Cricket !!! What else ??

A 5-0 series white wash  against India in their own den would have been disastrous for the lankan lions. Thanks to some lousy bowling from indian bowlers and really stupid selection of shots , Sri lanka has been able to save a little pride by winning atleast the last one day match of the series .

India sure is on a roll and i have never been so optimistic about the current cricket team  . Yeah its the  same me who use to talk about the enigmatic indian cricket team and i still stand by my words . Anyways ,lets not talk about that 😛 . 5-0 against england and 4-1 here in srilanka is laudable effort considering the team without ganguly,dravid ,harbhajan and even sachin (if u consider that he dint score in two digits in the series 😛 ) . The best part being that they have been able to win convincingly and comfortably (Second one dayer was an exception ofcourse ). First time TEAM INDIA is starting to show its real meaning because the team is playing as a unit as for the first time ,not depending upon a individual.

Last couple of months have been quite exciting for Cricket fans like me .Indian cricket team is on second position in ICC cricket ratings for the first time . Yes , for the first time and thats quite a shocker isnt it  ??.A country like  ours  which has given so many great legends to the sport like kapil dev ,sunil gavanskar ,sachin tendulkar ,bishen singh bedi etc , has never been able to reach the second position leave alone the first place . Better Late than never now that we are in 2 , the no1 spot is just a series away . Touchwood 😉

South african team becoming  the no. 1 team and australia moving to 3rd place , Sounds so good rite ?? I mean i was sick of seeing a perfect side like australians had 😉 .  I am really happy to see the fall of the mighty australian side .Yes they were the best team and played some fabulous cricket over last decade but then they could never gain my respect ,may be because they were a proud team and had an acute superiority complex . MR . Ponting – i know it must be paining a lot .but thats the way it is . Higher you go , Harder you fall !! 😀

Coming to IPL seasons II , I wonder if the last two letters mean Paisa Lutaao . These so called business tycoons with their so called Girl freinds / cine stars are spending money like hell . The news channels have already raised questions if spending this much is necessary during recession times . I guess ITs there money and and they can very well spend that and i am sure they will get huge returns for that . Thats why they are investing it . So simple logic 😛 . All i feel sad for  now is that my DAD is not a Cricketer 😛 . If he was one i would have been one too and that way  i would have  made so much money by now 😛 and instead of posting a blog post , i would have released a book . I would have been famous . Not to mention that i would have become  a heart throb among the indian girls by now 😛 .. and then…….wait a minute i have gone way off the track .. .So where was I ,.. yeah IPL . So I was saying IPL is really merry making time for cricketers . Take for example Peterson and Flintoff , they are getting 1.55 million dollars for 3 weeks .. and Mortaza , the guy from bangladesh valued at 50,000 dollars was auctioned at 650,000 $ ,more than 10 times his value . like we say in tamil ..

engayo macham irrukku pa ivangaluku .

sorry guys cant translate that one 😛 .

Anyways  lets forget about money . All i want to say is that i cant wait to watch these guys come out and play .

well , I will call it for today . I know most people dont like cricket here 😛 . never mind the post ,u can always post some off topic comments on my blog  😛  .

28 responses to “Cricket !!! What else ??

  1. i l translate – they have a birth mark somewhere…it basically means to say they are it is a belief in TN that if you have a birth mark you are lucky 😛

  2. ok…off topic

    So I think we should get together and oppose this Ram Sena’s activities. Why should anyone dictate our personal freedom. How do u plan to celebrate V day?

    Ooooh LBC was such a nice movie. Nice review.

    what do u think about the three body problem of newton’s law of gravitation. Newton gave the law for only two bodies.

    F = G(m1 m2)/d²

    It is a simple inverse square law, meaning that the force of gravity between two objects decreases in an inverse proportion to the square of the distance between them.

    what happens when a third object is added into the mix? How, then, does the force of gravity effect the three of these objects as they relate to each other?

    Could it be as simple as just adding another variable to Newton’s equation?

  3. 😀 😀 couldnt resist the open invitation! sorry!

  4. yes! you wrote a post 😛

    i dont like cricket…but never mind besides who has been finally able to lay hands on murtaza…….juhi chawla or preity zinta?

  5. and dude ..i know you read the comments but please start replying….its been such a long time that you have replied back… 😛

  6. ayiyoooooo cricket again…[ 😦 ]

  7. LOL @ Reema off the topic comment.

    I was a Cricket buff at a time. Not anymore though I still follow all the latest developments in the game and players.

    Okay off topic, take a look at our initiative and also lend your support. Hope to hear from everyone for this cause.

  8. I know…even I m so happy… but I was hopeful that it would be 5-0 win for INdia… 😀 😀

    wel wel… waiitng for IPL… 😀

  9. Winnie the poohi

    I wanted to translate the tamil part but someone did.. damn i didnt get to strut the knowledge of tamil 😦

    All the off topics r cute 😛

  10. good that they keep all these in the exam season!!! 😆

  11. >>> know most people dont like cricket here

    lol,i was going to say this while i read the psot,but you already said it..I loved cricket but left it when it became overhyped..Nevermind about the money,they have plenty 🙂

    lol@Reema 🙂

  12. Well u srely marked the progession right..
    If you were a cricketer you wud be selling some hair oil or some energy drink or soft drink…and at the same time fighting for your inclusion in the team for every match and what not..:)

  13. I think the young team is quite good and Dhoni has led well.

  14. Reema : Thats the longest comment you have ever written , na? LOL. So you better in writing off topic comments !! Hmm…

    Arvind : Cant comment anything man ! I know nothing of cricket, oops sports !

    So hows the weather there? 😀

  15. me really bad with my knowledge of Cricket , these IPL are more fun as Game is on the background and a lot of Natak is in the air.

  16. I don’t think aussies r playin bad,just that other teams have improved n have neared their benchmark,which is a good thing to happen. So we shud thank aussies for keepin a high benchmark,just like the windies of 80s did….hope they r ready to accept defeats in the team building process

  17. hey arvind,
    thanx a lot for agreeing wid ma view…feels good to get sucha response…thanx again..
    keep commenting..

  18. You know, I managed to figure out why India lost the 5th match. It’s because the entire team was shown the movie “Victory” by Hurman S. Baweja. That guy can have that kind of effect on anybody! I’m surprised all of them are still alive lol.

  19. it was 4 -1 result..poor SL 😛

    lol @ “engayo macham irrukku pa ivangaluku .”

  20. England 51 all out!! I can’t get over it!! Holy shit!! 😀

  21. I am sure you must have feated your eyes on kal ka T20…Pathan’s were too good….

    I too am looking forward to the IPL Series and like last year we are planning to go to the stadium…it always is fun…

    BTW Have u seen that Ad on NEO which equals Dhoni to Arjun 😀

  22. i like u r new header thingie and like the new look of u r blog !! macham daan indha pasangalukku !!

  23. This was the best of India!!!

  24. Today’s WI pitch is a fiasco man. What did they do with all the money they got during the WC

  25. I am not familiar with cricket. It looks cool I guess.
    Football is my cup of tea ! We have a college team
    out here in Albuquerque, the UNM “Lobos”… Every
    fall I manage to go to most of their games… When
    it comes to the NFL, I am a fan of the Chargers !!!

  26. I think it has got to do with Dhoni mostly and the younger players who are showing a confident attitude without bothering about their ‘job loss’. We will be no.1 in no time. BTW I am tagging you on the topic “Slow Melodious and Soulful songs” Please do it if you have time.

    Destination Infinity

  27. hip hip hurray to team India …. I am really happy with the way Ishant Sharma has evolved as a more than handful frontliner for India …. He , with Zaheer Khan has made India pace attack looked lethal like never before !!!!

  28. Yippeee!! My most fav topic of discussion 😀

    Too bad that India was at no.2 just for a day.. 😦 even worse NZ didn’t beat Australia.. Anyways..

    A thought – I think the IPL must have been held after the World 20-20.. Its giving all such a golden chance for practice, that too at a price.. And what a price!! As for IPL, I certainly feel it says Idhar Paisa Lutao..!!!


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