Well , after the success of shivaji latest fuzz in kollywood is ” what will be rajni’s next movie “. Curious to know about his next movie . Well me too..

I will update this post as soon as i know. if u have any idea about rajni’s next movie ,please share with the world..

OK ..enough of my experimentation..this good for nothing post is just to check how many curious souls come to my blog searching for this topic

i am extreamly sorry if u are one of those 😛 … cant help it..

anyway thanks for visiting..


8 responses to “RAJNIKANTH’S NEXT MOVIE !!!!

  1. ur welcome:)
    see ya…

  2. What a clever tactic to attract visitors! 😛

  3. @aparna
    thanks a lot..
    if u were attracted to the post then i am assured my plan is successfull 😛

  4. you have disappointed me 😦 please update the movie and let me know. i guess maniratnam is going to direct the movie not sure . but that is the latest buzz

  5. sure , as soon as i get to know..i will post it

  6. Was under the impression that it’d be Sultan..

  7. Yup it is !!
    but animated movies are not to be counted:P

  8. adapaavi….i really taught u knew the news….hmmm….very clever…let me know if u know anything abt tat….

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