Cricket started as sport ,then became a religion to millions of Indians and now it has become a business worth 1 billion dollars. Thats the amount of money that is being generated out of this IPL .Indian premier league started with the main motive of counter balancing the Indian cricket league initiated its procedings with an auction of players which includes indian as well as 70 odd foreign players. Well, i have never heared players being auctioned in any other sport ,seems really funny to me.
The eight franchises which are headed by the likes of sharuk khan ,pretty zinta , mukesh ambani and vijay malya assembled at hilton towers to start auction ,probably the first of its kind (i guess :O ..plz enlighten me if i am wrong) . I really wonder how that auction would have been like.. filmy style ??? 🙂 .where they say “ek hazzar ek ,ek hazzaar do …ek hazzar theen ” 😛 . may be a little more professional. But seriously i dint like the idea of auctioning the players . Ethically it looked totally wrong .Ofcourse players are getting a helluva money through that but still the whole idea seems queer and strange to me .
I was to totally flabbergasted the way the players have been given a price tag.And it seems totally uncomprehending the way players have been auctioned.Dhoni has been auctioned for 6 crores.Ok ..fine he is the main face of indian cricket so i can agree..But manoj tiwari who has played just a single game has been taken in at around 3 crores and ricky ponting  just for 1.5 crores ..Similarly players like lakshman and kumble too gave go less money compared to others like . ..IShanth sharma got a whopping 3.8 crores  😀 …that guy is sure having a great year.
IPL sure has made a monopoly out of the game.Its ok upto some point but this is really getting overboard now.IPL looks more intended to making money out of it rather than getting serious about cricket..ICL too came with its 20-20 format but went without making any impression .Of course they made their money through it but cricket went unnoticed.SO whats the use ???
People are speculating that this may reduce the popularity of the longer version of the game .It is possible but only if the IPL guys instead of exploiting the marketing benifits ,also think to improve the level of game which seems highly improbable to me under current circumstances .

67 responses to “IPL and its MONOPOLY

  1. I think auctioning the players is fine really. It’s been happening in soccer for decades. It’s not really auctioning there but the various teams do buy players for prices that are unimaginable. English Premier League is one example you can look at. Every club in there buys some players annually and gives them 2 or 3 year contracts for huge sums of money. Manchester United and Arsenal are great teams simply because they had more money and hence they could buy the better players. And when they bought the better players, they became even richer thanks to the endorsements and stuff. Beckham alone earned them so much money. They have been the richest club in the history of the game for I don’t know how long.

    And again, I don’t think it’s wrong to give the players a price tag. This isn’t serious cricket, it’s more about the commercial aspect of the game. Twenty20 isn’t serious cricket anyway, everybody knows that. It’s a format that was created for people’s entertainment and I guess it has lived up to that expectation. And the prices of the players are obviously based on popularity, not skill. That too happens everywhere. An Irrfan Khan maybe a better actor than a Salman Khan but a Salman Khan will always earn more. No offence to any Salman fans, it was just an example. So yeah, I guess whatever is happening is okay, and it should be fun to watch that league. I’ll be interested in watching Warne bowl to Gilly. Maybe all the players of ShahRukh’s team will do a group performance on Dard-e-Disco before starting the match. That’ll be loads of fun lol. And Bobby Deol will do a special appearance for Priety’s team and then all of them will dance on Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Maza aayega. 😀

  2. @ ish:

    oh… u are comparing this league with english premere league.. my god.. if BCCI hears u …they would praobably hire u for marketing IPL .. yeah i know abt bidding for englihs premere league ..but thats more serious kinda sport… people fight in grounds …that much is the seriousness of the game and that too in those league game… and they play a lot of games all round the year and which makes the league more interesting…
    players are earning money and may they get even more of it ..but what abt cricket.. I was watching NDTV where jadeja mentioned abt brain lara landing day before match and flying instantly after the match and but IN ICL he was “Phuss” ..
    Same would happen to warne who has quit cricket.. He would just bowl without interest and then he would go taking the huge sums of money .
    .. mind you Twenty twenty is a serious game.. whether its test or 50 over game or a 20-20 over game ,we follow it seriously… would anybody be quite if india loses to paksithan in 20-20 ..just because it generates so much money we should not miscalculate this version of game as less serious…

    BCCI sure tried to spoof english premiere league but their they are serious abt sport …money automatically flows due to the interest generated.. her huge money has been invested and cricket is a very small part of it… interest generated is a big big question mark ???????

  3. @ ish
    yeah if pretty could bring bobby or someone else like deepika then it may sure generate interest .. and i might support mohali for sure then…

  4. When I said Twenty20 is commercial, I meant that it’s more for the money part. They don’t give one piece of shit about the audience. And that’s because they know us Indians well. They know that even if they start having 5-5 over matches, we will watch them religiously. Cricket is in our blood and they are cashing in on that. Twenty20 was made for the companies and advertisers and advertisements and because people were too busy to watch 50 over games. I can bet it’s not as serious and in Twenty20, it’s more of a teer tukka kind of a thing. You can’t know about how deep a team’s batting or bowling attack is in 20 overs of cricket. It’s more of a luck game too, which is very clear from the way India had won that last match against Pakistan. There’s a huge luck factor involved. So yeah, at the end of the day, what I’m trying to say is that Twenty20 is as important as regular ODI’s for us but for the cricketers, it’s more of a money thing and you can’t deny that. And English Premier League has been there for so many years and their style of functioning is different from the IPL. I guess we should give the IPL some more time, maybe it turns out to be serious. You never know right?

    And come to think about it, if they had not auctioned the teams or the players, the amount of interest generated wouldn’t have been half of what it currently is. There’s so much of hype that a good number of people will watch it. They tried the same thing to uplift Hockey by making the Indian Hockey League or IHL but that didn’t work very well. Cricket though I think will work because almost everybody follows it. The BCCI knows how to earn their money for sure.

    And btw, SRK has more chance of getting Deepika in for him so that’s double reason for me to support Kolkata! 😀

  5. @ ish:

    yeah .. you are right indians are relegiously involved with cricket and so am i .
    i would watch a indo pak match even if it is 10-10 ball match 🙂 ..its because we are emptionally involved with the cricket and country bundled together… if u remove one the other one cant exist .. DOes anybody watch the ranji trophy games.. I guess very fewpeople…. why ??? the same players play that too..the same young players… but when our country plays we leave everything else and stick to our TV’s …why this double standards ??? because thats how indians have been involved with cricket ..
    yeah ..because of these international players some interest might be generated..
    but ..but when u watch mumbai vs kokatta. u might not be emotionally involved with cricket any more…
    To be very frank i dint follow ICL why ??? because it dint matter to me which team won ?? and i am not the lone guy… there are probably million out there who think the same way..
    but lets give IPL time and see what happens.. but it seems highly improbable taht it would generate that much interest.. ofcourse they would get their money..

    and you forgot yuvaraj is icon player of mohali 😀 …so she would support mohali .,…. shahruk is out of the picture now.. 😛

  6. @arvind
    chalo again u and ish have started ur own sweet discussion…..hope i find some controversial line which can put 8least one of u in trouble…hehehe……

  7. BTW wat do u think of d Mumbai team….being a mumbaikar m pretty dissappointed……i mean jayasuriya is a 38 year old player…..spenind so much on him looks a waste when they could have got ishant sharma for d same price inface a lil lower….

  8. @ Riddhima:

    yeah.. keep watching the discussion closely.. my toungue often slips out.. 🙂
    wasie .. i dont like this Ipl at all. ..
    but mumbai team looks solid.. jayasurya adds a lethel wepon to mumbai team..he can turn on the game in matter of couple of overs..

    about ISahanth sharma ..well ,he is a good bowler ./.but mumbai has its share in bowling too.. SHaun pollock ,lasith malinga,dilahara fernando ,harbhajan singh.. .what more could u ask for…may be ths was the reason they dint take ishant sharma or any other bowler..
    aur sachin as a icon player is a big boon for mumbai..

  9. I don’t understand this concept at all. Ok, if they would have done it in some professional manner then I could have understood. But what is this Shahrukh team and Preity team?? Can’t we leave filmstars out of this? I agree that Football leagues are there but they are proper organized clubs. And I think it has been done for the first time in cricket??

  10. @ Amit:

    yeah…exactly my point.. its a 100 percent business venture … ok 99 percent business venture and 1 percent cricket 😉 ..
    there is no way IPL can come upto english premere league’s level …

  11. @Arvind: I guess people don’t watch the domestic cricket because there are not many big stars involved and as you said, it’s domestic so it’s like a state vs. the other. That can’t be as interesting as a country vs. the other. You’re right about the ICL as well, that wasn’t publicized properly. But the IPL has learned its lesson and they are doing their best to publicize it and I for one think it’s gonna work out pretty nicely. Plus, ICL didn’t have the BCCI’s backing so they didn’t get proper coverage or stadiums or even players for that matter. IPL has all the money and all the stars that are required to make it a great entertainment show and that’s what they are aiming at. I still feel it’s gonna work out.

    Oh and I completely forgot about Yuvraj. But I’ll still support Kolkata man, I’m a hardcore SRK fan.

    @Riddhima: I think buying Sanath Jayasuriya is much better than buying an Ishant Sharma for about the same price. Look at the kind of experience Jayasuriya has and Ishant is like what..10 matches old or something like that? He’s suddenly getting hyped because he’s bowling well in Australia. But who knows how he’ll bowl back here in India? He wasn’t really successful in here was he? We’ve had so many bowlers like that who are you know one series wonders and suddenly everything falls apart. It was the exact same thing with Irfan Pathan. At one point, he was like a hero and perhaps the only Indian who could swing the ball and a month later, he wasn’t in the team. In cricket, it’s all about consistency. Another benefit of selecting Jayasuriya is that the guy has a great batting record in conditions like the ones we have in India and Sri Lanka. Moreover, he can also come in as a handy spinner. Ishant can’t bat for nuts. I think it wasn’t such a bad move by Mumbai after all.

    @Amit: What’s wrong with it being a Shahrukh Team or a Preity team? The cricket still remains the same whether it’s being played under Mukesh Ambani or ShahRukh Khan don’t you think? It was for the wealthy people and filmstars are the wealthiest people we have in the country. Plus if they are interested in cricket and they have the kind of money, what’s wrong with spending it? I think it’s perfectly fine.

  12. Okay can someone please give me a link or some background info regarding this stuff? What is this IPL thing?

    And I’m fine with players being auctioned. It happens with football/soccer all the time. Players invest a lot of time playing and maintaining themselves and it’s not like they will be able to play forever. Plus the audience wants to see more games. It’s all so commercial anyway! Who cares?

    And what are the Bollywood stars doing? Sorry, I don’t know anything about this. Pleas help!

  13. @Ruhi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Premier_League

    I can’t give any more links or else this comment might get spammed. Just go search “Indian Premier League” on Google and check the first 4 or 5 results. You’ll get it.

  14. @ ish
    ok fine …let me come ur way..stars playing together…ricky ponting playing under ganguly..sounds great.. but what abt the rapport between them,,..when its abt money no body would be serious…english premier league has stars playing together for the whole year..they play as a unit…
    they have a mutual bonding…
    this ipl is scheduled for 45 days and i bet all the “so called stars” will arrive just a day start of the game..
    no body would be serious..when the players are least interested how would the people be ???
    then ,you dint answer another imp question ..
    the Auctionting procedure,, can u justify a player like lakshman getting money less then manoj tiwari , what abt ricky ponting.. ok i dont like him 😛 ..but thats double standards ..just 1.5 crores for probably the best batsmen in the world after sachin…

    @ ruhi
    Ish already gave u the link and google it for more

    Players invest a lot of time playing and maintaining themselves and it’s not like they will be able to play forever. Plus the audience wants to see more games. It’s all so commercial anyway! Who cares?

    players who have retired are also coming into this format of the game..they no longer practice..what they would do it come to the match straight ..like lara who scored very less in ICL ..
    again,,,, its not india wants matches …its the strong emotional involvement that makes cricket such a popular sport… that big :emotional factor would be missing ” for sure here…entertainment might be there but ,no one denies that..

    what are filmstars doing

    before it used to be india pakisthan ,or bombay vs calcutta’
    now it would be ambani vs malya or pretty vs shahruk
    they are now the team owners …and the players are their marketing pawns.. 😛 as simple as that ..

  15. @ ish
    man… u dissapointed me… shahruk khan over deepika…. 🙂 anyway ethically i should support the chennai team and u should the mohali team..movie stars entry has destroyed the entire system 😀 😉
    If deepika comes.. we might be able to see ranbir “toweliya” kapoor ..that might induce some interest in ruhi 😛 ..what do u say ,ish ???

  16. @amit and arvind
    thanx 4 making me feel that Mr.Ambani has not completely screwed the mumbai team…..But i really wanted Rohit Sharma yaar……went to H’bad…..Robin Uthappa in Mumbai is a good thing but i really wanted Sharma…..And now to drool on Dhoni i will have 2 watch all d Chenna matches…..hehehe…….

  17. and now m feeling bad again…..coz d face of my team is Mr.Ambani and not some cute cricketer(would have prefered John Abraham)…..Uske upar se no Dhoni (Boy!!!! i dont believe ki v didnt get Dhoni)….BTW i wanted to know this…..When the cap on each team was about 20 crores……then how come the Mohali,Kolkatta and few more teams spent more than that…….allowed hai kya?????????

  18. @ Riddhima:

    it seems that u want all the good looking players… 😛 .. arre aur bhi shehron mein ladkiyaan hai… leave them something … 😛 …
    waise thats a nice question..even i was thinking that when 20 crores is the maximum.hyd ,mumbai ,chennai have crossd it and gone upto 23 crores…
    and minimum was 14 crores but jaipur spent only 11 crores. :O
    may be ,upar neeche thoda margin de diya hoda 😀
    .. arre ish,. pata hai jo jawab de yaar …

  19. @ Riddhima:

    aur waise it would have been better if deepika was chennai team’s owner ..i would have supported IPL then for sure 😛
    but neither john nor deepika has that money to buy a team…around 500 crores isn’t a small thing/ …

  20. @arvind
    But then now who will i drool on???????? Uthappa hai but he is not bharose layak…..jayasuriya is an oldie…..harbhajan is not drool types…..man!!! m depressed again……i will have to catch some1 fast in d Mumbai team to drool on…hehehe……who cares about deepika (i know u do!!!) i hope Mr.Ambani gets some hot looking guy as d face of d mumbai team fast…..i can give him ideas…….ranbir…john….or better he can give rishwat to dhoni of 6.1 crores and buy him back…allowed hai kya?????????

  21. @ Riddhima:

    abhi utthappa se hi kaam chalaana hoga…atleast u have somebody to drool on ..poor guys..what will we do ..u cant expet us to watch women’s cricket … 🙂
    bribery not allowed…. in IPL 😛 .. i hope so .. 😛

  22. @Riddhima: Oye, it was me who made you feel okay about Ambani buying Jayasuriya and you thanked everybody else. Not fair. Suicide..goodbye! 😛

    And you can always support some other team na. What’s the need to support Mumbai cause you are living in Mumbai, kya farak padhta hai. If it was like this toh Mohali ke matches to khaali jaate. Wahan to log hi nahi rehte zyada. Look at SRK too, he was born in Delhi, has lived in Mumbai but owns Kolkata. Toh you can also go after your favorites..in your case the team which owns the maximum number of droolable guys.

    @Arvind: Man, did you see the first season of the English Premier League? I’m sure the guys were not so united then. They have played for so many years and it’s now that they have gotten united. You need to give IPL some time to grow. Eventually I’m pretty sure things will work out. Haven’t you seen those AsiaXI and WorldXI waale matches..usme bhi to khelte hai na, to isme bhi khel lenge. And the entire concept of rivals coming together is what is going to make this thing interesting to watch. And don’t worry, these people know how to take rivalries yaar. There are so many rivalries between the team itself but end mein to sab apni izzat ke liye khelte hi hai na. Yahaan bhi khelenge. Who doesn’t wanna win, tum khud socho.

    About the higher and lower limit of spending, I have no idea. But I did hear that Jaipur was fined for spending the minimum. I guess again, they thought zaada paisa aa raha hai to aane do par kam aa raha hai toh baat nahi banegi.

    And yeah man, I’ll support SRK over Deepika anyday. Deepika toh abhi nayi nayi hai aur mere man mein ShahRukh ke liye genuine respect hai. Pata nahi kitne saal ho gaye mereko usko Amitabh Bachchan aur Aamir Khan ke saamne defend karte hue. Everybody says he overacts and stuff like that but I don’t give up. Bhai SRK great hai to hai, maan na hai to maano nahi to bhaad mein jao. And still, mere khayaal se agar SRK Deepika to bolega toh woh usko support karegi. Uska entire career is almost thanks to ShahRukh yaar. Yuvraj ka kya hai, woh mind nahi karega jab tak chodd ke nahi jaati. Mere ko toh ye bhi samajh nahi aata ki mil kaise gayi usko.

  23. @ ish:

    yeah ..but in those leagues they play whole round the year…and those matches are the main event there,.. ok ..we should give some time …accepted !! ..but if it comes to that level that means the complete replacement of international matches… may be that time it would be more interesting ..but i see very light chances of happening… after all its cricket.. not football.. i dont think Ipl matches can replace the international matches..that would disturb the total cricket system….

    and jab world level vs australia hua tha.. match was lopsided …australian team member knew each other which gave them strength and the world 11 was having all the superstars but what was the result ..it was not even close to a competition..
    asutralia won 3-0 … i dont think anybody was intersted in those matches too ….

    I have a lot of respect for shahruk too… and after chak de he really rose up my eyes … and he is the only one who seems genuinely interested in cricket in this whole IPl thing… but yeah i wil support chennai as no deepika is going to be here..

    By the way i saw in new a week back in which ranbir was accepting that deepika and him are having an affair ..so yuvraj should be out of the frame ..so ab tumhare question ka answer mil gaya hoga..

  24. AARRGGHH…whatever. I am completely against the Bollywoodising of cricket. I don’t know, it somehow takes away the charm from the game. If they have so much money, why don’t they use it for some cause instead of making rich more richer.
    I am sounding like some social activist. 😦
    And Ranbir n Deepika are having an affair?? I am now dying to see a movie in which both of them will dance in one towel. 😆

  25. @amit
    yuck!!!! u want them to dance in one towel??????? doesnt “my ranbir” have ne other work other then dancing in a towel….. 😡

    well my drool list goes as follows 😉
    1)Dhoni (ahhhhhhhh…..!!!!)
    2)Uthappa(Coz he’s playing 4 mumbai)
    3)Brett lee (coz he has these cute small dimples)
    4)Daniel Vettori(I love his specs!!!)
    5)Andrew Symonds( I love his hair..!!!)
    6) Ricky Ponting (I dont know y but i kinda like dat guy)
    7) Irfan Pathan(Looks very chweet and innocent)
    8)Rohit Sharma(I dont know y)
    9)Harbhajan Singh(Love his antics)
    10)Plz kindly help me for d last and coveted 10th position by suggesting some super cute cricketer names….

  26. @ish,amit,arvind
    I want u guys to help me by telling me ki which team has max number of d droolable list ke members (refer above) 😉 Mera matlab hai which team has d max number of members from my list….. 😀
    I need a second back up to support after Mumbai….. 😆

  27. Cool blog!
    I really love it

  28. @ Riddhima:

    @ amit
    it has already taken the charm of the game.. 😛 ..now bal thaakrey suddenly came into the scenario..anybody heard news/ :P… he says soon industrialist will rule the world if this is not stopped here 😆
    oh..u are amit.. u exactly sound like social activists now,,,,
    ROFL,. ..what an imagination u have ??? ranbir and deepika in one towel .. 😆 :mrgreen:

    @ ridhimma
    My god !!! ..u prepared a list of droolable guys 😆
    ok so u need a 10 th guy..
    i would give u three options
    yuvaraj singh ..( :O how could u miss him )
    suresh raina
    and then shahid afridi
    sab apne hi aadmi hain 😛

    well, after mumbai ..u can support mohali(irfan ,brett lee and then yuvaraj singh) :mrgreen:

    what do u think 😉

    @ sahefa

    welcome sahefa…i am glad u liked it..

  29. @sahefa
    hiii…..welcome to d discussion forum full of nutcases…. 😆

    i dont like yuvraj….pata nahi y!!! 😐 i dont remeber how raina looks yaar… 😕 and hmmmmmm afridi is a good choice…bt i want more options…..jaldi bol…… 🙂 n my support is full on 4 mohali…. full of droolable guys…..m gonn ahve a blast watching their matches 😆

  30. @arvind
    n stop imagining ranbir n deepika in one towel…dat wont happen…. 😡 n plz this is a decent forum…dont make it apavitra…. 😥

  31. @ Riddhima:

    more options :O .. aur kitne chahiye.. 😆
    lasith mainga le lena 😛
    ok ranbir aur deepika ko baahr kar dete hain forum se 😛

  32. @arvind
    sheeeeeeeeeeee…. 😡 lasith malinga?????? he’s a fine bowler but definately not drool material….. 😦 chal na…u r a guy …u must b knowing more players…… 😆

  33. @Amit: Yeah, you’re sounding like a social activist and an unfair one at that. Just yesterday in the news, they were blaming the people because they had bidded so much for the players and Vijay Mallya said one very good thing. He said, “It’s almost like as if it is a crime to be rich in this country”. And I think that’s accurate. The filmstars are rich, they are paying their taxes, in fact like 60% of the taxes of the country come from these rich people. What more do you want them to do? It’s their money yaar, let them spend it the way they want to. You can say that they should donate but I ask you why? Aisa to nahi hai ki woh log ne paisa kamaane ke liye mehnat nahi kari. They are not earning money to give it away are they? Bill Gates ko kitni community service karte dekha hai? They are paying their taxes, now it is the job of the government to make that money reach the poor. You can’t be like, “Tum log jo kama rahe ho, uska aadha taxes do aur baaki donate karo.” It’s their money na, let them spend it in what they want to. What’s wrong in earning more money? We say that yeh gareeb aadmi ki galti nahi hai ki woh gareeb khaandaan mein paida hua. At the end of the day, even SRK wasn’t from some very rich family. Khud mehnat karke hi paisa kamaaya hai na, so let him do what he wants to now. I think it’s good for cricket.

    @Arvind: Again, I’ll tell you one thing. Even in English Premier League, it never overtook the international matches. The World Cup is still more important than the European Champions Cup. It’s just that somehow, the English Premier League has gotten overhyped back here in India. Spain and Italy have their own leagues, nobody watches EPL there. EPL got popular because it was a first of it’s kind thing. I think the same thing will happen with IPL if it is managed properly and if somehow the players concentrate on Cricket. Just face it, so many good players coming together can’t be bad can it? The cricket will be good. ICL failed because at the end moment, the good players backed out and ICL was more on showing young talent from India. IPL is more of a war between money and the cities. You just have to wait and watch what happens.

    And I’ll be happy if Toweliya and Deepika are having an affair. It’s better than thinking about Deepika with Yuvraj. Plus, Toweliya looks good with her and they were going out earlier as well.

    @Riddhima: How about Zaheer Khan? Or maybe Kumble? Or maybe even Stephen Fleming?

  34. @ish
    now here’s a gr8 suggestion 😀 ….zaheer….. 😆 thanx yaar……y didnt i think abt it???? which team will he play for??? 😛

  35. @ISH
    ITs good for them ..not for cricket at all..u will see that when the league starts.. 😛
    Ok ..coming back to ur point…. world cup still rules in football..i agree..apart from that how many matches we the countries playing with each other..probably the qualifiers.. and most good teams qualify in the previous world cup itself..
    countries play a very little matches amongst each other.. they play more of the league matches…so its widely accepted by that country …
    Once again i say that either the ICC can exist or IPL .. If we give time to IPL , it may become huge hit ( which i cant imagine hapenning until i see it myself ) but by that time the cricket would hve suffered.. Test matches would be less .. you would see a whole set of new rules coming up…cricket wont be cricket 🙂

    yeah ,even i feel deepika is better with toweliya rather than with yuvaraj ..
    and what abt the roumours of her with dhoni 😆

    @ riddhima
    he plays for zaheer… 🙂 ..
    by the way if u keep drooling for IPL player like this ,i might get 100 comments for this post too .. 😆

  36. @arvind
    Hey then v can make a record na of 100 posts for 2 blogs withing a span of 5 days… 🙂 m all 4 it…… i mean koi small achievement nahi hai. 😆 n abt d love triangle/square i seriously feel dhoni shld get deepika although dat wld break my heart 😥 i mean he was d first one to have a major crush on her and then this Yuvraj entered d fray 😡 After that i rate ranbir…. 😀

  37. @ Riddhima:

    u mean 100 comments for 2 posts.. 😉 .. that too all irrelevant comments 😆
    i still support ranbir ..he looks better than yuvaraj and ur crush dhoni 😆
    arre my blog has turned into an discussion forum… 🙄

  38. @ ISH
    Tell me one player Arsenal have bought for a ridiculous amount of money!

  39. @Riddhima: Zaheer is playing for Bangalore.

    @Arvind: This discussion is never ending man. We’ll get to know how it is only when the IPL starts. It might just end up being good for the game. See, maybe the players get boosted and stuff and actually play well. And jaisa pehle bhi kaha hai, paisa aa raha hai toh kya problem hai.

    And also, that’s where Football and cricket are different. Cricket has always been having a team of a country going to another country and having matches there. Football never had that because beyond Europe, there are not many countries that have good playable teams. Plus, they can’t go to a country and play 11 soccer matches. That would get boring. That’s why EPL and domestic soccer works in Europe. People love the game and they love supporting their teams, whether they be cities or countries. Everybody in Manchester thinks Ryan Giggs belongs to them even though he’s Irish. If the IPL can bring that feel into the mind of the Indians, this thing will be a superhit. The thing is that they can’t have a team for every city because there are way too many cities in the country. Hence they selected some specially located cities which had their own cricket grounds which again is based on EPL. Every soccer club needs to have it’s own ground for home and away matches. They are basically trying to make it like everybody from the North will support Mohali, Delhi will support Delhi and West will support Mumbai etc.

    And I don’t think this is gonna have a major effect on the usual cricket. Just when Twenty20 started, people thought Test Cricket was over, but nothing of that sort happened. This is a small league which will take only some time in a year. The remaining time is all for the normal cricket only and that can go on. It’s not like EPL where they have to play domestic soccer because there’s not much of a national thing going on.

    And hey, you can’t blame me for being off topic here. All my comments have been about the IPL and money. 😛

  40. Okay, I need to correct Ish here- Bill Gates does do considerable amount of charity work. Have you heard of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation? They are donating away more than 80% of their personal wealth to fight AIDS, Cancer and other diseases and to help the poor people in third world nations. He’s donating more than $30 billion, more than anyone has ever donated in the entire history of human civilization. Same goes for Warren Buffet. These people are philanthropists. 🙂

    But yes, regarding this IPL thing, I do agree that let them use their money as they want to. Why should we care?

  41. @ ish:

    by the way there are more countries which play football than no. of countries which play cricket..

    Football never had that because beyond Europe, there are not many countries that have good playable teams. Plus, they can’t go to a country and play 11 soccer matches. That would get boring. That’s why EPL and domestic soccer works in Europe.

    exactly my point… so its no use spoofing that in cricket.. it wont have any major affect on usual cricket until the people don have that much interest,,, once interest starts building as u said whihc occur with in few years,,, then this IPL will take over ICC..when this much money is flowing for 20-20 format who would want other forms …money speaks…
    anyway as u said we can keep discussing it…u wont agree my point and i wont urs 😛

    @ ruhi
    cant agree more with u regarding money..their money …. they have the right to invest it in thier way .. 🙂

  42. @arvind
    😡 I know ranbir is a bttr looking guy but my dhoni is also very ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….. 😆 hai na?????????? 😀

  43. @Ruhi: Okay, thanks for correcting me. Turns out I had gone horribly wrong there. But they do it because of their own personal will right? That’s fine. If they want to do it, let them but one should not force them to do it. That’s my point and I’m glad you agree with that.

    @Arvind: IPL can never take over the ICC. IPL will be watched majorly by Indians living in India and abroad. Other countries are not gonna be interested and hence Cricket will go on there too. The maximum that can happen is probably that every country will start having their own leagues as the ICL which I don’t think is feasible because the cricket boards of all the countries don’t have the kind of money as the BCCI does. So IPL will leave and ICC will live as well. Rest, only time can tell.

  44. @everyone
    i want us 2 reach 100 comments here also :mrgreen: hows dat???? 😀 But first things first….we shld first targer 50 comments…… 😆

  45. @ ish:

    with time with the money IPL has and the power BCCI has there is every chance that it becomes popular….. the teams can increase…there could be columbo 11 or sydney lions 😛 something like that .. everything is possible ….ofcourse world cup would still be an important even..
    yeah lets wait ans see..but i dont know my blog would be there at that time to retrospect out this discussion 😛

  46. @ Riddhima:

    OMG !!!! thinking of 150 .. my blog would the fist of its kind to become a discussion forum… 😆
    u r not going to leave it ?? aren’t u ??

  47. @arvind
    Be happy ki itna importance hai of ur blog… :mrgreen: hey BTW where does amit dissappear achanak se???? 😆

  48. @ Riddhima:

    i am overwhelmed by the kind of affection and over u all have for my blog 😥
    amit ???? no clue 🙄

  49. I think it’s weekend and Amit is not in his office; so not blogging 😆

  50. @ arvind
    your friends are very affectionate with that they are planning 150 comments for the ” Australia wins” post and also planning for 100 comments for this post… 🙂

  51. Helllo….im very much here. Just enjoying the chat. This blog should be renamed as “Arkut”. We are scrapping instead of commenting.
    @Ish :And ok…I rest my case. Its their money. They can spend it anyway they want. 🙂
    @Ruhi : The soul of my laptop is still with me. 🙂
    We are one….my laptop and me.
    @Riddhima : Why are we so meherbaan on Arvind. Shouldn’t we have a rotation plan for this 100 comment policy so that all the Nutty bloggers should benefit. We can have a weekly plan for 100 comments on each blog we all unanimously choose. what say??
    @Arvind : Bal Thakery seems to be straight out of “loony toons”. All he talks is nonsense and makes me laugh a lot. 😆 I fail to understand what the guy wants from life??

  52. @ Amit:

    its already “entertainment blog ” now dint i choose the apt one..
    ARkut …hey thats good…

    no talks abt baal thakerey plz… 😆 i dont want shiv sena activists blocking my blog .. :mrgreen:

  53. @vidya
    yeah ..they are …now i smell sudden rebellion..they want some policy … 😆

  54. @amit
    hey welcome… 😆 i thought u dissappeared…waise bhi treat ka topic aane k baad i dont see u much in d blog…. 😀 so treat kab hai???? :mrgreen:

    i like d name 2……ARkut…..not an original idea but nonetheless chalega… :mrgreen: n dont worry siv sena wale wont do a “halla bol” on ur blog…m 4m mumbai na??? toh mera kaafi hold hai is city mein… so i’ll save u…dont worry 8 all… main hoon na…. 😆

  55. @amit
    hey welcome… 😆 i thought u dissappeared…waise bhi treat ka topic aane k baad i dont see u much in d blog…. 😀 so treat kab hai???? :mrgreen:

    i like d name 2……ARkut…..not an original idea but nonetheless chalega… :mrgreen: n dont worry siv sena wale wont do a “halla bol” on ur blog…m 4m mumbai na??? toh mera kaafi hold hai is city mein… so i’ll save u…dont worry 8 all… main hoon na…. 😆

  56. @everyone
    m sorry again 4 d double post…. 😦 chalo isi bahaane comments badh rahe hai n v again create history… 😆 wat say???

    I agree v shld have a rotation policy….. arvind hi benefit kar raha hai 😡 n he wont even give us credit…….v shld make our separate league like d IPL against arvind’s… 😆

  57. dude? I can’t……….. hmmm…. it’s getting hot here…. 54 comments so far… ur gr8 and lucky to have this much fans n frnds… I didn’t read the post my eyea directly went to comments section. My god….keep rocking

  58. @Arvind: Was St. Simon’s comment always there or did you just dish it out of Akismet sometime back?

    @St. Simon: I’m not saying ridiculous amount of money but yeah, they have bought many expensive players. When it comes to buying players in ridiculous amounts of money, nobody can beat Chelsea.

    @Amit: I’m glad you accepted defeat. 1-0 😛

    @Amit again: The rotation policy is a good idea indeed. I’m all for it.

    @everyone else: Good job, we crossed 50 on this one as well.

  59. @teky
    hey u havent checked arvind’s doosrawala blog…the comment list has crossed 100 in dat :mrgreen: all thanx 2 us…. n itz not as if arvind has so many fans…. 😆 itz just dat some discussion spiralled out of control with everyone giving their opinions…. warna rvind n fans???? ha ha ha…… 😉

  60. @ish
    yes v crossed 50…not lets target 100… :mrgreen:

  61. @ ridhhimma
    thanks in advance ..kuch hua tho.. tumko aana padega chennai mujhe bachaane ke liye..
    All credit goes to u guys.. especially to ridhimma for posting comments 2 -2 times ..
    no fans ??? 😦 😥

    @ ISH
    no dude..u missed that comment..i was there before too 🙂

    @ teky
    we are talking nonsense here 😛 ..
    by the way look at the previous posts.. thats the zenith of insanity … people loose there mind after coming to my blog..
    i being the leader of all nuts …

  62. @arvind
    arrey dont cry 😀 fans honge tere…secret admirer types yaar…. dont worry 😆 and u r actually rite….i have never posted such utter nonsensical comments newhere else :mrgreen: sab apke blog ka kamaal hai…hehehe 😆

  63. @ISH: You still havent named a player yet!

  64. @St. Simon: I can’t think of any. Maybe they didn’t. So can we just exclude Arsenal? What I was trying to say was that mostly they sell and buy players for a lot of money. For example, when ManU sold Beckham to Real Madrid and stuff. My apologies if I hurt your sentiments though. I didn’t mean to. I should have been more careful.

  65. @ISH: No problems ISH. Just so you know, if I am not mistaken, the ‘invincibles’ of 2004 cost just about the same as Chelsea’s Didier Drogba. That speaks volumes about Wenger’s shrewdness in the transfer market. Yes there have been a few odd ‘high profile’ transfers to Arsenal over the years, but that’s a pittance compared with what the other clubs spend. Also wanted to point out that the Premier League mania does not exist in India alone. Its a lot more intense in most of South East Asia including China where fans wake up at unearthly hours to follow games. Clubs like Man U and Chelsea now get a good chunk of their club merchandise sales from that part of the world!

  66. @Simon: Ah, I see. Yeah, you’re right. Manchester U and Arsenal have had players for long and during their stay at these clubs, they’ve become great. It was the case with Ferdinand, Giggs and all in case of Manchester U.

    And yea, I forgot. The EPL is pretty much popular all over Asia because we don’t have many good football teams and leagues in here. Is it as popular in countries like Spain and Italy which have their own leagues?

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