three column theme with customizable header.. there is only one option yaar 😦
    so boring and yea the dashboard stuff is really kool.

  32. Your new template looks cool 🙂 and congrats on your 200th post…that’s some count for sure 😀

    Arvind: welcome to entertainement blog 🙂
    thanks 😀

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