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Well , another downfall for iraq war,and more presumably on the BUSH strategies when the US house voted for immediate withdrawal of US troupes from IRAQ.However president george bush’s approval is still pending and after his address on the radio the bill is likely to get approval from him .

Its been around 4 year since the mission started to wipe the saddams regime and around 1000 Us troops have been killed and has costed them billions of dollars..The war was started ,as proclaimed by bush,to stop saddam’s support to terrorist groups,confiscate weapons of mass destruction and to retaliate on the semptember 11 attacks.However,some still believe that the invasion was nothing more than a plan to exploit the oil resources..whatever may be the reason ,the queston arises whether bush was able to fulfill his motives ??? Was his policies on Iraq nothing more than a mockery??

Except the execution of saddam hussain the war on iraq has been nothing but a colossal waste of money.According to recent reserch the terrorist groups have infact become more stronger.and there has been no peace in iraq since then as there is not a single day in iraq without a bomb blast..innocent people are being massacred,US troops are being killed ,lots and lots of money being wasted.where is this leading to?? Has Bush any idea?? i guess ,not..He still believes that the iraq war can be success.. Is this optimism?? ,i guess not..Is he covering the blunder he has done ?? i guess, yes.

Anyways bush doen’t seem to be in the withdrawal’s favour.lets see what lies ahead in his mind…


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